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A few months before I bought my 2007 Outback Legacy, I bought a 1998 Outback for my son. I liked his Outback so much, I sold my Mustang and found one for myself. I had never had any problems with my Mustang at all,but I figured Outback would exceed my expectations in regards to quality. What I got was one headache after another. With in the first 1000 miles of owning my Outback, my check engine light came on. This was the beginning of a long...
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Subaru of America only offered $500.00 for repair or $1000.00 towards new Subaru. I thought I was buying a quality vehicle when I bought a Subaru. On line forums list head gasket problems back to year 2000. Shame on them for not correcting the problem and passing the problem onto their customers ! Why would I buy another Subaru knowing that I may encounter the same problem and SOA won't stand behind their product ? Their offer was not in line...
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I liked
  • Liked car until expensive reair
I didn't like
  • Subaru does not stand behind their products