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I went to Heb and Saw a Watermelon 3 in 1 I Loved the way it smelled so I grabbed it of course ' I took it home ' I didnt use it for Awhile because she still had Strawberry left. So I decided let me try the Watermelon today since its just been there . I thought it smelled good and was a good choice apparently I was Wrong . That Shampoo burns As It would if it was any regular shampoo my Eyes got red immediately I was rushing to put the running...
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Anonymous News flash! If a product has cartoon characters on it, it is usually complete $h!t. They put all the money into the packaging. Mike is right. Just use regular baby shampoo. I ...


mike A smart consumer will purchase plain old baby shampoo found at a dollar store---try Dollar Tree where all their items are a dollar. All shampoos will clean your hair as it is ...