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RUN FROM THIS PLACE IF YOU ARE EVEN REMOTELY CONSIDERING GOING HERE TO LOOK AT A VEHICLE! I hope it's not too late to save someone from going through what I went through at this place. If you are reading this and have questions or went through something similar at this *** hole, email me at exposingsteventoyota@***.com and I will be glad to talk with you. I've been meaning to post this review for a while, but have not had the time until now. I purchased a 2016 Toyota Tacoma from them back in late July of this year. I traveled over 4.5 hours to come and look at this "certified pre-owned" truck. I had called to confirm that the vehicle was still there and that there were no odors or anything wrong with the truck. I was assured that there were no odors or anything wrong with the truck by a guy named Phil. When I arrived, the vehicle was parked up front with the windows rolled down. A salesman came out and his name was Brian Morrison. I was there with my mother so we went over to check the vehicle out. The vehicle was not clean on the outside and when I first got into the vehicle I noticed a mildew smell and it looked as if someone had smeared makeup all over the steering wheel and visors of the truck. Brian assured me that the smell and makeup would be taken out of the truck and the truck would be properly detailed if I bought it. That was the first red flag that happened. To be a certified pre-owned vehicle there are supposed to be no odors in the vehicle. Anyway, I took the vehicle for a test drive and after the test drive decided to see what they could do on the price and what my payments would be since I drove that far. While trying to work a deal on the Tacoma, Brian gives the keys to another salesman and the other salesman let the customer he was working with take the vehicle for a test drive! I have never seen a dealership do this before while you are trying to deal on a vehicle. That was red flag number two. After getting the best price and having my credit run, I decided to go through with purchasing the vehicle. Again, Brian assured me that the smell and the makeup would be taken out of the vehicle. I did tell him not to spray any heavily scented stuff in the truck due to allergies but that he could use cleaner. Also, my mother and I had rented a vehicle to drive to the dealership and was assured by Brian that he would take us up to Enterprise right up the road to drop off the rental and bring us back to the dealership if I purchased the vehicle. About 2.5 hours go by while dealing with finance and getting all of the paperwork done. During that 2.5 hours the truck was supposed to be getting detailed. Brian comes out and changes his whole attitude after the papers have been signed and says he won't be able to take us to Enterprise but that the truck is done. It was pouring rain outside and he didn't even pull it up under the covered area for us after I bought the truck. I get in the truck and the truck had not even been touched by detail. I go back in and tell him and he takes it back to detail again. We wait for another 20 minutes or so. He says it's done. Get back in it, still nothing had been done to the truck. I go back in for a manager and he takes it back and more time goes buy and Brian says that it's done again. I get back in it and still it had not been cleaned. Brian says that it just must be the detail guy and that the dealership has fired him and brought him back a couple of times already. Brian gets in the truck and says he will watch the detail guy this time acting as if I were a problem for complaining about a dirty truck that he just got commission on. He even made the comment "it is just a used truck". He brings it out the final time and it still has spots of makeup on it but at this point I had decided to not send it back again because obviously the detail guy here was incompetent. I leave the dealership but as soon as I get on the interstate I noticed the truck was pulling to the left. I didn't test drive it on the interstate when I bought it. I didn't know the area and asked Brian the best route to test drive on so I went the way he recommended. Anyway, before the dealership closed at 5:00 (this was on a Sunday) I called Carey Knicely one of the sales managers to tell him about the issue but he didn't answer the phone. I also noticed that my windshield would not defrost for some reason. I wanted to get the vehicle looked at before I headed back to Tennessee so I decided to spend the night in Harrisonburg. The following morning when the sun was shining and it wasn't raining outside I noticed a crack in the windshield that they had tried to patch up with some type of paste and it was in the same spot that they had the Carfax report and the other papers in the dash the day before. It's also the same spot that my windshield wouldn't defrost the night before. There was also a chip in the windshield that I didn't see at the dealership. Again, it was raining and the truck was dirty when I arrived at the dealership the day before. I went back to this dealership on Monday and asked to speak with the owner there. The receptionist said he wouldn't be back until Thursday and the managers are in a meeting but she went ahead and notified the managers that were there that morning and a manager by the name of Logan Bricker comes out. I told him I didn't like how I was treated the day before and mentioned the crack in the windshield. I told him that this vehicle was not certified preowned quality. I also told him about how I was promised the smell would come out of the vehicle and how the vehicle would be cleaned but it wasn't. He admitted to seeing the sticky paste type stuff I was talking about and also the chip in the windshield. He said he was going to go back inside and talk with the other managers and see what could be done, one of them being Carey Knicely. Before he went inside the Used Car Coordinator comes out and wants to know about the detail issue and I showed him the problem and specifically told him that if they wash the all-weather Tacoma floor mats to make sure that they do not put them back into the carpet before they dry. He also said he would take a look at the alignment. He gets in the truck and takes it to the back. Logan Bricker went into the sales managers' area and collaborates with the other managers for a while and then comes out and says "We are not going to replace the windshield." I asked him why and he said in a very rude manner "We're just not, you drove off yesterday and that's how it is." He also had changed his attitude from the first time I met him. I couldn't believe what I just heard. I just purchased a vehicle from these guys, and here I am getting talked to this way? Unbelievable! I explained to him how I could not have possibly seen the crack yesterday in the rain and how the vehicle was dirty but the more I explained the more defensive he got. He was really talking down to me and my mother. Carey Knicely also came out and accused me, the customer, of being rude for wanting the windshield fixed that they knew had a crack in it but sold it as a certified pre-owned vehicle anyway. Knicely also got mad at me for telling Logan that he was rude yesterday along with the salesman Brian. I told them that if they can't fix the windshield then I just want the contract canceled. They would not cancel the contract either even though the loan hadn't even been sent through to Toyota Financial yet. I know this because the Finance Manager named Som Syharath said that I could still put down a down payment. He told me this while Logan was talking to the other managers about the windshield. Carey Knicely the day before (Sunday) said that you couldn't add a down payment after the original day of the sale because it was illegal but again, the finance manager said I could add more of a down payment on Monday. Carey and Logan said that if we don't get out then they are calling the law. I told them to go ahead and call the law because we have done nothing wrong. I kept on insisting to talk to the owner but they wouldn't let me or give me his number. I called Enterprise to come and pick me and my mother up because I was going to leave the truck there. Carey Knicely said that if the truck was left there then it could just be repossessed. The law showed up and they were super friendly about the whole situation. They could see that we did nothing wrong and were just waiting on Enterprise to come and pick us up. I explained to them the situation and even showed them the crack in the windshield so I even have them for witnesses. They even said there was nothing that they could do but that a civil suit would be something I might want to consider. They waited the whole time until Enterprise showed up. I was going to leave the Tacoma at the dealership but the dealer told the law that they were going to have it towed if left there. The managers here really showed their true colors. One of the service guys brought the truck back around and just for spite my all weather floor mats were soaked and so was the carpet in the truck. I have pictures to show this. I also showed the law this and have them for witnesses on this as well. I decided to drive the truck off but called Toyota Financial and the Toyota Customer Service Center to let them know what had happened. Later on that Monday, I found the number for the General Manager of Steven Toyota, Ryan Sodikoff. He was just as rude and condescending as the other two managers. He said that he hadn't been contacted by the other two managers like they said they had contacted him. One of them was lying. I told him the situation and he said "sounds like you just didn't want to be told how it is." He also told me he was on vacation and that I should feel bad for calling him on vacation and that I should apologize to him. He then said "Why don't you just pack your bags and head on back to Tennessee" before being hung up on. Real customer service oriented here at Steven Toyota aren't they? Due to the way they acted over this whole situation, it makes me wonder what all is wrong with this truck. I personally believe it has been in a flood. I believe that what I first thought was makeup was actually mud because it was in the glovebox as well. That would explain the mildew smell as well. I believe that they are slapping the CPO label on used vehicles to try and make a profit on flood/body damaged vehicles. God only knows what type of operation these crooks are running. Don't believe the Carfax report. If someone pays cash to get something fixed then it usually doesn't show up on the Carfax. There are plenty of articles online explaining CPO fraud. I wish I would've read them and been more aware of stealership tactics before purchasing this truck. If you are reading this and have not purchased a vehicle yet, please let what happened to me steer you clear from this place. If you do purchase one here and go back on them for something that has happened to it, be prepared for them to call the law on you. Just read the other bad reviews these bunch of crooks have gotten. Not their fake Google Reviews/Dealer Rater reviews but the ones on Yelp and other review websites. May God have mercy on their souls!
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