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STG Auto Repair bent my hood and won't repair it!

Brought in a 2003 Honda Civic EX for a timing belt/water pump install at 8:00am. Mark Fahim @ STG called and said it would be done by 4:30pm. I arrived at 4:30pm and the car was still in his service bay with the hood propped up with what looked like a 2X4 piece of wood. The hood was clearly over-extended. I though it was odd that they didn't use the hood stand from the car. The car was ready @ 6:00pm. At that time it was pitch black outside and there was nothing noticeable at that time. So I got the car back home and parked it. The next morning, I noticed that the hood was bent and dented. It was obvious that STG bent the hood hinge and now the hood would not close all the way on the driver's side. I called STG and Mark would not take responsibility for the damage and stated that should I take him to court, it would be a waste of my time. Sadly, he's probably correct. I'm now thinking that the work they performed is suspect, so I'm bringing it to the Honda dealer to find out. Just by looking under the hood, there's oil all over the compartment, where oil wasn't before, so it's likely they didn't torque down the bolts somewhere. The estimate to get the hood fixed is about $100. Thanks Mark, you taught me a valuable lesson... never, EVER trust anyone at STG Auto Service in Ontario.
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No offense Jacob White, but if STG treated you well and did a good job for you, count yourself as one of the lucky ones. Unfortunately, I wasn't as lucky as you and my bill was artificially inflated and I feel taken advantage of.

And to boot, when I complained, they were not only rude to me, they assured me that there was nothing I could do about it. Yeah Jacob, YOU were treated with respect, but I wasn't, and by the looks of the comments, I'm not alone (but you are). You're OPINION of them being honest and professional is purely subjective. Call the department of consumer affairs bureau of automotive repair in Riverside and ask for Mr.

Pepes. There have been complaints filed.


I took my mercedes to STG, because it's out of the warranty, so I was looking for a nice place that will take care of my car. They took care of my car and I was treated with respect.

I don't beleive that lady's review. It's a very nice place, and they are very honest and very professional.


I tend to believe the consumer in this case and I'll tell you why. I called Mark at STG from a coupon in the Penny Saver. I told him that I saw his ad for the timing belt for $74.95, which, it said included parts & labor for "most vehicles"

After telling him what car I have, he quoted a much higher price. So I decided to have my girlfriend and another grind call and tell Mark about the Penny Saver ad and get a quote for a timing belt for their small Ford compact and Toyota compact. They were also quoted more than double his advertised price.

Then after reading this complaint, that sealed the deal for me. I wouldn't trust this auto repair company with my vehicles either.

I do see why STG refused to do this customer right though. The answer is simple. It's because they can get away with it, so the only recourse a pissed consumer has, is to file a complaint with the hopes that others don't get burned by this auto repair company.

It's one thing for STG to say that they are consumer oriented, and quite another when they don't make good on their promise as they should have in this instance. Talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words.

With that being said, I too, will never trust STG with my cars.


It appears you have me at a big disadvantage. Of course it's hard to prove the damage that you caused.

First of all, you did have to open the hood to perform the service. But you did not have to open the hood any more than normal with the hood stand on the car. But you did. You use a "longer" (your words, not mine), rod. Longer than the stock hood stand.

Secondly, the washer fluid hose are flexible enough to withstand the over-extension of the hood, accordingly to the Honda dealer.

Thirdly, there was no damage to the hood prior to taking it to your shop. If another shop had bent the hood, it would have been as noticeable as the damage you caused and we would have complained. This should be self-evident. Making false remarks like this and making it look like some other shop did this, is deluding the focus from you.

Fourth, you told my daughter that you weren't responsible and if she wanted it fixed, you would charge her. So of course she declined because you should have done it at your expense.

Lastly, it doesn't matter how much you talk up your own shop. It you were a high-end shop as you claim to be, and customer satisfaction it your goal, then you would have done the right thing and fixed the hood. Who knows if you did or didn't cause damage to other cars. Anyone can just say they never had any problems with other cars. But the fact is, we'll never know if you're being honest or not.

Since I have experienced your "service" first hand, and tried to work this out amicably and your refusal to admit fault, what other alternative do I have than to file a complaint. By the way, I never said I'd file "charges." That would be a waste of time since winning a court case is judged on what you can prove, not on the honesty of an individual.

As they say, "once bitten, twice shy" is appropriate for this circumstance. I won't be back to your shop for any reason. There are plenty of honest mechanics that rate a lot higher on the integrity scale, in my opinion.


I wanted to reply to your recent review and tell the details that were failed to be mentioned here and please feel free to correct me if I am wrong. I have done work on your car which of course required opening the hood. As I got your call regarding your hood I left you a message back to let you know to bring it down so we can take a look at it and see what happened. Then, I got a call from your daughter Rachel which I informed her exactly what I left you a message with which is to bring the car down so we can inspect the vehicle and nothing more. The next call I got from you Mark was that I was declining services to you and that you wanted to file charges which really confused me because that's not what I said at all.

Your daughter was nice enough to bring the car down the next day and I personally went out and showed her exactly what we did and she could not prove at all that the damage was our fault. I even told her what did you see that could possibly damage the car to not close the right way and she could not explain it. We did not use a 2x4 to keep your hood open but we did use a longer rod just like the stock one on the vehicle to open the hood a little more. If you notice when you open your hood, there is the washer fluid hose that connects your reservoir to your sprayers located on your hood. If we extended the hood as you mentioned it would have pulled out that hose and damaged it and I pointed out to Rachel is there any damage there and she declined. My point is it is a used car and we are not the only shop that ever opened the hood on your vehicle. It might have happened from prior shops and they put it together to look normal I don't know. Even after all this I told your daughter that I will be more than happy to see if I can fix it for you guys because I care about my customers and my customer service and you declined stating that you would like to file charges instead. When Rachel advised me of that, I told her that time is money and why would your dad prefer to waste his time over us looking at it for him and I believe that's where the misunderstanding occurred. I was hoping that you would have came along as well to show me what possibly we could have done to damage your hood.

I do Thank you for your recent review. I do appreciate all comments negative or positive which will only make us a better service shop. I just hope to whoever takes the time to read your comment to also take the time to read mine so they are informed of the part that was not mentioned in your review.

We are a new shop and building customer relations is critical in our business. We are very competitive in pricing which you personally liked Mark and that's why you decided to come to us. We are not about upsetting our customer or over charging them or even damaging their cars. As you saw in our parking lot, we work with high end cars including Mercedes, BMW and Land Rovers which only shows that being careful is critical as small mistakes can cost us and we give that care to every single car that comes to our shop, new or old. I do agree your car was done at 5:45 pm instead of 4:30 pm as promised and for that I personally apologize about the wait and more than happy to offer you a free oil change to make up for the inconvenience.

If you have any further comments, I do care my customers and more than happy to listen. You can reach me at Mark@***.com or 909-984-****.

Thanks again for your comment and allowing me to tell our side of the story.


I totally agree with your assessment. The service is good until you have a complaint, then they get very angry and blame the damage on their customers.

I will never go back to this shop either, even though they do have a comfortable waiting room. It's just not worth the deception

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