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I didn't sit in on the final sale because my back hurt to much, but the next morning I reviewed the figures and you dealer told me tough ***. When I asked my stepdaughter about the figure she said she asked them about that and they just blew her of and pushed my wife to sign so they sold us a car for $28,000 that books for $18,000 2014 Forester These type dearler give you all a black eye and should be reprimanded. I would like to think you...
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I didn't like
  • Disrespectful and dishonorable sales manager rob
Furthermore, it only covers certain areas on the car where the metal is not reinforced, where the dent is easy to get to, and they don't cover bumpers. I found out that this dealership has renamed the policy to "Paintless Dent Repair" so they corrected their mistake, but I'm stuck with a policy that is not very useful. The finance manager said he would speak with the sales manager, but after 2 weeks of no call backs I'm looking for more help.
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