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A lot to complain about when it comes to my experience as a player and customer on the website. Lately there has been some huge changes to how treats players who post their questions and concerns at the website Forum. In the year or so since I first started to play this online game, and also began spending real money for what is called GOLD ITEMS, I never had any problems with the website; thus, I never had reason to post on Forum or PM any mods about questions or concerns. In the past three months, I have started to complain here and there on Forum (a total of ten posts, all posts about my concerns as to why was not responding to my complaint about unauthorised charges which they had billed to my credit card). Other posts I did at the Forum were just personal testimony, more or less, about my ill-treatment by SPP Admins. This past weekend, I posted another complaint in Forum, and was almost instantly "threatened" by somebody who stated to me that they were an elected Moderator of the Forum: Owner: Nisha Joined: Mar 21, 2010 Total Posts: 7,261 From: Nisha Subject: Moderation History Nisha wrote: Jun 16, 2011 11:16 PM Hi Marie! This is a friendly reminder that posting about your Moderation history in the Forum is not allowed and can get you into further trouble. If you have any questions about Moderation, in this case why your thread was deleted, you can always PM me or one of the other Mods. :) Your first thread has been deleted because you were posting names and URLs of players who are purchasing your items in the Marketplace and reselling for more. You're allowed to voice your opinion but it's not ok to post the names and URLs of other people and single them out by doing so. ~Nisha, SPP Moderator You wrote: Jun 17, 2011 12:11 AM Hello, Nisha. I appreciate that you took time to notify me. In the year or so since I have been a customer/player here, I have never felt the need to post my concerns or problems, but seems that the handful of times I have ever attempted to post in Forum, else my post is deleted, or it is just left unaddressed. And, now I am now being threatened by you with a "you risk getting in further trouble." I am not a trouble-making kid here. I am just a grown woman playing a "kiddie" game, perhaps. But I am also a grown woman who has forked out a lot of money to SPP for gold items. So, are you threatening to take away all the virtual items I've purchased, simply because I've attempted to bring up an issue which I feel is important to elaborate on with others in the SPP community? I can understand now why my first thread was deleted. But I am not so clear on what you mean when you tell me that I am at some kind of risk of getting myself into trouble. I will get into trouble if I attempt to post in Forum again? Or what? Please clarify (I am not being *** I am just curious to know what I have done to start with to get such a threat from a moderator). P.S. I also think that it is a crock that I am suddenly no longer a V.I.P. memeber, despite the fact that I've had to "verify" my payment for V.I.P. membership several times this month. This won't be the first month that SPP has had a "grab-fest" with my money on my credit card. And, once again, without warrant, my V.I.P. membership is suddenly gone. Unfair! Thanks again for listening to my concerns. / Marie Nisha wrote: Jun 17, 2011 12:39 AM I want you to know that I am in no way threatening you and I'm sorry if it sounded that way. However, posting about your Moderation history on the Forum (e.g. "My thread was deleted") is against our Forum Guidelines and can lead up to a temporary suspension of your account. Moderation can be a very private a sensitive matter and is never addressed on the Forum. For future reference, if you have issues with how things are Moderated, please DON'T post about it in the Forum, just PM a Mod (or Admin) and we'll try to help as best as we can. As for your VIP issue, that should definitively not be happening. Did you file a ticket with the CSC? (just click on the help tab above to get started). That way the team can take a closer look at what might be happening there. ~Nisha, SPP Moderator Owner: Nisha Joined: Mar 21, 2010 Total Posts: 7,261 From: Marie Brandt Subject: Question about garden glitch You wrote: Jun 19, 2011 06:16 PM Hello, Nisha. I was wondering if you could tell me when this ordeal with some users personal gardens not loading will be resolved. My own garden has not loaded on screen since last Friday. Friends' gardens load with no delay, but I cannot harvest/visit my own garden. I have visited Forum, and have stated my issue there. I am certain this is not a browser problem, and certain that I don't need to clear cache/history. Thanks for your time! / Marie Nisha wrote: Jun 20, 2011 02:53 AM Hi Marie! I don't think the garden is loading for anyone at the moment. We'll hopefully see a fix for this tomorrow when the team gets back into the office. In the meantime, have you tried this workaround for harvesting? It won't fix the loading issue but you'll be able to harvest your plants. :) ~Nisha, SPP Moderator You wrote: Jun 20, 2011 00:07 PM Thanks, person. I appreciate that there is time for others to test out work-arounds, but how ridiculous that there is no time for you who work for SPP to fix the problem, or to at least state someplace at Forum that the garden area of our habitats are "buggy"; and that we should expect at XX date for the issue to be resolved. Don't think I'll waste any of my time figuring out work-arounds to harvest my garden. That's idiotic of you to suggest this though. Thanks. Also, I sent a friend request, but realise that all of these "find-a-friend" threads on Forum are hypocritical, being that it is now obvious to me that Mods. and Admins. are snubbing friend requests from people like me, a.k.a. people who pay your checks. Thanks ever so much! Have it good. / Marie Nisha wrote: Jun 20, 2011 03:15 PM I don't work for SPP or Slide. Mods, just like Ambassadors, are volunteers who assist the SPP Team; we don't get paid. Have a great day! ........................... Soon after this contact with this "moderator", my computer's hard drive got a virus, and I spent the end of this weekend getting my computer fixed. I was told by the man who re-partitioned my hard drive that it was definitely derived through a "flash player virus". Because I have tried to contact SLIDE, INC., about all of these issues I've come across on their website, I have been blocked from doing anything with all of the items I've paid over $400.00 for. Albeit, this items are virtual, and they are items I've purchased over the course of over a year's time. Virtual or not though, I am a paying customer who has not been given any statement by as to why they feel that they have the legal right to block my account.
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I cannot believe this company got away with such bad treatment of it's customer. I have never before have be treat as badly , especially by Keane .. he should lose his job!

The moderators are a joke especially krychick.. I do hope the failure of it reflects on those admins who ran into into the ground with horrible customer service.

Nisha is like having no help at all, with her it is like "Why Bother".

Even with the new pets and all the new stuff added, people left in droves because of the horrible treatment by Slide's/Google employees this is why the game is stuck in limbo and will probably fold sometime.

In the end the Admin deserves the failure but the customers do not.


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