Bartolo Zor
map-marker Phoenix, Arizona

Discriminated against & refused service

I was discriminated against & denied service from a very rude & impolite Manager ( Name tag "Barry"). Store #2407-**** W. Peoria Ave. Glendale, AZ. 85305. I' a Senior Citizen, Retired Veteran w/a Disability. I presented a coupon that I had taken the survey to receive the 15/% off however, "Barry" said "Quote" "I can't see the Promo Code. I said look at the Validation Code. He told me "quote" I can't accept your receipt. I produced another entire receipt (enclosed) & said its not my "Damn" fault you can't read the promo code because the validation code was in large numbers. He still rejected services I told me to leave the store or he's calling the police. I had been visiting the store regularly however, this is not the first incident of being treated deplorably. I truly hope this incident can be investigated, "Barry" really needs an "Attitude Adjustment" Thanks in advance for your cooperation in this matter. John Reed
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  • Excellent prime rib
  • Very poor service
Reason of review:
Racial discrimination

Preferred solution: Report incident to the Civil Right Department

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