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Lied about where product is made, now refuse to pay return shipping for refund

I ordered a sun oven from sun ovens international 39w835 midan drive, elburn illinois, (800 408 ****) by calling in on the phone. Along with the oven i ordered 3 baking pans. Before i placed the order, I asked the employee of sun ovens international if the pans were made in the USA. She said, yes they are. Since they were made in the USA i went ahead and ordered the pans. When the oven and pans were delivered, i openned them to find that the pans are made in china and mexico. I decided that i did not get what i ordered and so i wanted a refund. I called sun ovens international and talked to a female manager who said she would refund my money if i send the pans back at my expense. I told her that they should pay for shipping costs to return the pans since they were they ones who had eitehr lied or mislead me into thinking that the pans were made in the USA. The mistake was completely on the hands of the sun oven people, but they refused to take responsibilty for it and told me that i would have to prove to them that someone there had told me that the pans were made in the USA. I see no reason why i should have to pay $10 in shipping to get a refund when i was the one who was lied to or told wrong. Its a mistake of the sun oven people and therefore they should have to make it right at their expense.
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