I am very disappointed with this hotel .. For one I checked in with my family homeless with nowhere to go in St.John the Parish in Louisiana a parish that does not have any shelters or charities that assist people in my situation I stayed from 6/16/16-6/25/16 which my room was paid for up until 6/26/16 but the morning of 6/25 I was using my rooms telephone butafterbeingon it for A few minutesof each call that I it hangup by itself so after...
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I was staying at Suburban Lodge (Savannah, GA) for about a month. Two weeks before I left, I started having issues with my scalp- really itchy and bumps started to form. I didn't think too much of it- I thought it was a reaction to the pollen in the air. I changed rooms and the same problem happened again. On the final night of my stay, I was getting ready for bed ( about 12:15am). I was in bed and glanced beside me when I saw a small...
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I moved into Suburban Lodge at the middle of February. I loved the room and most of the people who work there except for Peter (Front desk supervisor) and Mac Korat (manager). I had been there for about two weeks or so and went in to pay my rent. I was told by Peter that my room may not be available the next week. I said do I move to another room. He said to another hotel. I protested. I stated that I had no intention of checking out. When I...
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One of the worse extended stay.
I was living at Suburban Lodge in Savannah, Ga. I have never run into such uncaring monsters who look human before. The front desk supervisor, Peter, and his manager, Mac Korat have got to be the most evil people on the planet. And racist. I had a nearly perfect pay history at the hotel for close to six months. I asked for an extension because I was going to be late with rent. They give you one night extension- without having to pay. After I...
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I didn't like
  • Peter and mac korat

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