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Sunrise Senior Living - Nursing Staff Review from Mountain View, California

Do not want to divulge location info. No facilty generated communication with nursing staff or care plan coordinator regarding health issues, care, doctor visits, mecine changes or level of care change. Contacted 4 times in 4 years 3 of which was comparable to tattling children. Back dated billing with increased care charges expecting full payment without a budget option and discharge set up for 2 days without my knowledge. Even discussions with administrator (the only one I trusted) and them following thru issue with nursing coridanator this person does what she wants. Have arrangements with doctor personnel and reported to them of situation regarding facility contact which they were glad I did. Wanted to remove relative but they want to stay because of friendships made& thought of moving again which is stressful on an 80+ person. Level of facilty in fallen to point reduced that I noticed many residents boredom and depressed atmosphere.Community Company in last 3 weeks has now been involved making positive changes which was verified by relative. We'll see. I still do not trust nursing dept. though.
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Poor customer service

All true at our PA location too! Very bad situation!!! But a move out of the familiar surroundings would be traumatic for our Mom.



I was an RN and now am afraid of getting older. Sad to say, I don't trust too many of them nurses either.

Your only hope, is to contact your local Ombudsman, OR find a patient advocate who knows how to navigate the healthcare/nursing home system. The Ombudsman's phone number is required by law, to be posted in the facility so family and resident of the N Home, can easily find it. Remember, the squeaky wheel is the one that gets the grease. I will also add, write down everything, names and license of all who were there, date, time, who you called, and then stay on it!

You can also report to DHS if you believe there is elder abuse.

Gotta get ALL your ducks in a row though, first.



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map-marker Jacksonville, Florida

Assisted living negligence, refusal to compensate

On June 19, 2010 a Sunrise Senior Living aide's negligence resulted in my 85-year-old mother falling, breaking her leg, and spending 4 painful months in a rehab home. The fall happened at Sunrise of Jacksonville (FL). Sunrise corporate refused to consider a fair reimbursement. Not only did they never apologize, they treated the entire affair with as cold a heart as they could muster. We asked for what was fair--forgiveness of all fees during Mom's absence and reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses resulting from the negligence-related fall. Sunrise's attorneys dragged out the process for all four months...never offering anything close to fair compensation, never mind anything extra for the pain and suffering they put my mother through. The fall also resulted in her hip replacement surgery, scheduled for August, to be postponed until the following year. Yet, despite all this, Mom opted to go back and accept a severely reduced settlement. Two days before she was to return, three Sunrise staffers evaluated her and told her how much they looked forward to her coming back. The next day-- the day before she was to return-- Sunrise refused to readmit her until an agreement was signed, and the only agreement they offered specified that my mother could not return. This is the company professing only the best for your loved ones in their sunset years. They call it The Sunrise Difference. The Sunrise Difference is the cruelty, malice, and disdain with which they treat a resident when that resident has been wronged. Please feel free to send this to everyone you know with an elderly loved one. Let them know how cold and malicious Sunrise Assisted Living is. Spread the word that no one else should put himself or herself in a position to be treated this way.
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Sounds familiar .....we have had some of these same situations, very verysad.


Our experience of Sunrise in the UK is no better.

Wish we had never put our parents in there.

They've been there 4 months and have deteriorated badly since being there.

Getting them out asap.

If you love them - don't put them in Sunrise.



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