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i really hate the fact i have to bring the dirtest part up close to me to open and close it...i wish these kind of vacuums and baggless could figure a better way to open in close when dumping and also where to turn on and off a machine. i would have to give this product maybe one or two stars.... Its good for maybe a small room or for lets say a office setting. Good thing i got it as a gift or it would of been sent back on second day i received...
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I first bought the G1 and although it was very noisy the battery held up pretty well. After the battery wouldn't hold a charge anymore I bought a new machine the G2, still too noisy and the battery was worse and went bad within a year. It would not be that hard for the company to put in a circuit to eliminate the problem of the battery being overcharged and show when it is fully charged. They also could use better batteries with more amp hours...
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I liked
  • Great idea
I didn't like
  • Poor engineering