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Why the Company Superpoke Pets Needs Your Credit Card/Paypal Info on Record

For a very brief time, the virtual pet website called offered a thing called V.I.P. membership: A deal where, for $4.95 a month, you are given more options to personalise your "pet" and also, with V.I.P. membership, one can better arrange the pet's habitat. I was "suckered" into an ongoing scam set-up by the new owners of Superpoke pets (the new owners being, of course, Google). For all of the month of June, when logging into the website, I was forced to enter my credit card information by a prompt which alerted me to the fact that I would lose my V.I.P. membership indefinitely after June 30th if I did not update billing info right away. After several times of having to give the same info over and over again, I decided to personally write to the billing operators. The first email I sent never got a response back. Four separate times thereafter, my V.I.P. membership was "taken away" from me, despite the fact that this company had gotten their money out of me... in fact, for the month of June, this company overcharged my credit card! Instead of one payment of $4.95, they charged me ten times!! After I had caught this overcharge, I wrote another email, this time requesting that this company refund my money immediately. A week later, I got a three-sentence response which said: "Hello. You will have to contact your credit card company to get these charges reveresed. Cheers." As of today, July 1st, V.I.P. membership is null and void. No one else can "purchase" a subscription. This has everything to do with the fact that, in the few months since they started the V.I.P. offer, has overcharged a lot of people for something which was only supposed to be a once-a-month payment of $4.95. On the forums, people like myself tried to let it be known to other players how this company is stealing money from customers by-way of the V.I.P.-creditcard-hold scam. I was banned for a couple of days from posting on the forums about my issues with the billing department not obliging me with an adjustment to my credit card. Today, the official big change over day for, I have logged in to my account to see that my V.I.P. membership privileges are now taken away from me, and half of the "gold" items (these are virtual items which cost me real money) are missing. Month-to-date, the Superpoke Pet website has overcharged my credit card a total of $400.00, all for a V.I.P. membership which is now taken away from me. I have no place other than my credit card company to make a complaint about this. I am sure that I am not the only one who has been extremely ripped-off by this company. But where constantly deletes forum posts where customers are making known the real issues they are having with the company, there is no other way for users/customers to come together to state how much money has ripped-off, and how many.
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Superpoke! Pets/Slide

Customer service with Slide is horrible. As large as this company is it only has 6 customer service reps. Ran a contest stating that no gold could be used(gold meaning real money transactions for a virtual game that can be accessed thru Myspace and Facebook) and was giving gold and coins as a reward to the winners. The game consisted of planting dinasaur seeds in the garden that takes at least if not more than 24 hours to grow the item. Within several hours the contest was stopped because the, I believe it was 7 winners had already been chosen. They used a gold fertilizer that speeds up the growing action of they seeds. Gols was used. This contest was opened to all users and plainly stated that it would be fair to all individuals because no gold products would be allowed. They also charge people for items they did not receive and others have complained about gold items that the did buy had dissapeared from their inventory. T-shirts were also sold to customers and after paying their money the shirts were not delivered. Slide stated that they contract a company to do this and that company closed down. Slide would not and will not refund the money to these customers who bought the shirts. I am so peeved at this app that if I knew how to sell my gold items that I have purchased using paypal I would sale out and quit.
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I am finding out too late that this company kept my CC info (from a prev purchase, over 6 months ago, of about 2 bucks for some gold my daughter wanted) and has started charging me (WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!!!!) $4.99 a month (per child) for something I NEVER bought or agreed to purchase. They stored my info and I am having ZERO luck trying to get the charges removed...ARGGGGG!


wish to God some one out their could help the people of slide who are being screwed over big time

Way to go SPP... ruin gifting even more!

Posted: Jan 14, 2010 03:24 AM

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First you take hurt the money from the training system so people have less coins to buy pet shop stuff to gift to people. Now you make it so you can only buy one habitat? You know many people CAN NOT afford 15,000 coins for a habitat? You know how many people that have coins gift these expensive things to other people?? And now we can't? Why do you keep trying to break down the people that try to help others? You know that there are gifters that purchase items for 2 to 3 or more people every release because they can't be online at 3am... now we can't even do that. This is getting worse and worse...

Posted: Jan 14, 2010 03:34 AM

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Just when I thought SPP couldn't get any worse...

The staff have gone ad made yet ANOTHER dumb move with the pet shop! If you buy an item with a limit and gift them out to friends/newbies and they are no longer in your inventory, it STILL will not let you repurchase. (Which means, you are limited to helping just a handful of people instead).

How is someone supposed to be able to help others if this happens? That means if a good person with good intentions doesn't get the chance at more of these items, then those that hoard and extort WILL. Not to mention, many people on here take turns getting up for the new releases so that they don't have to wake up once a week, and this will mean that everyone will have to buy the item for their own if they want it. (Which means you will have NO CHOICE but to get up at 3 a.m. if you live on the East coast! Better start setting those alarms people!)

In the past, I have bought and gifted TWO people two of the coin room habitats. The first reason I was able to do this was, the training program. The second? Being able to purchase another for someone else (or to replace the one I gifted) after I gifted it away. Well- now you can't buy it at all because you have already bought one. (In other words, say GOODBYE to helping newbies and those that can't afford the more expensive items).

People don't really THINK about certain things before moaning and complaining and fail to realize that if they change something- it might be made WORSE than what it was!!!!

Posted: Jan 14, 2010 03:40 AM

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I totally agree!!! They already neutered the training program so that people wouldn't have enough coins to clear the shop. Now they have imposed these limits to where we can't even help our friends!! I used to shop for friends who were unable to get up for shop night, or people who couldn't afford the larger items such as these 2 room coin habs. Well, now I can't help anyone anymore. Slide is ENCOURAGING us to be stingy! We should be able to come together as a community and help one another. We can't do that with these kinds of limitations. This is an OUTRAGE... DUMB IDEA SLIDE! thumbs down thumbs down thumbs down

Slide staff ~ Y'all just really want this app to die, don't you? bang head

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