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Steve Huff is a major scammer. Will do anything for a buck. Used to sell *** with a rape theme. He ripped me off on some audio equipment.
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Poor customer service
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What exactly did he rip you off with ?

Jonette Icd
map-marker Mesa, Arizona

Steve Huff - Review in Appliances and Electronics category from Mesa, Arizona

I do have proof Steve Huff is a fraud, and anyone is welcome to fact check this. I live in the same city as Huff. Which means that we listen to the same radio stations, have the same radio stations sweeping through our boxes. In a recent ghost box video (in the last month) where Huff does a backyard vlog and quick traditional box session, Huff annotated that a spirit was saying "You're the one." It was actually KUPD's countdown, "number one". I would recognize it anywhere after 20 years hearing it every day, but just to be sure, I put the clip on my audio program, cleaned up the ambient contamination, and yes, it indeed was the KUPD top ten countdown. Not "you're the one." And here's the thing... Absolutely everyone around here would recognize it if they heard it. There's absolutely no way that he didn't know full well that it was KUPD, every Phoenix resident has heard it daily. He knew he was annotating his video incorrectly, and that is fraud as far as ITC goes. If anyone wants to fact check what I'm saying, there are many KUPD countdown clips on YouTube and around the internet to compare it to.
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The world has always had its fair share of charlatans and I can guarantee you that Steve Huff is one of them. I knew him personally and can tell you he justifies his dishonesty in so many ways.

He misrepresents himself indicating experience he does not have and takes advantage of the naïveté and misfortune of others to make a buck. His general attitude is that if people are stupid enough to believe him, that’s their own issue. His entertainment is duping others. He is sick.

He worked as a phone psychic (proudly said he could fool people) , produced adult films indicating the people who worked fornhim were drug addicts but he made a lot of money from them, and feeds off of people hoping to connect with dead loved ones through his bogus communication with the dead. He makes me sick.

Visiting his websites, giving him attention/money just keeps feeding this beast. Beware.


Huff is a complete *** A 100% bona fide slap-head fraudster.

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map-marker Grand Forks, North Dakota

Steve Huff Staff Review

Narcissism is a terrible disease and Steve Huff appears to have the traits of a textbook case. But the worst thing about a narcissist isn't that they're pathetic and friendless. They're dishonest, they cheat relentlessly on their partners, and they do whatever they have to in order to feel in control. In Steve's case, it involves setting people up and ripping them off. Not a good guy.
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map-marker Peoria, Arizona

Hate speech/bullying

Several "Anonymous" reviewers are trashing Steve Huff - clearly there is an agenda since they are leaving posts as anonymous. Wreaks of trashing and a group with an agenda against one individual. This is the type of "information" you allow on your website? Obviously not very reliable nor discriminating. Seems to me it is very easy to trash someone and to say whatever nasty thing one wants without any repercussions or fear of retaliation - especially when posting as anonymous. I can be reached at debbycasy2312@***.com if you would like to discuss this further, however, I feel this is highly unfair and discriminatory.
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Unfortunately, when you set yourself up as the saviour of the spirit world, this is what happens. *** fraudulent *** that he is.


Steve u realy need a doc.


This smacks of paranoia. Logic is out the window in this post. Mental illness unchecked is a sad and pathetic state in which to be.


Steve Huff seriously you're a pathetic liar, you are a God unto yourself and you run everyone down, little by little your fans are beginning to see you for what you truly are.. full of BS!!


This is very tacky even for you Steve Huff! Everyone can see this comment is you trying to defend yourself because nobody else will!

There is no "agenda". Proof of your fraudulent business practices are all over the Internet. At this point, you've just screwed over too many people and now you're out of allies. You're pathetic!

Nobody is "jealous" of your conartistry. Love and light!


I bet you wouldn't be so protective Debbie if he wasn't your boyfriend!

The guy is a commercialized charlatan who is in everything for self gain be it his App thats a *** from the GB-1 the only difference is appearance! $50 a pop that's daylight robbery!!

Even his video's are full of holes galore so nothing surprises me about him ripping off people with camera gear..

Let me just say Sanchez will ride him till he doesn't do the $ any good or people get bored with his choppy videos but there's a Fool born every day right?

Well at least that's what he said to a patron at a venue I attended with him there skyting about his big investment with Sanchez at the time for the SCD-1 before it came out only its all been Sanchez NOT HUFF!!


Maybe if your fella didn't lie so much he wouldn't have so much abuse online. His videos have the same male voice and none are ever shown unedited in the context it was recorded.

He also used to claim he wasn't psychic and now he makes claims about sensing spirit. He always said theres no such thing as demons and possessed items. Again he changed his mind and now is psychic and also items can be possesed and people. Hes a very bad liar.

The new scd1 he said had 80 starions scanning when only 10 are scanning. That man is the biggest fraudster around. He claims he has many followers because hes very good at what he does. Then why was he paying thousands on youtube paid ads to his channel and also facebook ads.

For a hobby hes sure spending a lot of money promoting himself. Why? sounds like a man with motives especially when he lies so much about how he got where he is today. Steve is not *** he clearly knows the scd1 is missleading the paranormal community.

Everybody knows that to sell a product Huff is the man to promote it. They all dont like him including sanchez but steves to *** to realise when hes being used. Or is he? We all knew a product of some kind would follow all that promoting of himself.

And it did. All hes every contributed to the paranornal is videos of other peoples work which be piggy backs from their success and contributes towards it by sharing with his viewers. This is how he works as he does this with cameras. Notice anything steve promotes is the BEST even with cameras.

It could be the worst camera ever and steve will say its great. Why to get more free cameras to review and sell later. The only advance steve has on people is money to burn on promoting his channel and facebook through paid ads and free giveaways. Hes a sales man through and through.

And he has no care for the paranornal community other than money like all scammers do. The paranornal is known for fakes and steve has never once proven himself to be honest with his videos. He switches and changes his mind like he did with echovox. He loved that app and as soon as he fell out with danny its suddenly a bad app.

Shame on you steve huff but hey we all know the truth and will make sure everybody knows. Have a nice day mrs huff go do some shopping with the money your man earned from absolute lies. I dont know how you sleep at night knowing your spending peoples hard earned cash your man conned people out of. i hope people eventually realise who you are when iut in public and share their opinions with you in person.

Enjoy the rest of your day.. MARK COULTOUS


Here's what type of person Huff really is


Wow!! I always thought steve was on the up.

But after reading these reviews I am not so sure.I am very interested in the paranormal and afterlife, disappointing... tho.

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map-marker Phoenix, Arizona


I had no idea what I was getting myself into. He told me lenses weren't worth anything and bought them from me for next to next to nothing. Come to find out, they were worth a lot. Leica 20k. He paid me about 2k.I had no idea at the time, as this was a post-estate issue. Wish I would have looked into things further. I just trusted Steve Huff at his word and what a mistake that was. Basically this self-acclaimed nice guy cost me 18k. This was like 2 years ago and I have no recourse except this site. Hopefully people see it
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Things like that, all material things are only worth what people are willing to pay in exchange for them. If you sold something without knowing its worth it is not the buyers issue. I know Steve and he is not looking to take unfair advantage of anybody, that is not who he is.


If your selling something isn't it your part to do the research and decide on price! Don't get mad because someone is smarter than you! Lol

@Erice Lxg

100% correct! Actually if you had no clue how much it was worth than obviously you wouldn’t be using it. Be happy you even sold it


What kind of Lenses (vague term) are you talking about? That are worth 20k, that you The Seller didn’t know the value of?

You said he told you they were worthless, but paid you 2k for them.

That doesn’t make sense. Your whole story falls apart on close examination




If you "had no idea" Leica lenses were worth a lot of money, then you didn't deserve that money! I know NOTHING about lenses, but even I know that the Leica brand is expensive..and on ANY item with a Leica lense (e.g.

cameras, telescopes, binoculars, glasses...). Just do a search on for Leica, and the dollar figures will shoot through the roof. I "thought" I wanted to buy a great camera once, until I did a search on for "best cameras...the results were astonishing! Basically, the list (for best cameras) consisted of several different camera brands that were each equipped with Leica brand lenses.

There was even one Leica camera (both camera brand and lense) that was priced at over $20,000! I discovered quite quickly that the brand name "Leica" was too expensive for for my camera needs...SMH


He's not saying he's going after him legally or anything like that, he's just saying he's not the nice guy he presents himself to be and is a fraudster cheapskate....I mean the dude used to sell {{Redacted}} he tries to sell portals and apps claiming you can talk to recently dead celebs and God....because he's the Chosen One....Give me a break


This is the way I look at it, hey, I have no apps, I use my natural ears and also do recordings through a smart phone, and the stuff I get is totally legit. I also capture photos of very strange things all around me, I have been an empathic all my life, so I feel the truth...

Let people be and if there is any deceitfulness. the Truth shall always surface and that Truth shall set you free~


His deceitful behavior won't surface if you think he should be left alone...That's counterintuitive...


Come on folks dont bully and get personal. If the app doesnt work then review it as non-functional and move on, it will crumble on itself within a very short time if its true and the truth will come out one way or another :) Think of it as spending $50 for the app to research it's legitimacy, you would be doing the community a service lol and who knows, maybe it might work for you and change your mind. Plenty of better ITC researchers and evidence using real spirit boxes out there anyway in my opinion like Mortis the wizard etc who personally/privately teaches people his techniques and their results have literally gone through the roof to put it mildly, just ask them.

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Jeffrey S Rqd
map-marker Laporte, Minnesota

Steve Huff the photographer sold me broken equipment and lied about it.

Updated by user Mar 04, 2013

Absolutely untrue. I have all the emails, Steve.

I have the original ad that states the manual and belt are included...they weren't. Your ad promises UPS insured. You sent USPS uninsured. Better believe I wouldn't trust you after that.

I'm going to throw your reputation all over the country and I won't stop until I'm ready to stop. Could be decades. Interesting none of your web information shows where you are. Wonder why?

No lies here,and I have every speck of proof that my side is 100% true. Regarding sending back after my refund...that's what Audiogon decided.

YOU agreed to their terms, then backed out. wrigleybaxter Going to start this ALL over very shortly.

Updated by user Sep 22, 2011

Apparently Steve Huff Photography is either moving to or has moved to Chicago. Checking with my attorney general, he can still be held liable for this once the paperwork is filed through the agencies interested in misleading/fraudulent use of the postal service and internet. People need to know that buyer beware is the most important thing to know when dealing with Steve Huff or Steve Huff Photography.

Original review Aug 22, 2011
The update you submitting will be added to the top of your original review. Cancel Submit You were reading a complaint about Steve Huff. Filing a new complaint about I purchased a Pro-Ject turntable from Steve Huff via Audiogon. Money order was first mistake. He promised to send UPS, insured. The box arrived USPS, uninsured. Turntable plinth was literally broken, rendering the table garbage. He also didn't send the promised manual or turntable belt. Steve Huff didn't refund me even though Audiogon found him at fault. He said I broke the turntable and was trying to rip him off, even though he was supposed to have insured the turntable. Audiogon suspended Steve Huff, yet Steve Hoff continues to sell expensive audio equipment via false names on Audiogon. If you're communicating with Steve Huff under one of his other IDs, you'll eventually discover he's Steve Huff. Back away fast,. You may get ripped off for thousands of dollars, not the several hundred he got me for/. I was contacted some time ago by one guy who was looking at some high end speakers costing thousands of dollars, but once he saw the name Steve Huff, he emailed me!. Hopefully the guy didn't buy from Steve Huff!. Steve Huff is a photographer with a website and he lives in Arizona!. I'm happy to supply all copies of his ad for the broken turntable he sold me and all correspondence between Steve Huff, Audiogon, and me'. I also recommend that you stay away from Audiogon!. They may have suspended Steve Huff, but continue to allow Steve Huff to sell on their site under any number of other names/IDs
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Yes Steve Huff is a scammer. He also uses the name Steve Smith.

this is copied from Beenverified and Public Data Check criminal records. these are on his report with his birthdate. He will probably deny these and say it is in error. How can it be an error on both background sites.

Everything he sells is always 100% real and the best. He could sell a tooth brush and it would be 100% real and the best. I think he went to liars school. He is fooling all of poor dumb people.

He tells them things and they believe every word he says. I think he has them hypnotised. He is getting a swimming poo