Diya Yts

Terrible customer service @ Sugarfina.

I love Sugarfina's candies, they're pricey as heck but delicious. I was going to order some of their candies and socks for a gift, but I had some issues with their promo codes (one being a free shipping code, then a free candy box). I had a hard time deciding what to get, first I got the happy socks bento box (gummi bears + baby socks), then the adult-sized socks, and a bunch of other stuff. The code for the free shipping code worked as it was over $65. I changed my mind and decided $65 was too excessive for a simple gift. So I downsized to less than $30. I went on Retail Me Not and found a code for a free candy box. I tested the code by putting in the "Yes Way Rose" gummi bears, and the code worked. So I removed the Rose bears and replaced it with my favorite candy, "Fruity loops." Unfortunately, the code stopped working. Got an error message saying the code was invalid. I attempted to contact Sugarfina's email customer service and waited 2 days for them to respond, but they never responded. I complained on their instagram, they responded by telling me to "direct message" them through the app, so I did. Again I waited 2 days with no response. I am started to get impatient. I complained once again on Twitter, but they never responded. That was the final straw for me. I decided to go ahead and buy the gift at their brick-and-mortar store in San Jose since the socks would be cute for a gift, but that would be the last purchase I'll ever make with Sugarfina. I'm never buying their products again until they fix their sh****y customer service. For such overpriced candy, you would think they would be more respectful with their customers. Never again.
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  • Delicious candies
  • Customer service
  • Broken promo codes
  • Charging tax
Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Actually respond to my many requests for assistance. All I wanted was some help with a simple promo code(s). But they chose to ignore me. Terrible!