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Stomp Models - Opportunity for Upward Advancement

I've been working at Stomp Models for around a year now. Why I like the employment: 1.Adaptable Hours: I head off to college so this is critical to me. They will give you a chance to change your accessibility at whatever point you have to, and in the event that you have to get out, you just need to do it one hour before your work day begins. 2. Advance from Inside Only following 9-10 months of working here I was elevated to Head Cashier. Exhibit that you're a worker who doesn't simply appear to work, yet tries hard to meet store objectives, and you will be perceived. 3. A few open doors for rewards If you get a shoplifter (a client or partner) and you do well with additional items/gift challenges you will be getting some additional cash notwithstanding your pay. 4. Fun workplace This might be subjective, yet I have some good times working here. This will rely on upon your own particular state of mind toward working. I know alongside nothing about games except for that has just added to the test.
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Reason of review:
Good customer service
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Yeah sure! You are right.

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Stomp Models

I've been signed up with Stomp Models for a little while now, the lists of castings are updated weekly, if not more. There's a wide range of castings to suit what you want to do whether it's modelling/acting/dancing etc. Stomp Models will also email you the latest castings so you don't miss out on them! Now I'm in a position to apply for castings, I've got my first casting next week and I'm so excited. Stomp Models have also tweeted me wishing me luck for the casting, that little acknowledgement I really appreciated! I would recommend anyone who's not got an agent to find them castings to sign up to Stomp Models, you won't regret it. Looking forward to my future castings found through Stomp Models. Stomp Models is a great platform, i noticed a couple of bad reviews on here but don't be put off as its rubbish...it clearly states that they are not a an agency but a casting platform on there website & also everyone who applies gets told, which means clients post jobs on there site then members can apply for them via there members area. This is on the Homepage "if you are a casting director looking to cast for your project or talent looking for the latest auditions and opportunities then this is the site for you! We are not an agency but a much needed platform for new and established talent to promote themselves and gain access to casting information. Casting professionals benefit from no agency fees, and talent keep everything they earn – plus you get access to casting information you otherwise wouldn’t have known about!" If you have any questions then feel free to contact me! :-) Thanks Jordana https://twitter.com/TiinkerJ
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I have gained a few jobs & castings from Stomp aswell, they seem pretty legit to me!


Stomp models scam

Stomp models is run by a young fellow called Dan Rolph and like others , many others he done me out of a yearly membership fee. I have since contacted the employment agencies governing body who have informed me they can do nothing to stop Dan and his scam. Why because he is not an employment agency. He states he is not an agency therefore gets away with it. However he clearly says he represents models , actors , extras and so on therefore implying he is an agency. He is not charging massive amounts of money but do your maths if he signs 1000 people up at 40 quid he is doing alright for doing nothing in return. Beware !!!
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Reason of review:
Not as described/ advertised

The email is down and so.is the website. how do we get our membership canceled??.


Glad I found this, before applying. What a waste of time it would have been.

Thanks for the warning!


Yup!! I'm trying to cancel my plan and can't figure out how to do it!! Ugh!


How did you cancel your plan? I really need to do it now! Please help!


Any agency asks for money then SCAM !!!!

This so called agency are saying they are not an actual agency to by pass the law..SCAM !!!!

STOMP models SCAM !!!!


They are saying look at the new website !!!

It is awful and built on wordpress


Thanks nearly fell for this.

I just googled the owner and jeez what a slime ball.

He is actually proud of scamming people.


Yes I agree he looks every inch the slime does dan rolph. He loves pizzas and scamming by all accounts . Daniel Ralph the scammer

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Stomp models scam

I paid stomp models a fee and got left out of pocket. It simply must be stopped and fast The website is pissed poor, parden the pun and the jobs are false They have removed what they call my profile from the website now The profile is about 1cm big and it has no info and distorts mine and all the other models images Serious how I fell for this I do not know. Ok It is only a little amount of money but I am so annoyed The face book page does not exist They have No address No telephone number and IGNORE all emails The testimonials are false I contacted someone on the job list and they just wanted more money from me This is a total scam. BEWARE !!!!
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Full refund


Contact pay pal and get a refund I did. 41.00 they charged me for nothing .


I forgot to add that they have no client list.

Wonder why this is ???




Sorry to hear you were not happy with our service, we of course would be happy to offer a full refund to you if you were not happy,

As for the jobs these are posted by third party companies, we however do have a process to vet each client but again some fall through the net,

Again we are sorry for the inconvenience if you could email us at info@***p-models.com and we will grant you a full refund for your issues,

As for our Facebook please follow this link www.facebook.com/stompmodels

Many Thanks

Stomp Models Admin team


Tell you what Daniel Rolph

Better still please reply with the below answers ?

What is your trading address ?

What are your contact numbers ?

Why do the names on your testimonals show up as fake when you google the name of the author ?

Why is your website so poorly built ? Who are your actual clients ? As for the refund I will go via pay pal for that


Good points made here and I see no reply was made.

I will not be paying this joke outfit that is for sure


Yes and they continue to ignore my emails.

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