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I have had same thing but my money is twice that. I know another person in same situation. Call me for lawsuit. 901826****
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Bad quality
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Syntechs Synergy Technical Solutions - Hdtv Repair Review from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

My compliant with syntechs is just like the others I have read. They don't pay the techs for repairs on customers HDTV. They are very rude when trying to close out a ticket, they don't pay what is listed on work orders, after sending techs parts for repairs, they want service to be done same day or they will be pay deduction. Very unprofessional company. I have been repairing computers and TV for 20 years and have never seen such ripped offs like this before in my life.
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Reason of review:
Not as described/ advertised
Cameron Was
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No payment, fees, crooked company

I personally worked for the company for 3 months and never received any payment. After having enough with waiting around on hold doing nothing for 30 minutes to get permision to replace a part I told them they broke their contract for not having payed and I would no longer run any calls. They responded by saying they were charging me 100 per call and more for every call in my area for 30 days. Let's not let this company get away with what they are doing, they do everything in their power not to pay techs and it is not right. I would like to start a class action lawsuit against this company. If you are an ex employee, have received payment late or anything such as being misled on the expenses (or were charged fees without them documenting each of their expenses.) please email me with the details and first and last name. I wish to get as many people as possible and as much documentation as possible before bringing it before a law firm. (emails and recorded phone calls would be great) Nick@***.com p.s. Brian has no business talking to people much less being the head of a human resources division.
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Hi my name is David I had the same exact issues with these losers I had to threaten to go down south and break some legs to actually get a response out of these f uckers they were behind almost $6000 and they acted like I was in the wrong I. Did finally start too get some money but in the end they found a way too charge me hundreds for parts they were sending me after I legally gave up my area they kept giving me jobs and telling me if I dont accept them I will be charged I even had a bad car accident I hit a deer got hurt and totaled my car so they charged me $600 when it was all said and done I lost about $1200 and I was good too them bent over backwards they need too pay

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Having the same problem


You are very right I just had same problem only I was a customer

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Syntechs or Synergy Technical Solutions class action suit

Invoices are six months behind. Complain and lose your territory. Dispatch constantly hounding you. Charged for parts routinely along with other fines. I am currently owed more than two thousand dollars by this company and I am afraid I may never see it. There is constantly a turn over at in administration and you can never get in touch with anyone of authority, including accounts payable. Require a second tech for most calls but will not pay enough for tech to be on the call, which you couldn't even if they did because they will not send out a check when the are supposed to. Not even close.
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Syntechs is ceasing operations. If you are a tech and are owed money, send email to thefallofsyntechs@***.com for contact info of a Florida-based attorney.

There was a notice that went out 10/15/15 in the form of an emailed link that went to a page where once read, the letter could not be re-accessed.

"Announcement - Syntechs

We are sure that over these past few weeks you have been wondering what is going on at Syntechs.

We tried very hard to manage our increasingly difficult situation, of increased costs and decreasing margins, but were not successful.

As a result of all these challenges we have decided for the time being to cease our operations.

We have begun to work with a restructuring firm to examine our operations and determine if and how we can move forward.

We anticipate a more detailed announcement on our restructuring efforts early next week. We know that you have a lot of questions, and wish we could give you all the answers now, however, until we can begin our restructuring process, we will not have any further information."


Typical story for Syntechs HDD Repair.


I am having the same problem with this company; that is getting paid for services rendered per contractual obligations by this company. I am having the exact experiences with this company as everyone else is.

They have to be stopped. How they have stayed in business since 1995 is beyond me. They have recently paid me for the period ending 3/31/2015, that's nearly 3 months after the services were performed. They currently owe me $515 for period ending 4/30/2015, and $970 for period ending 5/31/2015.

I am also due $415 in which I expect to be paid on 7/12/2015. I really don't expect to get paid without a fight as the payment I received took a lot of effort on my part, and I was notified in a very unfriendly manner. If they continue to do business in this fashion I too will seek the help of consul in this matter and I will get paid.

I am willing to go as far as I have to in order to get paid monies due me. They think they are invincible but they will soon realize they are not.

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Legally they are required to pay otherwise we can go after the end users. Below is my email, anyone that is having issues with being paid, let set something up and get our money! Zachary.p.allard@***.com


Hello Solve It 7,

I was told by a friend that you guys may be able to help with my situation. I worked for a company called Synergy Technical Solutions or "Syntechs" out of Boca Raton, Florida.

I started with them on 2/19/2015 and the fiasco began. I read alot of bad reviews online on the Better Business Bureaus website, prior to starting with them, due to the fact that I wanted to make sure that I would get paid and that they were a well known company. Of course I saw alot of bad reviews saying that other employees had not gotten paid, they were a horrible place to work for... and so on.

I figured, well I might as well give Syntechs a chance, since the job described, was something that I was interested in (the repair of flat screen TVs). Before I started I was told I would get paid monthly, but I would have to wait a month for the checks to start rolling in... So total that was 2 months of waiting. I was fine with this because I figured, hey 2 months, that's not a big deal...

it was a bigger deal than I thought, especially working with these guys. Anyways, I was pulling in work quite fast, taking trips to NY State for work as well as all over MA for work as well. At the rate that I was pulling in work, I also needed funds to fulfill it. So, this in mind, around the end of the first month, I maxed out my credit card limit of $500, and pushed on, knowing that I would get paid soon.

Later down the road... mid - end of the second month, I ran out of funds again. So I spent my last check from a previous employer and a friend of mine took out a loan so I could sustain my work. The 10th of the month comes around (the day they are supposed to send out checks) and I am told my check for $100 has been sent out.

Of course, I was floored to find out that my check consisted of $100, after spending my last bit of money on these jobs. At this rate I had accumulated around $4,000 for all the work that I had done with Syntechs... $100 of it was given to me, the rest I am still owed. I emailed them and told them I could not work for them anymore due to the fact that I had spent all of my money, taken out loans, maxed credit cards, etc...

They responded to me saying the checks are sent out based on the date that they were invoiced. I said fine but I can't work anymore, lets terminate the contract. Of course I got an email back saying I needed to give a 30 day notice and I would have to work during that 30 day period. I said whatever I will figure it out.

The 30 days went by without any work and I was satisfied that I did not have to put myself any further in the hole than I already was. Of course the 10th of the month comes around, still no check... I sent them an email again and they responded saying my account was under audit (by them) and I would not be paid until that process was done. After my 30 day notice was given, I received an email stating what was going to happen from that point forward.

It basically said that I would be paid after I returned all the packages, and finished up all of the jobs that were on my plate. It was also added on that during this audit period any jobs done would have to be manually reviewed by them and this may delay the payment process by "a couple of days". It is now 6/5/2015 and I still have not received ANY checks, let alone a well deserved big check containing the whole amount owed. Keep in mind my 30 day notice was given on 4/14/2015, nearly 2 months have gone by, since that date!

I should have gotten paid my money "a few days" after the 15th of May! However, I did not. All I receive, is excuses upon excuses from them as to why I haven't gotten paid... I am so sick of it and just want my money.

As of today I am owed $4,225 excluding the $100 they have already paid me... If they hadn't given me the $100, the total money owed would be $4,325.

I have all of the Invoice screenshots and all of the paperwork from all of the clients I helped. Please help me 7 News!


Zachary Allard



I have done about $7,000 worth of business with Syntechs and have only received $270. I had no idea this company is a scam until I read reviews online.

I started working with them end of January 2015 till about last week until I realized they are not paying me. I have called and email several Syntechs employees including Brian Lipirio. I am giving them another week to send me my payments and then I will sue them. Also, can someone send me the Vizio Headquarter email?

I will try emailing them and putting pressure on Syntechs that way.

I am also calling Samsung today to see what they can do. I just want my money back and never work for them again.

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did you ever get to sue them? I need to know what to do from here because I have stuff here that I need to send back.

I've lost everything with my business because they are not paying. Help!!!!!!


I have done work for Syntechs / HD repair and they currently owe me close to $10,000. They're currently about 4-5 months behind on paying me, but at least so far, they do eventually pay.

The reason I continue to work for Syntechs is that I have a criminal background and no other company will touch me.

I don't recommend working for this company, I've gotten burned out of being paid for service calls because an end user's behind the wall cable was faulty and the end user refused to pay HD Repair. (when everything works fine with my own cable on your equipment, and it only fails when connected with your cable, your cable is faulty) You also have to pay attention that they pay you the right rate on their invoices, if you bid a certain rate on a job, it doesn't always get invoiced for that amount.

This has always been remedied by an e-mail by me, but it shouldn't be necessary.


let go with the suit. they owe me $2,800. any suggestions of how to get the money owed from these fools?

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