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Example of typical scrwy workshop. They had one on Thursday a week ago about "sales conflicts and problem solving." The importance of the series was evident after a vendor contractor was arrested for harassing and groping several women while selling papers the previous week. This reporter attended workshop in timely fashion. The lead came in, said she was very busy, and stated she would let us lead our own discussion. This very disturbed homeless vendor (walking around in socks, unkempt, raving about this or that, and having a shout with the editor) decides to "lead the workshop." She becomes upset and screaming about me to staff because I basically am not paying any attention to her. She dwells on me as her issue for the next half hour or so with the editor and Niki the staffperson who aborted her own workshop. Mind you I never said a word to her, never seen her in my life, but this homeless woman was slandering me, then saying she was going to leave Streetsense forever it was either me or her. The editor Eric was following her around and spent a great deal of time soothing her. Never once did the man talk to anyone else in the meeting room, least of all me. It was extremely bizarre, for this incoherent homeless woman just kept repeating that I did not understand at all about being homeless and living in a tent. Of course this reporter does, but the woman was making me feel very uncomfortable. My response to a potential conflict with angry black person is to not say anything because they can and have escalated the situation quickly to attract the attention of authorities to blame you as the instigator, racist, etc. Also we all still have the right to remain silent. She was not a qualified workshop leader, since she was too unstable to handle any potential sales conflict. But this is how Eric tends to be which is he doesnt see me as a person it seems. He spent all his time with her. He never gets back to me on an article. He seems to be more than willing to give preference to certain vip volunteers and grasstops and celebrity homeless persons. That forces or encourages other vendors to compete for attention by selling their homeless personna stocktype as a commodity. They are not real people living in the real world but the commodified product and this tends to reduce their sensibility to all the homeless people who dont participate. At least once a week the workshops devolve into these semi-nonsensical shouting matches. Anyway, she and Eric won. However I will be determined to carry on the cause on my blog where there are no political hatchets.
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  • Sense of independence
  • Workshops with free papers for attendance
  • Childish immature behavior
  • Vendors lack courtesy

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

User's recommendation: Scientology training routine


Street sense farm system

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This organizattion is oppressive. They dont treat their contractors well. They offer very little morale and instead do a lot of typecasting. Based mostly on race and age and affiliations. And the new app is really to help with double entry bookkeeping. The editor is really insecure but he hides it well. He reminds me of a {{REDACTED}}.
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Work Experience or Job Application

Two gentlemen have replaced mitch snyder and michael stoops, or so they aspire robert warren reggie black. You cannot become an advocate in this area without encountering these.

One also sits on carlyse board group, legal aid society, they lead at people for fairness coalition, streetsense, national coalition for homeless, their own consultant, the way home, interagency coalition for homeless, etc. Their presence in media and on wpfw or other radio station is a signal on the silo. Collaborating with the way home they seek to sweep everything into their demesne or else feudalize. Opposite sides same coin.

Due to contracting social spending these media are now mostly funded partly through invisible partnerships that render real transparency less necessary. At the top they are very interconected almost as prescribed by the cahilla formation. Since the grasstops and leaders all know one another it creates a coordinated presentation or slanted perspective if you will on proper lines of social preferences and interactions. A very sexist tendency, the tendency for polarization (rich whtey vs underprivileged blckey) basically monochrome scaled, and outright discrimination against those who question this rigid prescriptive stage managed media.

Fewer and fewer articles by adult community members who are nonstudents are allowed. Everything is heavily filtered, and re edited for the appropriate buffonery. The leads for the workshops have less education than this reviewer but they are workshop leaders not so much chosen on talent but based on difficult eccentric appearance, cahilla dynamics, and enforcing streetsense homeless jingoism (heavy on the headgames). They hate it that people might see through this, and yet what educated thoughtful adult cant?

Theres the rub---they ought to thank me for pointing out why the paper hardly gets any quarter. Homeless advocates---formerly employed professionals are totally capable of publishing their own blog or posting articles elsewhere without having to do painted face scabby blanket baggy pants homeless rock star (exclusively local blck male) act. We know that the grasstops are really only asking millions for their agencies, 100k salaries for themselves, 50 k for female caseworkers, free captions for reggie robert poster children, and stale food for the rest.

Question: what would the real michael stoops mitch snyder think about whats going on today? I wager they might not fit in as tight with the firm....


I am really grateful for pissedconsumers because even though part of me wants to air my concern with street sense the other part warns me what i am up against. Many of these kind of agencies rely heavily on the purse string of some rich conservative lobbyist type groups who might be invited to sit on the board.

One of the vendos snagged an interview to the white house and the editors and staff of course got to go too. The vendors who dont fit in need extra help and support. It may be because they are talented but poor that they are homeless. The way some of these social service acts is to run them into the gutter and beat their ego and self esteem up even more.

Sometimes all an underhoused person really needs is time to figure out how to fit into society.

But heck these people its as if they dont ever want them to see the light of day and hate for them to be happy. And meanwhile because it is considered credible establishment media the paper gets lots of awards etc and few outsiders see whats going on.


Pros +you are able to publish +lots of opportunities to attend workshopsCons -Social worker Colleen bugs you. You can be coming to submit an article or buy some papers.

Nothing matters to her except growing her case file. -Other staff also very patronizing towards vendors. It doesnt matter your knowledge or experience they are just interested in using you as their prop.-To this end they play all kinds of head games especially the more qualified or experienced you are, to try to turn you into their self confirming prophecy of the stigmatized homeless vendor.-They exercise poor control over the Lounge where writers vendors can hang out. In reality the loudest most unpleasant vendors take control of the place and try to bully other vendors or talk big.-The name StreetSense has been appropriated by a developer and so the two, one for homeless advocacy the other for design are embarassingly confused. even appropriated the old yellow and grey logo colors of so it really makes me wonder if the higher ups instigated staff mean well but starting from a couple years ago the staff and interns rarely if ever sell the paper on the streets.

This has caused morale to severely erode because they are out of touch with the market.-If the area is less compassionate than it used to be they should be trying harder. Instead they have caved into divisive forces and even to the point of lauding Trump as a champion of the homeless.-We cant comment on this schism because the staff dont respect opinions from vendors such as me.

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