Deliberately lies about guaranteeing full time, steady work with Fortis

Donna, the owner of Sunrise Flagging deliberately lies to new hires by stating that they will receive full time, steady work with Fortis, a main client of hers. Fortis should be informed of what she's doing. Soon after being hired, new hires discover that they've been lied to. Instead of full time, steady work, typically, TCPs only receive 1 or 2 shifts per week; sometimes more, but never the full time, steady work that she misrepresents to be the case. She does this for selfish reasons - she wants to have a readily available pool of TCPs available, should she have Fortis call her needing TCPs. What she should do is seek to hire TCPs who are ok with only receiving part time, casual work. In Tort law, this is a misrepresentation of a material term of an employment contract. If one can prove they were told it would be full time, steady work; & suffered a financial loss; & sought to mitigate their loss(es), then one has a viable action in Small Claims court against her. Hopefully someone will launch a small claims court action against her, that way hopefully she will then think twice about lying to the people she hires.
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You post this complaining, why don't you complain to Fortis, or you goto court on this?


A Temporary Traffic Control Company like Sun Rise Flagging makes it hard to predict how many TCP's you require on a daily basis, Even the Larger companies change from day to day. As you are considered a "Sub-Contractor" you cannot guarantee full time employment.

Even for the seasoned Flag Person, who works full time, could have part time hours from time to time. Take note the Winters are slower then summers for work.

I do agree that she shouldn't promise full time work, say part time work, but you must be available full time in case the work picks up. All Traffic Control Companies require a "pool" of available Flag Persons


Tcp ( traffic control ) is a casual on-call profession, regardless what company you work for, maybe do your homework before you enter a field you know nothing about! Its just the way it is in this proffession! Donna does not promise what she can't supply!

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