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I have worked with the company for over 5 years now, and it is legit. Those spoiling its name should explain their motive. Those saying that they were never paid, i guess they messed with clients. It's obvious, just like in any other company, you mess the company, and in response you get messed too. for instance, do you expect to mess the students who use the platform and still get paid? I'm not affiliated to the owners of the company, but i can... Read more

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The site will let students post questions as scammers or fraud - allow the student to get the work and then they will not pay you for doing the work!!!! They will claim that you are fraud so they can keep your money!@!!! They keep ripping the tutors off - allowing students to use stolen credit cards, allowing students to commit fraud with no pentalty - and taking all of this out on the tutors (because it is all the tutors fault, right?) They are... Read more

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Do not become a tutor for studypool, they will take your earnings and stop responding to you. If you've noticed in the comments of the complaints, there someone who is named Amber. This is part of the whole illusion studypool creates to seem as if it is a legitimate company. Please for your own sake, stay away from them. These people only care about money. I'm planning on taking legal action against them. I suggest others do the same. They need... Read more

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You're suppose to get 10$ in credits when you sign up but I never got any, and they say if you refer a friend you'll get 10$ to use but I referred a friend and they entered the code and signed up but I didn't get 10$ in credits, I tried this with a couple different people, including an extra email account I had just to make sure they hadn't done it wrong or something but it wouldn't work. I don't know if this Is just me or if its happened to... Read more

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I must admit that studypool surprisingly banned my tutor account on the grounds that the one student I had written his assignments had committed fraud. It is sad that the company continue to punish innocent tutors with the sole aim of retaining their hard earned money. After weeks of sleepless nights and very busy days, the company suddenly banned my account and failed to release my hard earned cash. It is embarrassing that the company can... Read more

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The work is highly plagarized and they fight to keep the money even when you show evidence.

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i am tutor, after selling my notes and doing assignments, i cant withdraw. reason, they suspect fraud and i have not been involved in any kind of fraud. these admns are thugs and would not recommend any one to sell or write on this site. and they don't even respond when i asked what kind of fraud. let no innocent tutor be conned like they are dong. i had actually heard from a friend of my that they ran away with his money, little did i know that... Read more

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  • Dec 20, 2016
  • by anonymous
  • #976403

These guys are scam. Stupool held payment when I withdraw saying its suspect fraud. I have done over 50 pages and yet it is suspected fraud! !!!!

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First off, I do want to say that Studypool did pay me. I did not get the "Payment not sent for investigation" or the other problems people had. The problem though is that you have to make $50 before you can withdraw your money. It took me 6 months of trying to win bids to make enough to withdraw. That is answering about 10-20 full questions. (They have 20% commission, which I think is actually very fair. So if you withdraw at $50, you will get... Read more

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Studypool is a scam. I purchased some answers to a test to verify my answers and I never received the answers. It has now been over 40 days and I still don't have my money back. There have been many emails and they always say there team is looking into it. They have told me twice via email I was receiving a refund on my CC but I have yet to receive any refund. Go to they have a small monthly fee which is less than what scampool charges... Read more

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