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I have sent the following letter to swoopo by email twice and will send it by certified letter to corporate offices around the world tomorrow. I have not nor expect a reply. I will proceed with a major lawsuit incorporating a proven law team who were successful in many corporate trials including Enron. I suggest any and all who want to join to make this a class action law suit as well as report Swoopo to the appropriate agencies around the world wherever they operate. please email me if you have a similar story and are interested in joining this effort. Email me : LAWSUITagainstSWOOPO@***.com Sincerely, MLS LETTER TO SWOOPO (11/28/09/ SWOOPO - re: Auction ID: 250716, Please be advised I have personally spent over $1200 on your site in 24 hours and have nothing to show for it??? I bid on auction ID# 250716 and spent over $800 on this auction alone (and several thousands in 3 or 4 days just trying to prove some theory about Swoopo). I fully committed to owning this MAC 13.3 PRO laptop as indicated by the digital record you must have. I was locked out from bidding while it was down to 10 second intervals and i was paying full attention and bidding almost every other bid. When it hit 8 seconds I was clicking multiple times without any result as if your website locked up or stopped and my computer was fully functional and all other sites working fine so I had power and was connected and eliminated all sources but yours. Im not sure if you had a glitch or, I was blocked out and it was decided another party would get this laptop for 265 bids while I had expended over 1360 bids to the tune of 819.00!! YES I was very committed to buy this and should be awarded it as well due to your site not acceptimg my multiple bids with over 7 seconds to go??? OR, I request an immediate refund and/or removal of the gaming aspect of your auctions should this move forward. We have tested this on ebay and what you do is illegal. You may not run Illegal gambling online within the united states and California. This is considered gambling when you award someone to bid in a competitive environment and there is a WINNER over all others. Thses are gambling auctions where many people get nothing to show for thier money. You are deriving unfair profits many times FAR BEYOND THE TRUE VALUE OF WHAT YOU OFFER and your clients are not offered the opportunity to just buy your products separately form the gambling auction format. We feel that your site should be controlled by the FTC and gaming commission. IT IS GAMBLING in all senses of the word and Las Vegas would be proud to achieve profits such as yours. Your "entertainment" factor is GAMBLING!! California Penal Code Sections 321-23 make non-State lotteries illegal. A lottery is defined as a "scheme for the disposal or distribution of property by chance, among persons who have paid or promised to pay any valuable consideration for the chance of obtaining such property or any portion of it . . .upon any agreement, understanding or expectation that it is to be distributed or disposed of by lot or by chance . . ." Cal. Penal Code § 319. California courts have been willing to assert jurisdiction over in state and out-of-state defendants who interacted with California residents via the Internet, based on a "detrimental effect" theory of jurisdiction. See Hageseth v. Superior Court (200*) 150 Cal.App. 4th 1399. We will begin investigation into your company and its policies and IF you are NOT ALREADY SUBJECT TO...requests a major overhaul of the laws and inclusions governing you and other sites like you in order to achieve resolution and protection of users of your site. Gambling is monitored and must be licensed under federal law and state law. California has even more stringent standards in which to adhere. We will make sure you adhere to these laws immediately. **PLEASE FORWARD THE LAPTOP FOR WHICH I HAVE ALREADY PAID OR, SEND ME AN IMMEDIATE FULL REFUND FOR ALL OF THE BIDS I MADE SINCE SIGNING UP WITH YOU A COUPLE DAYS AGO in order to placate my complaint and forego a test case on these matters. I await your immediate reply. Time is of the essence. Sincerely, M.L.S.
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i think those saying the 'whiners' need to take responibility are missing what this person is saying - That swoopo was engaging in fixed/unfair gaming practices - like how a *** is run... no matter how savvy you think you are with the game, they have it rigged so you lose no matter what.

In THIS CASE, they create a 'not our fault' FREEEZE that locks you out everytime you are trying to win an auction. Not cool.

I lost several hundred dollars on swoopo when it first came out - walked away from it - also experienced suspsicious practices and figured whether or not they were legit, i wasn't going to lose the farm just to find out.


And yes, I know this is an old post but idiots are timeless...


I think it's funny how people act when they lose versus how they act when they win. In my opinion if you enter into a bidding war on a penny site and lose you are to blame and nobody else. Somebody won that auction, just because it wasn't you doesn't mean you're entitled to a refund.

Problem is not the auction it the idiots playing it. The only way you'd win a debate here is if you're blatantly telling me you are not responsible for your own actions. Because that's the real deal in what I'm reading. Nobody here that's complaining holds themselves responsible for the actions they solely performed.

This is why our government controls everything, because of idiots like this crying because they can't help themselves from doing dumb *** things!

Grow up world, you are all idiots and don't know it. Go ahead and flame me but facts are facts. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!


why their website is not working anymore?


I don't know why you all complain about not winning when bidding for auctions on I am 62 years old and have won several big ticket items auctioned. These items were delivered within time frame stated and all, "Brand New"! The following items I have won & received, (3) Apple Mac Pro Laptops (all under $200), (1) Nikon N90, (1) Apple iPhone 4, (1) Nokia N85 unlocked, (1) Canon Rebel, these are just a few of the many items won on No, I am not an employee nor am I being compensated for what I have written. It is simply the truth!

Perhaps you all just need to learn the strategy of bidding in Penny Auctions. Like most of you, I have paid thousands until I finally caught on, by taking my time in observing who the bidders are, what they bid for on a regular basis, etc. It pays to know who you are bidding against. And, many bidders have formed groups in various auction sites are in collusion which is against auction policy's, but because of the huge profits brought in by those in collusion, the auction site turns a blind eye to it! This is going on at Take time to observe and you will see those winning everyday, never bid against one another. This is your first sign of collusion among bidders. They bid with unlimited bids, you cannot win against them, trust me !

Enough said, Oh, knowing when to bid is vital, with swoopo bid when at 3, 2 or at one second left, not before! It's working for me... Good luck to you all! If I ca do it, so can you! Stay clear from many of the Penny Auction sites, a lot are using Bots / Schills, not real people bidding against you! You can tell by the users names used and how often they win, also screen freezes when you win most often. They use many tricks. I know this from a prior Penny Auction owner.

I hope my input will help you...



I am with a law firm that is investigating complaints about auctions and the various problems users have been having with them. If you have bid on items on and would like to learn more about our investigation, please visit our website at or give me a call toll-free at (866) 981-****. You can also reach me by email at jwh@***.com.




I have screen shots of 5 times all with the same bidders and same price, and all the times being won by the same person.

What I mean by this all this is going on with the same auction number but different pictures. all 5 items were won for the same price by the same bidder and they all closed at the same time.

I spent 90.00 on bids, and only spent 34 bids to see this unfold.

They refuse to refund my money, and they banned me from signing in. I have filed a block on my transaction with the card company.


The same exact scenario happened while up to 300 dollars in bidding it blocked me out from bidding or winning within the last 10 seconds. I also have a Mac and had two other windows open working properly. I want my money back!


The same 'blockout' happened after spending 300 dollars on bidding down to the last 8 seconds about 40 times. On our mac... the same exact thing happened that's when I knew I was scammed.


The complaints are from sore losers. Swoopo is a fair and just game.

I've actually one before. Just because $1200 was spent on BIDS, doesn't mean Swoopo is entitled to refund your money just because you LOST.

Losing does not mean you get a refund, or credit, or the right to file a lawsuit. You would be praising Swoopo if you won, but you didn't, so therefore it's a "scam." Get real.

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beware of swoopo auctions, it costs 75 cents to buy a bid, so lets say you buy 10 bids at $7.50 you use bids and lose auction, well there was $7.50 pissed away. yes products sold for cheap but look 3,750 bids @.75 is $2,812 for them, so you win bid at $37.50 paid x dollars for bids plus delivery fee. so the $750.00 computer you bought for $37.50 they made over 2 grand on,you are basically paying for someone elses purchase if you lose. stear clear of this type of auction
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I am with a law firm that is investigating complaints about auctions and the various problems users have been having with them. If you have bid on items on and would like to learn more about our investigation, please visit our website at or give me a call toll-free at (866) 981-****. You can also reach me by email at jwh@***.com.




Swoopo is the Bernie Madoff of auction sites. Unless you have no life and loads of money to throw away, stay away.

They allow merchants to bid so the everyman can't win when auto bids are placed 300-400 at a time. When they started they had gold and silver so it was worth something to bid on. Now only junk and the ubiquitous I-Pads, for which auctions can go on for 14 hours and net what they call "$75" for an $800 machine. That means bidders paid $7,500 for that item.

I will no longer line the pockets of Apple nor the sleezy Swoopo. Stay away!!!!!!! Total scammers. If you don't bid on Apple, there's only junk or bidding on more bids.

So Swoopo has no inventory or product cost - they're selling you your own money.

Where's the FTC when we need them? Bernie couldn't have done it better.


I purchased bids to use with the bid buttler. DO NOT DO THIS!

I started the auction. Within a few seconds my bids were reduced by the amount of bids that I requested the bid buttler to use (50). I never saw any of my bids show up on screen. I notified Scoopo.

They said I lost very quickly. I explained I did not EVER see my bid show up. They couldn't explain that. I asked for a printout with proof.

They sent some trumped up list which did not proove anything.

They will not give me back my bids or help in anyway. Very POOR customer service plus they rip you off before you realize it and then you have no recourse.


I bought my bids when they were 75 cents each and now they reduced them to 60 cents. When I requested them either refund me or add the appropriate bids to the account.

They said they would and after 2 weeks of nothing, I sent them an email letting them know that I was unhappy and requested the bids be returned at the paid price. I did not get paid the proper price and have no satisfaction from these people.


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