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Shaun gibson slippery rock pa

ran a scamming co..bounced paychecks - never made good after 90 days yet. failed to pay with held state and fed taxes. failed to pay with held child support. failed to make good on bad pay checks to 10 employees .hope no one falls for his scamming co. he hides his scam under an LLC co . so when he fails to pay you your wages . you cant do any thing legally against him as he has no company assets to go after . currently under investigation by pa dept of labor . THIS GUY IS NOTHING BUT A SCAMMING THIEF- YOU WILL BE LUCKY TO GET PAID...
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Ok, lets get the facts straight here ***.... You talk a lot of smack online but, you hide behind an alias name...

Don't have the balls to write your name... Apparently not because just like you and a few others that were in my company... Which were drug addicts, losers and a waste of space, in which caused my company to go down the drain and go completely under..... Well, let me tell you...

I am far from the *** and whatever else choice of words you seem fit to exercise in these hide behind the wall postings.... The bottom line is I am paying everyone back, I am doing the right thing... Sorry I am not a drug addict and dealer where I can just send out payments in one lump sum.... I actually have to work hard and pay off my debts!!!

AS for the Dept of Labor UC... and the charges... LMAO... well I been trying to set up payment arrangments and take care of debts, You *** *** ***....

And your right I will have to pay for an attorney..... And as soon as all this *** is over, and I get the Address of whoever your *** is that is writing all this *** and slandering me..... You will need an attorney as well...(So you better get off the drugs and start saving your money).... And if you are the person I think you are, then you might want to get rid of the drugs down in your basement...

So, keep up writing ***.... Keep talking ***.... Unlike you living off the system.... and trying to make me look like a bad person....

The people who actually knows me also knows that I am not a *** and whatever else you want to call me.... ALSO, they know I am paying off my debts, at least I am doing something about it and not hiding behind alias names and just being a little *** sucking on their moms ***.... Grow the *** up, get a life, oh wait that is right, your too much of a *** loser to have one! So I guess just keep hiding behind an alias name, and talk your lies....

You dont have the balls to state your real name because you will know that I will have a lot to say about your character, which would make you look more like a *** then you already are! But sooner or later I will get the feed back from the sites you posted all over online and me and you will be having a lot of fun!!!

The bottom line is I am paying people back from the company going under, it takes time... But I am getting things done the right way... whether its through the court system or not.....

Call me what you want, say whatever you want.... but the bottom line is that I am MAN ENOUGH not to hide or flee the state.... I am correcting my wrongs from when my Company went under due to certain people.... I will continue to pay off my debts the right way!!!!

So in terms THAT you can understand....

Mr. "Screwed by Gibson" GO *** YOURSELF AND GET A LIFE!!!!


fat scamming slug of a human.. been almost a year ..qA1wSJ


still chasing this scammer for my money


well..after 9 months still chasing this *** down to repay what he stole from us...


pay up scumball..


4 more months this sad excuse of a human still owes us...stole our checks at christmas time..still refuses to pay up


a little update...

after 6 months trying to get paid from this guy/company..the dept of labor has given him 4 more months to pay it will be 10 months at minimum to be repaid money he stole.. no interest or penalties...

strange he has money to pay lawyer .. not to repay those he ripped off


dude has cash for LAWYER...wont pay those he gave bad checks to...


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Butler, Pennsylvania

Total scammer

lets see...been over 2 months and still hasnt made good on nsf check...screwed last 10 employees out of tens of thousands of $$$ - and apparently has no intention of paying...he had no problem issuing nsf checks to all his employees...oh yes- and never paid state/federal/local taxes...also kept court ordered child support.....operating out of slippery rock pa area..under investigation by pa dept of labor,butler / alleg county dept of children svcs, has been turned in to irs,the state of pa for unpaid taxes..the snow ball has started rolling .. it shall hit the fan soon
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well...almost a year in waiting for this scamming thief to pay up...ya got lawyer us you ripped off


after 5 months still waiting for pa dept of labor on this scammer...

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Butler, Pennsylvania

Superior electric & landscaping-fraud/scam/scab contractor

fly by night-check bouncing-doesnt know pa laws-SCAMMERS-THEIVES- DONT CONSIDER WORKING THERE...THEY WILL OVER WORK YOU...THEN COME PAYDAY... CHECKS BOUNCE AS NSF...the worst of the worst..barely have gas $ for there trucks ( also NOT pay ot for extra hours worked ) this guy has a history of over worked / disgruntled employees.. bounced payroll checks..refusal to pay state mandated overtime..he will try to get you to sign a contract that technically violates pa state law. illegal payroll deductions..on my last pay check he amazingly deducted 90% of my pay then the remainder of the check was refused by his bank as nsf.
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still chasing this sad excuse of a human for my illegally deduced pay...


as of today still waiting on the money he stole from us...sad excuse of a human being...

SHAUN GIBSON...SCAMMING THIEF....checkbouncing ***


failed to pay deducted court ordered child support for employees...failed to pay state / fed taxes for employees...failed to repay employees for nsf paychecks...SHAUN GIBSON -



ultimate check bouncing tax evading scam of a company...


well-once again this scab has passed nsf payroll checks on employees...

working for this guy ???

donate your time to a soup kitchen or a charitable cause...if not you will be issued a BOGUS payroll check...


well-once again this scab has passed nsf payroll checks on employees...

working for this guy ???

donate your time to a soup kitchen or a charitable cause...if not you will be issued a BOGUS payroll check...

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Butler, Pennsylvania

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