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Amature effort, incompelte work, lies, recording private conversations without giving consent prior to conversation starting.

Suncoast Braces - Amature effort, incompelte work, lies, recording private conversations...

Robert Sheridan / Suncoast Braces removed braces before the job was finished. My teeth should have been straight and should have been properly located to make a proper bite.

Robert Sheridan's is NOT part of the Florida Dental Association, you WILL want to find an orthodontist that is part of the FDA.

Don't make the mistake I made.

Suncoast Braces turned a 7000.00 job into a 11,000.00 one as you will read below.

When Robert Sheridan and staff were cyclical talking to me into settling for what in my opinion is a substandard job, I was on my own booking appointments with Orthodontist that were not only higher regarded, but also in the Florida Dental Association. They all agree that I need more work. 12-18 months is the quote I was gave by the 3rd orthodontist. 2 out of 3 of these orthodontist told me "they don't want to get in the middle of it" and "to go back to Robert Sheridan because for as much as he charged you he should want to make it right".

I am lucky that the 3rd orthodontist did offer to help, but in doing so would cost me over 5000.00 to finish the job Robert Sheridan wouldn't do.

These damages of over 5000.00 and the suffering of having to wear braces for another 12 - 18 months was only possible due to the incomplete and inadequate effort on the part of Robert Sheridan and Suncoast Braces.

I pleaded with them 5 times to just finish the job, I told them to put braces back on or do whatever is needed to get me to where my teeth should be. This was all heard in complete contempt and unconcerned tones. They said they did the "best job they could" and "That my teeth were in the right location". This to me sounds like they need to be in any other kind of work, as its not a matter of opinion on how teeth meet or if they are straight or not.

This is not a matter of not liking the work, the job was not finished plain and simple!

I have to wear Invisiline for 6-12 months and braces for 6 of those months unless invilisne can do it all, we are not sure yet.

If I could rewind time I would have never fell for their free consultation full of phrases such as:

"Its not like we don't know what we are doing"

"You'll get that HOLLYWOOD SMILE"

"We'll get your teeth right where they need to be"

And most important thing about reading this is.

If they at anytime put you in the glass room say "I DO NOT CONSENT TO BEING RECORDED"

If you are in a contract with them, don't ever go into the glass room, and if you do say "I DO NOT CONSENT", they recorded me without telling me, this is a felony in Florida. It is unclear what else is going on up there that they are doing. My count is 1. doing incomplete work .

2. Recording patients in private conversations without their consent ahead of time.

If this is the kind of treatment you want, then go ahead to risk your money, but I don't feel that a so called "Dr." leaves his patients with multi forms of malocclusion , then interrogate them in a glass room with a hidden audio recorder to try to backpedal his way out of finishing a job.

Out of all this became a grassroots effort to "Boycott Suncoast Braces", you can find our group on Facebook and as of the time of this writing we have over 150 people.

Maybe that is all you need to know if you should risk your time , money and happiness on Suncoast Braces.

In the photo attached you can see how I have 2 midlines, the upper midline and lower midline to not match up. Notice how my canine teeth do not match up either. Also I have a 4 degree cant, of which will get fixed by the new orthodontist WITHOUT SURGERY.

Robert Sheridan said that in order to get my teeth flush to remove a canted smile I would require tad's and jaw surgery, this is not the case.

I sure hope that this honest review of which I have proof for it all will help some little child or parent that might not be familiar with "chair time hours" vs "completed work".

Great orthodontist strive and write contracts up for a completed job, the others just give out chair time hour contracts to where they can either quite before the job is done or try to sell you a whole new contract to keep on billing you for another lengthy time frame.

I hope your planning on paying a orthodontist for a full job, so why would you only be buying limited time. There is no telling how long it will take by the minute to get a job done, so one would be foolish to get any contract based on "chair time hours".

You've been warned, and if you too are sick of these types of practices, feel free to find any of the boycott groups of Facebook. I noticed there are more than one, and the larger one now has over 150 users!

Think about that over 150 people have joined in to boycott Suncoast braces. Let that sink i

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  • Opinions are inaccurate as backed by 3rd party
  • Talks down to the customers
  • Chair time contract vs a completed job

Preferred solution: Price reduction

User's recommendation: Don't become a customer to begin wtih, find a orthodontist that cares.

Noah B Qjf

This review is from a real person who provided valid contact information and hasn't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website. Check our FAQ

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Left me with multiple malocclusions. Did not get my teeth in right locaiton.

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full
Suncoast Braces - Left me with multiple malocclusions. Did not get my teeth in right...
Suncoast Braces - Left me with multiple malocclusions. Did not get my teeth in... - Image 2
Original review Dec 25, 2020

Overpaid Suncoast to the tune of 6857.00! and wore braces for around 3 years all to find out that the job was not finished!

I went to 3 other orthodontists of which 2 out of the 3 said they will NOT take former customers of Suncoast Braces!

Both those said to "Go back where you came from and make them fix it".

The 3rd orthodontist pointed out all the problems I had and said that it will take 12 to 18 months to get my teeth in the proper location, and told me that I did NOT need surgery to fix my teeth.

Suncoast claims that I needed surgery and also left me with teeth in the wrong location........

In the photo , the top 2 photos are the final result of the 3 years of so called treatment. This is often mistaken for the before photos, but no this is what I was left with and told that everything was great.

If you notice the midlines do you line up, the photos on the bottom are stock photos of which is how teeth should line up , had the job been done right.

Also notice how far apart my canine teeth are from upper and lower, vs the lower stock photos. Don't ask me how Robert Sheridan and his help could look at my teeth like that and assume they did a great job but that is what they think they did.

So in short I would NEVER recommend Suncoast Braces to anyone period and all of the above is my opinion.

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  • Selective memory
  • Does not listen to patients
  • Truthfullness

Preferred solution: Price reduction

User's recommendation: Find A Orthodontist that IS in the Florida Dental Assoication!!!!!

map-marker Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Terrible customer service

My daughter went to Suncoast braces for one year average monthly wait time 45 minutes one hour one hour 15 minutes every month standing room only waiting room sometimes fold up chairs were available but not for everyone I see through social media he doesn't except Medicare anymore it'll probably be better for patients now I was a cash customer that went to Wexler approximately 10 minute wait time monthly My sanity is worth more than the money I lost to this rip off if you're looking for a friend this guy is for you but if you're looking for a professional orthodontist that his primary concern is to give you prompt professional care he would certainly not be my choice ever and would never recommend him to anybody

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Reason of review:
Poor customer service
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Noah B Qjf

In my opinion, nothing has changed since 2014, I too fell victim to substandard service!!!!

map-marker Orlando, Florida

Review from Orlando, Florida

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full

Very disappointed with service at this office. I brought three children in for consults.

I had no wait right in Had to correct some of the math errors on estimate but still set one child in braces the other two were starting this month. However after the 1st child's third appointment I WILL NOT be doing any additional business with this office.

All three of her appointments we have waited 45 m to a hour to be seen. Their hours are not flexible and over book appointments for a slow staff.

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Maurion Wvt

This review is from a real person who provided valid contact information and hasn't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website. Check our FAQ

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| map-marker Spring Hill, Florida

Not 1 Complaint here..

I don't normally write reviews but I feel compelled to POSITIVELY respond to the reviews on Suncoast Braces. The negativity posted below is absurd and is related to payment and insurance companies not holding up their end.

What is not being posted is how well their child has made improvement on teeth becoming straight and being on schedule. Notice there isn't a negative remark about how well the patient has improved short, there can't be a negative remark about treatment since Dr. Robert Sheridan (or the care of his staff) since he is an amazing, caring orthodontist. I have personally seen this man give generously and donate his time to the community (Crescent Dental Clinic).

He has also given several orthodontic "pro bono" cases at his one location in Spring Hill (that is, free orthodontic care to children being made fun of at school yet the parent could not afford treatment, so he is working on those patient's at no cost for a two year period). On the other hand, Suncoast Braces has the best and reasonable fees in the Spring Hill area - check it out if you don't believe me by obtaining a free consult and/or a second opinion. There's a saying "Insurance is great, except when you need it." The parent is responsible for their insurance, its a contract between the parent and the insurance company. Some insurance companies are good, some not so hot.

I use to be an insurance manager at a dental office (not orthodontic) in Brooksville. I also use to be an office manager (not at Suncoast Braces) and work as an Oral Surgery Assistant in Palm Harbor, Fl. Based on my experience, the attack below is payment/insurance related and quite transparent. But I want to get the truth out about a great Orthodontic office - Suncoast Braces that I feel is one of the best medical offices, forget Orthodontic, in the Tampa area.

The staff is caring, hilarious and professional. I have personally witnessed a happy, upbeat office that is professional and clean and MOST importantly takes my child's oral health very seriously and lucked out of all places near my house in Spring Hill. All medical offices have changes in insurance policies - that the nature of insurance companies. I believe this office has handled it accordingly...

I don't expect my child's services for free and stand behind Suncoast braces, staff and fees - as being above exception treatment but less than average orthodontic fees. If you are doing your research on this office, I certainly would go by word of mouth from those in the community.

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Let me start with I had 11 children being treated by Suncoast Braces, and I am very sad to say because of Insurance issues I had to change orthodontist not by my choice, Dr. Sheridan and his staff were wonderful with my children and the year and a half that my children were treated by him has done wonders with their teeth, he made sure he could work the schedule that I could bring all the kids at the same day and with 1 of the children which does not have insurance he worked with us, he is an amazing person, he cares about is patients and it's not about the money for him but on the other hand he does run a business and if he don't get paid nobody would have a job and he could not keep his office open, you can't please everybody.....I have been in Management for 30 years and have learned you treat your customers well and they will treat you well, but then you have the few that just isn't happy no matter what.

so just move on to the customers that appreciate you and stand by change was due to insurance only that Dr. Sheridan was not paid for the services he performed on 10 of my children but did not leave me just hanging and freaking out what I was going to do, he still treated my kids for 3 months after the insurance folded.

I would personally recommend Suncoast Braces to anyone seeking Ortho work. Nora Giorgio, Brooksville FL

Kollin Pub
map-marker Orlando, Florida

The name says it all!

The name says it all! Life is REALLY great here at suncoast braces!

I've been going to Dr. Sheridan's office for over a year now and I have nothing but positive things to say about the office, his wonderful staff, and of course doc himself. They always keep me entrained while I'm waiting with their arcade games, Xbox, fresh baked cookies, and the fantastic music variety they play throughout the office. Needless to say if you have to wait the wait here is absolutely worth it!

Because I know when it's my turn I'm going to get that same one on one time as well. Every step of my process has/is always explained thoroughly to me. Honestly though the crystal clear pictures he takes before, during and after are what really blew my mind! You don't notice how much movement has taken place when you see yourself every day.

To see the pictures side by side blown up on the big screen is really awesome! So if you have/are considering braces this is the place to go without doubt!!

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Ernestina Xdx
map-marker Bradenton, Florida

Not smiling after Suncoast Braces billing practices

After months of paying our bill on time we were being harassed for a "seriously delinquent" account. We finally managed to get a copy of our statement to find five missing payments!

After bringing it to their attention and questioning how this could happen we were told the employee was no longer there that handled it. Strange since the same girl was handling it now as some of the months the missing payments were made! After looking closer promised discounts at the start of our on contract were applied then taken off too! This office was a nice place to go for awhile then they got popular.

Now there is a high staff turnover, rude employees, its nearly impossible to get a decent appointment and a minimum hour wait in an overcrowded waiting room. But, remember, after they put the braces on you are stuck with their services - another ortho won't see you without a release from this place AND even if you get one you'll end up paying double (you're paying two orthos!).

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Noah B Qjf

I'm not smiling either with my experience with Suncoast Braces. Wish I would have seen all the negative reviews before wasting my time and money with them!


sounds to me that maybe you should have went to the office when you first got the late notice until waiting till it was seriously past due, and I got to say I have never one time had anyone in that office be rude to me, if someone was rude to you it was probably because you were rude to them, you treat people how you want to be treated, I have run Businesses for 30 years and YES sometimes mistakes are made, but usually can be fixed with no big hassle. you can't make everyone happy and I can almost bet that this is not the first bad review you ever posted, some people just want everything their way and when they dont get it they throw a temper tantrum and try to smear the person or Business, well guess what all the reviews you write won't ever change the fact that this is an AWESOME business and DR.

SHeridan and his staff is 100% committed to the patients they have.....I hope for your sake you don't stay mad for the rest of your life. because Suncoast Braces can make your SMILE great.......

gerald claude

can you prove payments? thats basically the jist of this .......if you can show the 5 missed payments then they have no leg to stand on....end of story

reply icon Replying to comment of gerald claude

They were proved and they were applied after it was pointed out. Reread my comment above. She blamed someone no longer working there for "the error" when she is the one who processed the payments and told us we weren't the only ones with billing problems.

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