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Swagbucks is the biggest scam. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME I have over $ 100 of gift cards earned, i cannot redeem them and tried to contact support via their site for over 4 weeks to no avail. Furthermore, to reveal ehat a true scam...they have no legitamite customer support number. .
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Packerfanatic I just spent over 4 hours watching a video for 5SB and received no credit at all. They said I was going too fast. Their site was controlling my computer and advancing the vi...

I used Swagbucks and I have to say its so slow. After struggling, I found another website similar and got right on. Luckily, I have over $600 and I had no regrets at all. Just easy polls, answering question was all I had to do. It wasn't even hard even though I had to do a lot of other things. They have Paypal, bitcoin, and bank withdraws with no minimums, so you don't have to wait a long time to collect points. I withdrew more than 100 prizes...
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I've been a swagbucks member for about four years now. I would say in general it's been pretty good, however what really ticks me off is being allowed to do a survey, spending my time giving honest answers only to get to the END of the survey and they say, sorry but we have our quota filled for this survey. .
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Bob A This has been exactly my experience since signing up in January.
I can understand the necessity of having the right demographics on each survey. But having you complete may...

Swagbucks Shop And Earn Rewards Program Review

I was supposed to get 2500 sb points for signing up with finger hut andvwhen i did it didnt give me the swag bucks
On 4/28/16 I shopped Walmart using the earn 7 points per dollar.My purchase came to $212.00. I should have earned 1484 points. Instead they are crediting me for 824. On April 28th I sent an email regarding this issue. On 4/29/16 I did another purchase with Walmart for $63.03 which they say I only will earn 189 points. On 5/4/16 I contacted them again now with both of these issues. I am to date short 1076 points. They have sent me a letter to...
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Anonymous Their Walmart offer was *up to 7 SB per dollar. the 7 SB rate only included tires. Here's their terms, which are available on their Walmart store page here: http://www.swagbuc...

I didn't like
  • Will not respond to complaint
  • Continuously open request to your problems that you are having
  • Continuously open requests to g