Funny How ALL the ANONYMOUS Comments Say Burrese is Great!

I have to say that I find it VERY SUSPICIOUS that every comment which states that Alain Burrese is great is ANONYMOUS. I agree with the other gentleman on here who stated that he thought the ANONYMOUS poster is in fact ALAIN BURRESE. It is very obvious to me that it is Alain Burrese making comments in the third person. I must ask what kind of honest man would come on and make anonymous comments about himself or attacking others like this? I have also had problems with Alain Burrese and found him to be extremely dishonest. He is definitely the kind of man who would hide behind fake names and anonymous comments. He is dishonest, underhanded, and a fraud! Not to mention the fact that his books and videos are ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE! Alain Burrese is everything this article says and much more. Stay as far away from this guy as possible!
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Survive And Defend Hapkido Classes
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Bad quality
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Alain Burrese - False Claims

Survive And Defend - Alain Burrese - False Claims
I was lured into buying a couple of this guys books and videos for some slick marketing. The books were badly written. I would say barely readable. The videos were all techniques of a beginner and I was sorely upset for wasting my money. I began to wonder about this guy my bad purchases and I did some research on Mr. Burrese. As it turns out he has a very bad reputation for dishonesty and stretching the truth. I found that his martial arts rank is questionable at best. Many well-known martial artist have questioned the validity of his rank and whether he has even tested for rank or merely bought his ranks. From what I some on his videos I have to question that myself. They were really basic and looked to be self made. There is also some issues with his claims of being a sniper and a sniper instructor. This claim is found on his website and one a book he wrote with some other martial artists. My readings found that his claims are exaggerated at best and quite possibly outright lies. I even saw some things on the net in which he outright claimed to be a sniper instructor at one point and an assistant to some sniper instructor at another point. When questioned about this Mr. Burrese answered by claiming these were both one in the same. No sir, Mr. Burrese, they are definitely NOT one and the same. They are completely different. When I find that a person lies about one thing it makes me doubtful that they are honest about other things as well. I have plainly seen Mr. Burrese lie in writing about his military background. This makes me wonder if he has lied about his martial arts background as well. If a man will lie about one part of his history he plainly will lie about other parts. To summarize, I am very disappointed to find that Mr. Burrese is less than honest about his background. This is truly disappointing seeing that he claims to be a proponent of honesty and integrity on his Facebook page and his videos. To me it is hypocritical to say one thing and act in a different way altogether. I want nothing more to do with Mr. Burrese's books or his teachings!
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Survive And Defend Hapkido Classes
  • Fraudulent claims
  • Not what he claimed to be
  • False and misleading self-promotion
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Not as described/ advertised
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Stop Issuing False Informatoin About Yourself!

Master Alain Burrese - The Most Dishonest Martial Artist Ever!

Survive And Defend - Master Alain Burrese - The Most Dishonest Martial Artist Ever!
So called martial arts "master" Alain Burrese is absolutely the most dishonest martial artist on the planet earth! This man claims that he is a fifth degree black belt master. Research him and you find that he fraudulently BOUGHT his belt ranks! He is no martial arts master. It is true that he has a *** load of self promoted low level martial arts garbage on the net, but it is all white belt level. If he is such a world renown master why does he only teach white belt techs? There is no evidence of him ever fighting, doing a real belt test or even doing black belt level anything! He promotes himself as a big Korean arts teacher. That is bogus to! The truth is he PAYS to be included in those seminars. He could not fight his way out of a paper bag! This master is nothing but smoke and mirrors!!! He claims to be a sniper. The truth is that he took a low level course called sharp shooting and barely passed. He was some ASSISTANT sniper instructor. For those who do not know that is a GOPHER. He did nothing but set up the targets, hand out ammo and clean up the ***, but he now calls himself a sniper instructor. What a LIAR! I used to be in his Hapkido class in MT. He is a fraud. I quit the class and lucky I moved away, but not before he started badmouthing me to the other students. This guy is NO MASTER. He is a fake *** wannabe. He was also bad mouthing other well know martial artists constantly. He seemed to be jealous that he was not famous and hated those who are. STAY AWAY FROM ALAIN BURRESE AND HIS MARTIAL ARTS CLASSES!! A TOTAL FAKE!
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Has anyone else noticed that all the other comments that are taking up for Alain Burrese are from anonymous users? It appears to me that it is obvious that the anonymous comments are actually written by Alain Burrese himself!

I have had problems with Alain Burrese myself.

He is quite possibly the most dishonest, mentally unstable man in the martial arts world. His books are terrible and his videos are amateurish at best.

I advise anyone reading this to NOT BUY anything this man puts out. He is a con artist and a fraud as far I am concerned.


How did you learn all this ?

You didn't mention whether you are male, female, or *** ; but my guess is that you've had a disappointing personal relationship with this fellow.

Your comments are way too full of personal hurt to have been anything else.

You are not just a "pissed consumer" but a "woman scorned" or man, or whatever.


This "review" is the work of bohdi Sanders and Richard Hackworth, two noted martial arts frauds who have a personal feud going with Alain Burrese. Alain, to his credit, largely ignores them...but anyone who wants to know what sort of people Bohdi and Richard are can gor here for loads of fun and interesting details: {{Redacted}}

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Survive And Defend Hapkido Classes
  • Fraudulent claims
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Fraudulent Martial Arts Instructor
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Let the company propose a solution
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Alain Burrese - Fraudulent Martial Arts Master

I wanted to learn Hapkido from a martial arts master and found Alain Burrese online through his website and his books and DVD's. I saw his ad on the back of a martial arts magazine for a Korean Martial Arts Festival and thought he was legit. Boy did I make a mistake! The so-called "Festival" was terrible. It was Alain Burrese and his friends teaching white belt level techniques. Horrible! I wasted $189 on this ***! On top of that I bought Burrese's books and DVD's. They were worse than the festival. They were so bad that I decided to do a little snooping into who Burrese really was. What I found was sickening. I found that Alain Burrese has several complaints about his behavior. Many martial artists have questioned the legitimacy of his martial arts ranks and his military background and his honesty. What I found was that there is questions about whether he bought his black belts from Korea. I did not know this but found that many unscupplous martial artists go to Korea and buy the black belt ranks and Koreans are known to sell them to Americans. Martial arts master - UNTRUE! I found an instructor who had dealings with him and said that Burrese came to him and asked for a higher rank and he turned him down. A few weeks later Burrese came back from Korea with a new higher rank. Burrese claims to have been training with one martial arts master his whole career. UNTRUE! Checking on this I found his bounces around and can't stay with one instructor. He claims that he was a sniper instructor. UNTRUE! When he was confronted about his claim he changed it to he was only a assistant to a sniper instructor. He claims to be a world renown speaker. UNTRUE! I found that 99% of his speaking "seminars" are done in Missoula MT at the Rotary Club, the FLower Club, and the Forest Service. How is this being a world renown martial arts teacher and speaker? He claims to be a great well known martial arts teacher. UNTRUE! I found that he teaches a class at the Y and only has like 6 students total. I also found that it is not hard to find students who are not happy with what they got for their money. He claims that his DVD's and books are highly acclaimed by well known martial artists. True but it is not what it seems to be. Those well known martial artists are not real reviews, they are all his friends many of them who were with him at his festival in FL. I found that they all seem to trade good reviews on each others products and teaching skills. I was taken in by his slick marketing stuff but never again. I hope my review helps others not to be taken in by this fraudulent martial arts master.
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How are you doing Richard?


I have also had issues with Alain Burrese. The man appears to have no morals at all.

I agree with KyosaMe. I have read a couple of his books. The writing is horrible at best! His videos are white belt level teachings and are worthless for anyone with any level of training above the basic beginner.

I also have to wonder if all the comments below accusing this of being a fake review are indeed Alain Burrese himself.

They are all anonymous or fake names.

If you are truly giving a honest feedback why be anonymous are use a fake name? Alain.....grow up and get over yourself!

@Tin Ycn

I agree completely with Tim! Alain Burrese has NO MORALS.

He could possibly be the most dishonest man in the martial arts world!

I also agree that it is very obvious that Alain Burrese wrote all of the anonymous comments himself. That is just like him and a sign of how dishonest he really is.

@Tin Ycn

I agree with you, Tim. It is obvious that Alain Burrese did write all of the anonymous comments below.

That is exactly the kind of thing he would do.

I have had issues with Alain Burrese too.

I agree with you that his morals are nonexistent. He could actually be the most dishonest man in the martial arts world!



I will admit, after having bought Alain's Lock On series, that they lack major meat for anybody who has trained for 5 years, minimum, in hapkido. For the cost, the material is not for anyone with 2+ years in hapkido under a good instructor.

The dvds on lock flow are a good intro to them.

He does NOT voice-over a repeated clip of video demonstration like the poorly done ones do. Avoid the dvds if you have extensive enough hapkido experience.


Very helpful information.


The author of this hatchet job is a liar!!


The original complaint is false. It is completely fabricated.

Alain Burrese is a good man with a good reputation, widely known among legitimate martial arts.

Whoever wrote the original complaint has obviously lied in order to pursue a grudge against Mr. Burrese, whose only crime is that he is honest.


*sigh* THIS stuff again...really...Bohdi Sanders and Richard two really need to find a friggin life. Is this all you can figure out to do with your time when you're not out shopping for rank, assembling rank/promotion circles, and creating online martial arts associations/federations so you can promote yourselves to grandmaster status?

Pretty weak sauce guys (and your ilk) need to grow up. You swim in a tiny pond that almost no one cares about. Get over yourselves.

I'm a martial arts instructor with over 30 years experience and I have known Alain for going on 20 years now. Alain used to teach Hapkido out of my school.

He is a good guy. He's sincere about what he does and he doesn't fall into the traps and BS that people like Sanders and Hackworth make their bread and butter.

This "review" is simply a regurgitation of falsehoods that Sanders and Hackworth have been spreading online over the past year or so in retaliation for statements made about them on a number of online forums that they have erroneously attributed to Alain. It's not worth the time it takes to read this comment...but if you want to read about some real frauds and certifiable "martial arts" wackos, I suggest you Google "Bohdi Sanders" and "Richard Hackworth" (the true authors of this so-called "review") and see what you find...


This bogus report, as well as others that have receently, as in the last few days, appeared on similar sites are all the work of two specific people in a concerted effort to discredit Alain. I contend that the author of this report did not attend the seminar that they reference nor did they purchase the materials they speak of.

If they had, and were they unsatisfied, a simple email to Alain would have been sufficient for a full refund.

Alain's work, much of it available online for free, is there for anyone to look at and judge for themselves which is more than I can say for anything that this so called reviewer has. If we're left with nothing but to compare the word of this reviewer against that of Alain I contend that the person that is willing to have his skills exist online for all to see is the more trustworthy of the two.

I urge people who come across this report to do their own due diligence into Alain's character and background, which he has written and spoken about extensively, and not trust the word of anonymous "reviewers" with nothing but a petty axe to grind.

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Phoenix, Arizona
  • Fraudulent claims
  • Not what he claimed to be
Reason of review
Not as described/ advertised
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I want Mr Burrese to stop being dishonest!

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