Tony has now assumed the name of Grayson Anthony...LMAO! The guy on his FAKE website of Century Design-Build is a good looking man, I wonder what reaction he gets when his fat *** shows up!!! The funniest is part is this...the guy that he used a photo of on his FAKE website is a Google model and is also a model for GAY MEN websites!!!!! All you have to do in Google is right click until the option window drops and click on where the pictures came from, you will see his model and ALL of "Gayson's and Tracy's" projects are FAKE!!!! It is a scam, BEWARE! Also, he is hiding out in Lewisville with Tracy. BOGUS OFFICE is 116 Lowes Food Dr, Lewisville, NC 336-794-**** DO NOT HIRE THIS *** BAG!!!!!!!
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Reason of review
Bad quality

Review in Home Construction and Repair category from Elloree, South Carolina

Warning !!!! Beware of this contractor. He will give you false advertisement manipulate you and take your money and not return in your favor. Several cities some states he is a crook!!! Kernersville North Carolina Walkertown North Carolina Winston Salem North Carolina Greensboro North Carolina Colfax North Carolina Wilmington North Carolina rocking ham County Green briar county West Virginia South Carolina North Carolina Virginia furthering states away please be aware of the name TONY RAY HUBBARD!!!
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He has been arrested for fraud as well as obtaining property by false pretenses, lying to City/Gov officials.


You are correct! There are countless citizens that have fallen victim to this bottom feeder!


If his mouth is open, lies are falling out of it! He is a drunk, womanizer, bigamist, arsonist, thief, blue pill popping piece of ***.


Petty...party of one.

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Elloree, South Carolina

Other Product Review

He is not a man! A coward! He owes Mr money
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Salisbury, North Carolina
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Structures By Design Remodeling Review from Kershaw, South Carolina

We, apparently, are the only ones who would actually and have recommended this company to others. They did an awesome job, gave us a warranty on the work, all workers were very polite and courteous, cleaned up every day at the end of the day and kept us in the loop on it all. We did not pay out any money before the job was completed and to our satisfaction. We are very pleased with everything they did and with having dealt with others in the past in the industry was very surprised did not ask for any cash advances, they way we were treated and especially the workers. Very pleased with everything and will be asking them to do more work for us in the future.
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Coward, felon, thief, bigamist, prrys on single moms and the elderly. Want the real truth about RAY HUBBARD ask anyof his seven ex wives


Please reach out to me. I would love to learn more before my husband works any longer with him. You can reach me at 336.686.7212



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Kershaw, South Carolina
Reason of review
Good customer service

Structures By Design - Home Construction Review from Pelham, North Carolina

Career defendant. Cant wait til the authorities catch up with you. You have been scamming old and sick people long enough. Hope you get everything you deserve. You can only manipulate the system so long.
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They FINALLY got him on FRAUD!!! Lying to Gov officials and obtaining property on false pretenses


It is obvious these comments are all written by the same obsessed person whom has been convicted of stalking and harassment after a romance went bad. State of NC General Contractor Boards perform detailed, in depth investigations on every complaint filed.

If he still has a license, then the complaints were investigated and discovered to be unfounded. Consumers just need to read the contracts they are signing before hiring any type of service professional.


Laughing at you and your *** comments! How did that work out for ya??? LOL LOL LOL LOL


I hope more and more victims of Tony Hubbard - now Legacy Building and Design - voice their stories. Maybe finally we can all SHUT this MAN down!

Take those contractor license away once and for all. People work hard for their money and to have someone come along and think it's okay to scam people. Well, let's just say Karma will NOT be kind to him! Change your company name to what ever you want!

Your reputation will catch up real fast!!!

Do NOT hire this guy. Bad news!


He is now operating under Legacy Builder and Developer! BEWARE!!!Follow the Forsyth County court dockets if you need to have him served! The deputies will help you do it when he is there for other criminal activities



If ANY of you are ready to join in a class action lawsuit that is being put together want to join in to get this THIEF behind bars please respond!

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Pelham, North Carolina
Reason of review
Bad quality
New Reviewer

Structures By Design - Tony Hubbard

I greatly disagree with others on this site. Not everyone is "pissed" Structures By Design and Tony Hubbard has done a fantastic job for us in the past, and will do so in the future. We just hired them for the 3rd time. As for us, he never took one dime of our money upfront and made certain we were satisfied before we paid him anything. Even our attorney hired him to do some work for him. He was pleased as well. It appears that some of the posts on this site come from previous employees with an axe to grind. I wouldn't put a huge emphasis on remarks posted about them on this site. I would be the VERY first to complain if I felt something amiss from them...but so far it has been a great relationship
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He gave us another name. The business name has an address that doesn’t exist.

He had a couple other guys do work for us. Some of it was good and some not. We wound up buying a lot of materials they were supposed to purchase. We also had to fix things to make it look professional.

It has been an experience. Ray is also very difficult to reach.

I could go on. But when you find out someone has legally changed their name multiple times and filed bankruptcy, has a history of domestic violence, arson...


He has been ARRESTED for obtaining property on false pretenses as well as FRAUD!




No ax to grind here. Your quality of work and ethics seem to follow you everywhere you go.

Shoddy at best.

Hiding behind religion to swindle folks, must have a special place in h***l for ya. Hopefully you will go to prison and blow big soap bubbles out ur ***


She'll never stop, evil and manical woman with a vendetta, your karma is forthcomong


Tony is a thief taking my grandparents money not replacing a roof and deck, at the same time dated my mother. He lies cheats and steals but yet calls himself a man of God. A man of God doesn't rob people.


Please contact me 336.686.7212. My husband has just began working with/;for him and I want to make sure he hasn't made the wrong choice for our family.


Most of these ladies were warned...


Tony can now be found at his new residence which is located at 3805 Philpark Drive Winston-Salem, NC 27106. He is living with married/separated Jacquelynne (Lynne) Ruch Catania who owns Forsyth Mobile Veterinary clinic.

If you have a debt you might be able to find him there.

The house is up for auction on October 22 so act fast.

Tony "Ray" can be reached on his cell between sermons and court appearances at 336-414-****.


Wow, he moves quick doesnt he, does she know he is a crook and bigamist, wonder what lies he told her. Thanks for the update.

He thinks since he has changed his name to RAY on all his business profiles everyone will forget him. I am glad I am not him when the time comes to stand before GOD, AND GOD WILL EVENTUALLY BRING THIS LIAR TO HIS KNEES

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Winston Salem, North Carolina
New Reviewer

Structures by Design, not worth your time

This company has extremely high turnover of his subs. He was so nice and seemed genuinely sincere. He really isn't. His new and "improved" website is just a facade. He really isn't the fumbling nice guy next door he is pretending to be. There is now a list of names sitting in an attorney's office in Raleigh with people that he has wronged....I am on that list. Unfortunately, I am near the bottom of the page. We have lost a TON of money, not unlike others on the list. Hard lesson to learn. Upon some investigation we have since learned he is a *** artist, a true scammer. This isn't his first time, he has filed bankruptcy a few times leaving subs and homeowners in his wake! Don't deal with this company. His website is nice, but it's copy and pasted. WARNING: A NICE WEBSITE DOESN'T MAKE HIM TRUSTWORTHY!
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The website I warned WSPD about and they waited and let him hang himself! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! ANd he said it would take better than me to bring him down!


I know Mr. Hubbard personally.

Unfortunately, he is a man who would rather tell a lie when the truth would serve him better. I recently read an article in which Mr. Hubbard claimed to have built his first contract home at the age of 26 or 27. This is a complete and total LIE.

Anyone who hires him to do any work for them should think twice.

Do a little research first. Find out where he was and what he did for a living at the time he CLAIMS to have been building his first contract home.


This guy us a top notch scammer. Please please do not do any business with this convicted and evil felon.

Do your research. Join a class action lawsuit currently being researched with n attorney out of Wake Coynu.


Do you have that attorneys name, there is also a lawsuit in Forsyth County,


My wonderful kitchen carpenter just called me to again make certain that I was happy with the job he did and what details he needed to return to adjust before/ after countertop installation. (I have already paid him, but he is so responsible, that he will come back and do anything to make sure I am satisfied - a real professional.) In the course of our conversation, I discover that Tony Hubbard is the guy who recently cheated him out of a paycheck, but is now using examples of his work for his Structures by Design portfolio.

I looked up the business to check it out and found this review site so I thought I would add my two cents. It really makes me angry that contractors (or any business person) can get away with this kind of dishonesty - especially when claiming to be a Christian!

Yes, my story is secondhand, but I can vouch for the professional integrity and skills of my guy and I believe what he said about Hubbard. Beware, it seems that this guy really doesn't pay his subcontractors despite their level of skill and commitment.


I would like to hear from you personally. My husband is currently working with/for this guy and I want to protect my husbands interest. You can reach me at 336.686.7212


I agree 100% that Tony Hubbard is a useless excuse fr a human. Sleazy, slimey scammer.

In addition to your background research, he also has a criminal record including Arson, Donestic Violence, several DUIs.

He is a convicted felon! Why would anybody do business with this ***

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#344962 Review #344962 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Greensboro, North Carolina
New Reviewer

Tony Hubbard is a criminal and a thief!

Structures by Design of Kernersville, NC does not pay his subcontractors. Nor does he complete jobs that he agrees to. If he can make money and leave you at the wayside broken and scrambling he will! I worked for this man for the better part of a year. Every week chasing a paycheck. Going weeks without draws and having to finance his jobs while he fed me lies about not receiving draws from homeowners. I got in deep. Just shy of 5 figures. I started asking questions. The answers I have gotten were astounding. He did get draws...BIG ones. He just wasn't paying his subs. Then when I got the jobs near completion he trash talked me to homeowners and told elaborate untruths to justify his witholding of payment. He is a fast talker! Of that you can be sure. Tony Hubbard has absolutely no conscience. But watch out because he will preach about his loving the Lord while stealing your wallet right out of your pocket. Consumers beware! His markup on most jobs exceeds 40 percent and subs beware he will NOT pay you on time if at all.
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BEWARE – If you know Tony Ray Hubbard of Kernersville/Winston Salem you probably already know what kind of person he is. His business name is Structures By Design and many others.

My son worked for him in December 2015 for 2 weeks as a sub-contractor completing plumbing work. He wrote him a $2,450.00 bad check on December 16th. At that time he (Tony Ray) was paid $5,000 by the homeowner. He ask my son not to cash the check until Friday, December 18th.

My son looked closer at the check and noticed that it was postdated for December 21st. He called the bank on Thursday and Friday and were told the funds were not in the account and that the check would not clear at that time. He waited until Monday, December 21st and went to the bank and the funds were still not available. My son has 2 year old twin boys and this money would have bought their Christmas presents and paid bills that were due.

This man stole Christmas from my grandchildren. He has done this to numerous sub-contractors and will continue to do this until he is prosecuted. My son has called and texted trying to get his hard earned money with no responses. He will be pressing charges against him.

A bad check $2,450 means a FELONY charge in the state of North Carolina.

After looking on the internet we have found numerous bad reviews and customers who have been scammed by this man for thousands of dollars. It is very sad… I pray that this posting will prevent others from losing money at the hands of this man…


It has been years since we were scammed by this man. By the time all was said and done we were owed $15,000.

He is nothing more than a charismatic predator. How is he not in jail yet???

So sorry about your son getting wrapped up with this guy. Unfortunately if history is any indicator~ Your son won't see a dime of his hard earned money, and Tony won't do an ounce of time.


Because the WSPD will not so a dang thing. They had PROOF that he and wife #8 were running a scam in WS, they did NOTHING!

Finally, IN COURT, #8 was charged with Fraud and he a lesser charge (I think). They knew it, and they FAILED the citizens of NC. The detective also knew he was trying to legally change his name to Tony Ray Reagan, he told me he would contact the licensing board and the DMV...6 months later...NOPE...he FAILED!!!! Then if you get him in court, the CORRUPT Judges let him walk.

All he has to do is pay one of the buddies in the loop and he walks. Oh, wife 6 and 7 wanted him charged with Bigamy, ANOTHER FELONY, but, Assistant D.A.

Bryan Taylor decided " He didn't want to open up that can of worms". It is a law...ENFORCEFORCE it!


Ray Hubbard is a complete fake we are also getting ready to retain legal counsel to try and recoup what we can. Please do not use him his license is revoked with the state and he is a complete spineless crook.


US Bankruptcy Court  

Federal Courthouse

Address: 226 S Liberty St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Phone:(336) 397-****

Hours: Open today · 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Go file your proof of claims to the above! Bankruptcy DENIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The IP addresses are being searched and if it comes back registered to whom we suspect it does, then you are in violation AGAIN of the 50B order he has against you.


Since when is Freedom of speech, about the truth a violation of any sort. He is worthless and a fraud and will stand in a church and take wedding vows knowing when he says them he is still married to someone else and has lied to seven wives, check his medical records to, his doctor has no knowledge of a heart attack or cancer thathis dad died from, since when can an adopted child inherit their fathers familial medical history. Special seat next to Satan reserved for this psychotic, whi by the way refuses to take his antipsychotics meds


I am sure this is just another paid *** that will learn the truth soon. I have heard and seen the proof as well as went to the courthouses with the accused to retrieve a 3" binder full of all the people that have sued and have judgments.

As the anonymous above stated the is a special place next to Satan for this loser. My friend is not the guilty and that has also been proven. I will continue to help her in the investigations that are surprising to this day. It just doesn't end with this loser as he continues to steal and defraud.

People talk and this is a great place for everyone to say what they want others to know. From what I have read, the only liars here are the ones making lies and excuses for a thief. When this world ends he will burn in the center of *** for sure.

Not a doubt! And by the way, I printed this and will let her know a loser is trying to contact her which is a violation so you have a nice time with your games loser.


Bahahahahaha BLOW ME!


this guy is a fraud, ask his multiple. ex wives. including the two he was married to at the same time in 2014.

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Overland Park, Kansas

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