Chris Newton is a criminal!!!!!!!

I have hired this piece of *** several times. He has used his religious and family status as part of his scam. I've worked as his boss and I've never had so many complaints from workers. Chris newton uses workers to pad his profits. It's his game!!!! I won't advise you not to use him but as a large contractor I know his operation. It's to leave messes all over the place and not pay workers for services performed. Chris newton is a disgrace for all decent, hard working construction companies. He is why nobody trust anybody. But remember, if you use a crew and chris newton doesn't pay you, which he won't, then you'll need to explain to crew members why they can't feed their children. Chris newton will pay your bills until he doesn't need your services. He has 2 other partners that are suing him for breach of contract. And those are his partners. The moment chris newton doesn't need your services he will leave you screwed. This is not assumption, but based upon actual experience. Why would I expose this *** bag? Because as a larger company owner I'm bothered by workers not being treated fairly or honestly. Chris newton is nothing more than trash. He hides behind family and church while screwing *** and ditching payments to honest, hardworking, subs. Oh, and for those still unsure, especially from a few posts saying they were paid, remember two things; 1) some of those messages were left early in their experience, but I'm certain they wouldn't respond the same way. 2) chris newton is such a large pile of trash that he will create his own fake identity and make a positive reply. That's it!!!!!!! Nothing better, he blows everything up and steals from hard working subs.. AND,,,,, I've also been forced working with numerous project managers from his company. The ones that have good experience have long since left and would confirm, and then some, everything stated here. Many others were hired as project managers after less than one week of experience and then not paid because the job wasn't done properly. That sub, or project manager, may agree with Dr. Trash (chris newton), and take massive pay cut, Because things weren't perfect. But really would a new sub understand what the client really wants? NO!!!!!!!!!! You were set up to fail. Every client of mine where I've placed *** on their properties has fired him and in turn he hasn't paid the subs. Still not convinced? Ok, the only thing I and others that have worked with that piece of trash would ask is to properly and honestly update your experiences on line. You will get screwed. If he is willing to betray his wife and family why wouldn't he betray you?
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Chris Newton is scamming in Mobile Alabama

Stone Way Builders Group - Chris Newton is scamming in Mobile Alabama
Stone Way Builders Group - Chris Newton is scamming in Mobile Alabama
Stone Way Builders Group - Chris Newton is scamming in Mobile Alabama
Stone Way Builders Group - Chris Newton is scamming in Mobile Alabama
Stone Way Builders Group - Chris Newton is scamming in Mobile Alabama
Wish we did our research also, before doing work for this fraud. It is public knowledge now and a matter of public record. All one has to do is look at the liens placed on the properties he hires people to work on. Does make you wonder why they operate under so many company names. Newstone Construction LLC, VCP Construction LLC, StoneWay Builders. When you have 4 of your contractors filing liens on property..something isn't right. When one of the largest building suppliers in Mobile liens your property..something isn't right. And I know for a fact despite what he says online, contractors will never see their money unless they take him to court. So beware getting into business with this guy.
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This guy is a complete fraud. Basically he would cut your contract amount after you started work but would still make the full money draw from home office.

Chris and the felon who was the superintendent onsite would pocket the difference. We had to hire a lawyer to get our money. Last count seven different contractors on that job hired lawyers to get paid.

Absolute *** artist in every sense. I have no idea how this fraud sleeps at night.


Is he still working in Mobile ?


No, Jackson TN


Chris Newton has not paid us for our services either. We have a legitimate bill for work done and he will not pay.

His new company name is Newstone Construction. We are still trying to get paid but is does not look good unless go to court and spend more money and time.

I do not understand how the regulators have not caught up to this guy yet. I guess its only a matter of time.


We are on it @pissedconsumer

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Mobile, Alabama
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Stop doing business in Mobile

Stone Way Builders Group - Stone Way Builder Group Work Experience Review

Maybe they paid you on this job but . How can you say they didn't pay the others or imply they aren't owed, you don't know unless your begin told one side of the story and then we know you are just posting for a friend ... But your correct research .....and you will see Mr.Newton operates under stonebrook builders , stonebrook construction, quantum construction , newstone Construction and advance southern services,,,, why would one person need so many company names if he was on the up and up ????? All I am saying is something isn't right .. also why would a person have 2 construction companies with different names operating out of one office .. Soon there we'll be some answers !!!
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