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I was given a quote of $139 over the phn for a front brake job. I later got a call saying the job was now going to cost me over $500 because I needed new rotors and they also wanted to flush the brake line. I wasn't ready to spend that kind of money w/o getting a few more quotes first. Their attitude quickly changed when they realized they weren't going to be able to scam me. I had taken their shuttle to work when I dropped off my car in the...
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AA-SDA-99 Dear reviewer, we apologize that your experience did not meet your expectations. When you phoned our facility seeking an estimate for brakes, you were quoted for pads only. Wi...

My daughter's car had an exhaust leak She took her car to the Sun Devil #23 repair shop. At this shop they inspected her exhaust leak and quoted a full replacement of the exhaust system for $1073. They even told her that the exhaust manifold was cracked. She called me and I told her to get a written estimate and leave the shop. Prior to leaving the shop one of the repairmen told her that she should drive fast as the exhaust system could...
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Anonymous Thank you for your feedback. We’d like the opportunity to discuss the estimate you received in regards to your daughter’s car. Our Store Manager urges you to contact the servi...

I didn't like
  • Repair quote and pricing
  • Customer service
But, I have taken my cars to Sun Devil on baseline on three occasions and each time something was incomplete. Loose lug nuts on a wheel, missing bolt in a control arm, missing brake pad on the front brakes. I had to preform the repairs urgently on the first two times. I am sure that they would have offered to fix what was missed this last time, but how can I have any confidence in that? The value of having someone fix your car is to have the...
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