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This is the 100th laminate floor I have done and let me tell you this product is bad. The worst is that the pieces are not equal in size so you fight it all the way. End result looks good but you can not move a chair over it without the leg catching on one of the seams, which do not all lock in. Bad deal!!bad bad bad bad. Actually I am done but they require 100 words before they will post. Goofy. Still need more words .Still need more words.At...
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I didn't like
  • Quality
I just put this in my living room and I hate it. It looks pretty but out of the 12 boxes I bought there was pieces in each box that had issues. Now that the floor is in it is coming up on the corners of some of the pieces and it is going to end up pealing. I am so mad. I have put in flooring like this a few times before and never had an issue. Swift Lock is not a good brand. .
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