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It started when they offered me an upgrade to 450 back in August 2016.Then I was being charged with the internet usage so I enrolled to the supposedly "nonstop450" I always check my balance thru text and pay whatever is exceeding my limit. To my surprise, they started charging me up to 2000php, cut my line and asked me to pay ion order to reconnect my service. Of course, how could i even call then with my line disconnected? SO i really had to...
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Ang sabi nila 20th ang bill ko lage eh 29th na wala pa din! Sa una lang kayo magaling SUN cellular. Yung data niyo hindi pa matrack! Yung SMS advice hindi accurate. Yung customer service rep niyo hindi nakakatulong, itrain niyo ng ayos at maginvest kayo sa system niyo because it's so crappy! Every 21st daw marerefresh data ko and on the same day after browsing facebook I get an SMS saying i consumed 100% of data. Wow! Angaling niyo din eh noh!...
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I didn't like
  • Billing process and bill
  • Worst customer service and billing process
  • Worst customer service representatives not even one