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The owner of success and you was awful to me in a vulnerable state. "He said how he wouldn't let anyone bully him, it just wouldn't happen." It felt like he was blaming me. This was after I had told him my experience of being bullied as a kid and an adult. I told him how rude that as and he just said he wasn't a bully and built himself up. There was no apology. His wife doesn't return calls either though she is nicer than him. D
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User's recommendation: Don't bother

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Cristina N Knf


They did not provide the service they agreed to. I signed up to do two courses costing over $5,000, one to be a Life Coach and the other a course of ten coaching sessions. Because I agreed to sign up for two courses, I requested to have a specific coach with whom I had sat in on her introduction. Unfortunately, the coach left, and these things happen and are often out of one's control. I was palmed off onto another coach with no apology, acknowledgment, or goodwill gesture for the change in the agreement. I informed a representative of the organisation that I was disappointed by the above, and she gave feedback to one of the owners, amongst other complaints. Still, I have never got any calls to acknowledge and discuss some goodwill gesture, perhaps a discount on a future course for the disappointment I experienced. Oh! And the salesperson MARIE, STAY AWAY FROM HER (especially if you are feeling vulnerable); she is SO PUSHY. I kept telling her that I wanted to do coaching sessions first, but she insisted over and over that I do the course on becoming A Life Coach first, which I ended up doing and regretting. The timing wasn't right for me, as it was just before Christmas. I did not get to go over the recordings provided from the training; they cut off the access when the Trainer said it would be available for a year (this was recorded by her saying this). Marie kept calling me to do more courses, when I had hardly taken in what I had learned so far. More things were unsatisfactory, but I don't have the time to go into them now, as I have better things to do. So, all in all, SUCCESS AND YOU DO NOT PROVIDE THE SERVICE THEY SAY THEY ARE GOING TO PROVIDE.
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Preferred solution: A discount on a future course to become a Life Coach with their organisation.

User's recommendation: Buyer beware