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My horrible experience with a Volkswagen vehicle!!

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I have a Volkswagen Beetle bug and I beyond irritated and very unhappy with your customer service! It is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I have a major complaint that I need to discuss I am very upset with how I have been treated by the Volkswagen dealership on Lindbergh! Not how a customer should be treated. I feel that Volkswagen treats their customers unfairly and takes full advantage of them with the vehicles purchased from them. This is what has been happening to me since 7/30/2014 with my car a vehicle I purchased from the Suntrup Nissan Volkswagen Dealership in 2008. I have 6 pages of repairs that were done on this car from the dealership service department ever since I bought it and I have all the documentation. But the main issue is this, my vehicle is a 2004 Volkswagen Beetle it has 97,500 miles but it still has an extended warranty up to 100,000 mile. This issue started when my car would not start on 7/30/2014, it has had the same issue for more than 30 business days now that I have been without a car. The Suntrup Nissan Volkswagen Dealership on Lindbergh in the service department cannot and won't fix the issue. I have been back and forth with the service manager at the dealership about the issue he keeps saying is fixed. He says it works just fine and then the next day it won't start or my headlights go out or my check engine light comes on. This has been going on for the last month plus the 6 pages of repairs that were supposedly fixed in the past and now this will be the 2nd time it has to be towed back up there for the same issue which is a starter issue. I am charged a $100 deductible each time I have to bring my car back I am beyond frustrated with this vehicle and something has to be done. When this issue first started on 07/30/14 I had it towed to my mechanic which it was there for almost a week but I’m glad I did because it was a second opinion he told me that the Electronic Control Module needs to be replaced which I found out was very expensive. I remembered I have an extended warranty so I towed it to the dealership and told them that the electronic control module needs to be replaced and I checked and made sure that it was covered under warranty. Jason was the service man who called me the next day and said no it’s not the Electronic Control Module it’s an electronic sensor and fuel pump that needs to be replaced. So he replaced the electronic sensor and almost a week later when I went to pick the car up the next day he then told me that everything is working and he did not need to replace the fuel pump. Not even 3 days later my headlights (both of them) quit working after one headlight was just replaced about 4 months before then which didn't make any sense and the car still was having trouble starting. I called Jason again and told him so I had to drive it back up to the dealership after work and school one evening with no headlight so I could have got a ticket for that, I spoke with Jason again and he told me and my boyfriend when we brought it back that night “it’s definitely the fuel pump then that needs to be replaced.” He said he ordered the part the last time but just didn't replace it because supposedly everything was working. Well here’s the problem with that, I have to pay a $100 deductible every time my car gets looked and I do pay that deducible which is fine if the issue is fixed. But this issue was not fixed and they were going to charge me another $100 for this which is extremely frustrating. Especially when it was something that should have been fixed the first time, but from there Jason called me a few days later and told me that an electric coil needs to be replaced. “This will fix the starter issue” he says but still did not need to replace the fuel pump because the computer said so, at this point I’m getting upset! I feel like I am being jerked around and treated unfairly not how a customer should be treated at all. Now they want to charge me another deductible which I disagreed with Jason and his manager about since it was for the same issue and they still haven’t fixed it and they keep coming up with something else that could fix the issue but doesn’t! Just more of an inconvenience finally almost a week later I go pick the car give them a check for the deductible and they say it's working just fine was test drove twice everything is working and so I drive it home and the next morning on 8/26/14 it would not start again and the check engine light is on again! At this point it’s very hard to believe that they replaced or fixed anything on the vehicle so again I am without my car. I am beyond irritated now and don’t have any trust in the Volkswagen dealership or service department. I don’t know what else to do with this car I've tried selling it but I don’t see how I can sell or even try to sell a car with the amount of repairs and issues that has been done with it. That’s another issue no one is going to buy this car from me when it has a history of repair after repair! If someone wants to look or check out the car fax or history about this vehicle I will have no chance and I don’t blame them because of all the horrible reviews on this type and year of vehicle that was sold to me because a salesman wanted to make a sale and didn't care how it would affect someone. So the next day on 8/27/14 I had to decide what to do next if I wanted to go back to the same dealership I've been dealing with and being treated unfair or go to a different location because I am still without a vehicle and I have a full time job and a full time student. I need a reliable car…and a car with only 97,500 miles with an extended warranty which is another reason why I purchased the car should not have this many issues. The service department is treating me unfair because they lose money each time they work on my car well that’s not my problem I paid for that extended warranty and it should be taken serious. This vehicle should not have as many issues as it has had. I know many people who do not have a Volkswagen vehicle and there vehicle with run well over 150,000 miles and still doesn't have as many issue as my car does. That is ridiculous! My mother has a 2000 Honda with well over 150,000 miles and is still running with nowhere near the amount of issues as my car has had all the time she has had the vehicle. So now I had to get it towed back up to the dealership again and this will be the 3rd. I decided I was not going back to the one on Lindbergh because of how they continued to *** me around. So I had it towed to a different location the one in Manchester MO the Dean Team and when it was up there, Jeff in the service department was the one who looked at it and he called me later that day which was 9/2/14 because of the Memorial Day weekend and told me “It’s the fuel pump that needs to be replaced” I was not happy to hear that at all! Again something that should have been fixed the first time! Instead of getting jerked around and taking advantage of which being without a vehicle has been a huge inconvenience for me! I told him to please fix it and that it should be covered under my extended warranty. He has me give him the contact number for the premier warranty to contact and he said he would and that we will go from there. Jeff called me the next day and said my car was all done and is ready to be picked up. I go up there pay the $100 deducible and test the car with turning it on and off about 3 or 4 times because now I am paranoid that it won’t start again. I drove it that day to work and on my lunch hour I tested it again and yes it worked but I still wasn't convinced yes it did work on my way home. The next morning I went to test it again to make sure it was still working and it started but I still don’t feel right about it! I am completely paranoid now and I feel unsafe driving this vehicle my trust is completely gone. I don’t even believe that Suntrup Volkswagen dealership on Lindbergh fixed or replaced the two items they said they were going too. I know they said they did but I don’t believe it especially after them being dishonest with me. These issues have been going on long enough this car has been nothing but a huge burden for me and I have been beyond stressed out over this vehicle!! I want to contact the Volkswagen Corporate Office about this issue.
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