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Give them a new car for repair, and give back a garbage car, and grief in the process.

Stephen AutoMall Centre - Give them a new car for repair, and give back a garbage car, and grief...
Stephen AutoMall Centre - Give them a new car for repair, and give back a garbage car,... - Image 2
Stephen AutoMall Centre - Give them a new car for repair, and give back a garbage car,... - Image 3
Stephen AutoMall Centre - Give them a new car for repair, and give back a garbage car,... - Image 4
Stephen AutoMall Centre - Give them a new car for repair, and give back a garbage car,... - Image 5
Stephen AutoMall Centre - Give them a new car for repair, and give back a garbage car,... - Image 6
Dear Mr Bequary ,We spoke on 10/25/2014 concerning the second time this vehicle was not repaired properly. We spoke of the bad paint- job, and it's anomalies, the attempt to hide chipping, the gouge in the interior door panel, and the broken piece,and missing clips on the rocker trim molding. You in-turn referred me to Don Basil, who in-turn referred me to Dave Griswold. Mr Griswold's intervention was an improvement, yet the quality of work, and damaged parts were not fully discovered, nor addressed at that point. We further discovered that the coil Springs were reinstalled incorrectly, brought to our attention by the car not handling the same. I have been to multiple dealerships in regards to work that was done to this car by this dealership. They have given written, and oral estimates to correct these issues.Given the circumstances, and unprofessional work further discovered, it is not an option to have this paint, and molding corrected by your dealership for the 4th time.We have received bad service, bad work, damaged parts, a waste of our time, (days off work) and money. Deprived of our car for an additional 8 days due to the shops negligence. (beyond the 3 days the insurance was liable for), and the car is still is not fixed right.We were not even extended the courtesy of being offered a loaner car.Also, we were not provided with any paperwork indicating any repairs to the damage, and repainting the second, and third time worked on. I came in the 4th time on 11/13/2014 to have the coil springs put in properly.The mechanic confirmed that the coil springs were inverted, and did not follow the manufactures mandate for correct installation. This is a result of work performed by this dealership on 10/21/2014, which can be referenced by photos.Having this problem corrected I had thought a wheel alignment might be mandatory when such a procedure is performed.I was informed by Thea it is not. This leaves me even more perplexed as to why a vehicle that rode well prior to having work done on it, currently rides like a truck over bumps when it glided over them without noise or a sharp impact recoil before; which has been marginally improved by putting the coil springs back to the manufacturers specifications.These issues are not attributable to tire pressure, or a change in the weather. These problems have not been fixed, nor compensated for adequately, so they may be fixed by a qualified dealership. The following statements was submitted earlier.There are a few additions including a picture of the rocker trim molding that was damaged twice, and fixed twice by the body shop, but never replaced. As well as new information discovered while in the process of correcting improperly done work, while under Bills Buller's supervision. To:Victor Bequary Don BasilDave Griswold Please review complaint to documented facts concerning ---------- Overview: This car was in 3 times for the correction of minor paint work, and had 2 mechanical replacement parts, and is still not right. The latest discovery was that the mechanic inverted the coil-springs. I discovered this due to it's rough ride, noises in the rear while driving over certain road surfaces, and uneven surfaces while turning. The car did not feel this way before, or after it was hit on the rim. Pictures will be mailed in 3 groups, marked 1, 2, and 3 for easy insertion to complete this email in its entirety, in-view of file size restrictions on your system. Picture of drivers left rear coil spring originally.1) A Pictures of Ieft drivers inverted coil spring rear1) B, and C picture of passengers right rear coil spring originally 2) A Inverted passengers right rear coil spring afterwards.2) B, and C I take in a 2013 chevy cruze RS, new condition (with the exception of minor recent damage), with 9000 miles on it, noted by Bill Buller in excellent condition, to stephens automall. We are patrons to this dealership, and have given referrals to this dealership. From the start: This is a photo after the accident, looks still pristine with the exception of minor paint chipping, on the flat area the quarter-panel above the tire, and the marring, and dent on the rim.3) A, and B I discussed with Bill Buller in detail how the work was going to be performed, and specifically in what order on this vehicle brought in. Bill told me it would go next door to the mechanic shop, and they would do the mechanic work, and the car would come back to him for the painting.I found out recently, the car was never put in Don Basils department, and the paint work was performed before any mechanic work was done.Reference in house photos Bill took for the insurance company.Notice marred rim on car when painting process has ensued. I arranged direct pay, so your dealership can deal directly with the insurance company in order to expedite the work, and your company can make us whole again. The car went in for service originally from 10/20/2014, to 10/23/2014 and was in 2 more times, and finally returned on 10/31/2014. While under Bills supervision this car was presented to me as unacceptable twice, yet ready to go.Not only was it not acceptable, there was damage to parts that were not previously damaged. The first time We came to pick the car up, it had previously been raining, and it was a full overcast day. The car was parked outside. All the vehicles had raindrops on them, but through the raindrops I noticed swirling in the paint finish, and striation marks that look like cirrus clouds that emanated from within the paint.I saw a bad paint fill job, that was not unlike the wart on Broom Hildas nose. A patch of clear coat was torn off off what was a new rocker trim molding, and the rocker trim molding was adorned with marks that look like screw driver prying ranging from 2.2 - 5.1 mm. along the rocker trim molding.I pointed this out to Bill, as well as the other issues, including the damage they caused to the rocker trim molding He exclaiming, " oh,... I see." Bill said "everyone has a bad day", yet he didn't address the fact that he either didn't inspect car, or the presentation was intentional. He also stated, that he did me a favor of having the rear axle Replaced.Diversion play 101 that doesn't bode well. Since this was damage caused by the initial impact. It became evident, when Bill not only minimized the bad paint job, by stating "everyone has a bad day", he also excused the screwdriver marks on the rocker trim molding by stating, "it had clips, and double sided tape, and that he even used a plastic spoon to remove it.Having known this, why was it presented with damage? I informed Bill Buller, this was unacceptable , and asked him to treat my car as if it was his car, or the owners car.The second time we came to pick up the car, I addressed the issues with Bill. I pointing out the work on the rocker trim molding, he exclaimed," well, we fixed it, didn't we!(not to the condition before they ruined it. remnants of the screwdriver marks can still be seen, and they caused more damage in the process, and gouged an interior door panel among other things)The rocker trim molding was not replaced, but ground down, and re-clear coated in the area they tore off a patch of clear-coat, and the trim was easily pulled away 3 inches from the body, due to damaged clamps, or brackets. A port cap on the rocker trim molding was broken as well. ( I checked the other side to see if it were the same, it was not. I then went back to the side they damaged to test it again. In the process I looked to my left, Bill was standing there, as I looked up with a glance to my left with the trim molding pulled up, and away -- over 3 inches using one finger from the car, Bill exclaims, " whah - whe--- That was fixed!") There was chipped paint on the lower quarter panel rim; the paint was dull, it smelled like ordinary spray paint, and didn't even match the color. ( my wife pointed this out!) The dull area of paint came off by light rubbing of the thumb, revealing the extent of the chipping that was attempted to be concealed. Where the door abutted the trim there was a breakpoint in the paint, the natural buildup of raised rim paint was completely removed leaving it flat, along with a bad buffing job, remnants of overspray and compound, a gouge in the interior door panel, obviously done by some sharp tool in an upward motion (seemingly not easy to do), and a scratch on the back trunk, ( most likely from the box they had in the trunk ), I asked bill to fix this scratch, and it is still not done. " I asked him to fix all these problems, and didn't expect to see any-other further damage done." I must say though, that Bill did asked if we had a little time, like 15 to 20 minutes--- so he could fix the paint, and the car would be ready for us!! There was also a box in the trunk the second time we came to pick up the car. This box was not there the first time, nor the 3rd time. If it was the damaged core rim, what would it be doing in trunk 6 days later, having not been there the first time, and the interior door panel had that gouge in it?? Given these complications, I spoke with victor Bequary, Don Basil, and finally Dave Griswold who addressed the issues of the most recent damage, and the paint job. Stating he was sorry about this, and he just returned from vacation 10/26/2014. On 10/31/2014 we came to pick up the car for the 3rd time, and 11 days later, on a 3 day job. The car was presented with a couple minor flaws. ( At that present time in that lighting ) I addressed issues with him such as areas having no clear coat. He asked me what type of wax I use, and that it would be fine once you wax those areas. I asked for touch up paint for other flaws, but mistakenly only looked at the area they were suppose to fix in the first place, as well as the areas they damaged in the first, and second place. Naturally, being aggravated by this continual negligence, I overlooked a couple of scratches that I noticed afterwards, including one I asked fixed. Then came the fiasco of a mileage discrepancy. I said " the mileage on the car is different from what I remember."First Bill exclaimed in front of Dave, and I, "that my odometer must be bad", then Bill stated "that he doesn't take down mileage when bringing in cars", (which is contrary to all paperwork when reviewing) then he stated, "that the customer tells him the mileage and he goes off that." Dave told me, "that's not the way we operate here."Also, I remember Bill taking detailed pictures of the car, and getting in the drivers side checking the odometer, and taking what looked distinctly like a picture of the odometer. I received no receipt for the second, or the 3rd time when the car was repaired, and discharged for the repainting, nor for the damage they caused that is still not right. As Thea Berger confirmed, an allocation of work performed whether charged for or not, is always documented.Therefore, why were these not?? How can a professional present a car that is not fixed to even poor quality standards, to a client?let alone cause obvious damage to pristine parts, and try to pass that on as well,.. not just once, but twice, and unfortunately still not suitable the 3rd time around. I must not overlook the attitude Bill demonstrated as if he was the one this poor work was perpetrated on. This is a systemic problem on how every aspect of this repair work, and treatment is evident. Then We discover the car handling is uncharacteristically unlike the car We brought inWe looked at the undercarriage, and didn't see anything obvious to me. Then We discovered why-- by accessing photos We saw that your mechanic inverted the coil springs. I have called 4 other dealerships.All 4 chevy dealership shop foremen confirmed my suspicions. All 4 foreman stated they put them back the same way, and placement, in which they took them out. To do otherwise is unprofessional, and compromises the ride without exception. I informed Dave that the coil springs have been inverted, he informed me that the mechanic stated he put the coil springs back the same exact way he took them out, and further stated," I don't think it makes a difference which way they go in." Photos state otherwise, GM's mandate states otherwise. The quality of service, and work overseen by Bill Buller twice was unprofessional.Dave took the reigns, this third time around. Dave being a consummate professional in customer relations, he offered to make this right before I pursue other avenues. Then was the complications of not being able to receive any of my emails sent over 9 times, in spite of the fact I sent them from 4 different emails. Worked performed by this dealership,Bad paint-job, and finishing twice, unprofessional paint job 3rd time.( see photos), damaging the rocker trim molding not just the clear coat, but it's integrity of parts, installation, and appearance, that had to be fixed. gouging the interior panel, causing other scratches and not fixing it, inverted coil springs, aside from buffing, and compound issues. Even having to take touchup paint for a breakthrough in the new paint job isn't right.Wasting 8 more days of our time due to negligence, depriving us of the car for that time, and the anguish of still uncovering unprofessional work performed that still needs to be corrected. Consuming countless days in order to correct a situation that should not have happened once, let alone 3 times, and still needs a 4rth time to get it right! I was unaware that Bill Buller was an independent business, and does not abide by protocol, or paperwork under company guidelines.As his statement was made loud and clear, "that any business regarding anything being done within insurance proceedings, pertaining to lack of documentation, was between him and the adjuster that he has known for 30 years." Our time, money, and trust have been violated.Down to picking up the car last. They re-cleaned a car already cleaned. This time they used a silicone based product on the front mats, and my wife slipped on it, and caught herself from falling when getting in. (she was wearing shoes with vibram soles, I was wearing rubber soled shoes, and my feet slipped around Like an eel with no grip) it was dangerously slippery, and I've never seen anything like it, but the back-mats where dry!The mats, shoes, gas pedal, and accelerator petal had to be cleaned multiple times when getting home. My wife had to sandpaper the mats afterwards. I spoke with detailers, and shop managers on this issue, the responses we received was that someone should never do this, and that it was dangerous. A picture of left side trim they damaged, and claim fixed. Drivers side. A picture of passengers side trim they did not work on. In short: our money and time has Been taken. Property was damaged in your care, and fixed inadequately.What was suppose to be fixed, has current estimates by other dealers in order to fix it right. Please keep in mind we are former customers of record, and have been very happy with your work in the past. This current work, and treatment has lost our patronage.We have afforded every opportunity for resolution, and no release has currently been made for this quality of work that needs to be fixed.This includes the original work it came in for, and work that still needs to be done from damage your dealership caused, while in your care. Which conveniently was not documented, which is contrary to company policy. Following is pictures of the paint In the nutshell,...Your dealership created damage that was never there, as well as damage to areas of the paint that didn't pre-exist, this further compounded not only the original work, but it's current results that are inadequate.Aside from the improper installation of the coil springs that I had to call GM. reference case# 71-1389****45 in order to force your hand to correct even this negligence. We further discovered a rattle within the panel that the body-shop gouged, and then replaced. There is a small insert that pops out intermittently when going over bumps. This is another result of something you damaged, replaced, and has a secondary problem. I spoke with you Vic Bequary on 11/14/2014 in an effort to resolve these issues.Right off the bat, you put me on speaker phone, and said to me, didn't you shake Dave Griswold's hand and thanked him.I will thank you too for your time, and courtesy, by being polite, yet this does not negate responsibility, nor liability of breaking, damaging parts, and not restoring them back to their original condition. Let alone the paint job, and it's finish not being up to snuff, not to mention the refusal of adhering to their 90 day warranty If it was done right, there would be no estimates to fix your dealerships handy work, if it was done right you wouldn't see anything in the pictures, there would never have been damage once, let alone multiple times. We would have receipts for the repairs reading what was repaired showing no charge twice. The mileage would be properly recorded, the coil springs would not have been put in opposite of GM's code. Don Basil side of the shop would have done the mechanical aspects of the work. If it was done right we would not have had our time wasted from negligence, and the car would ride as well as it did before we handed it to you. If it was done right you wouldn't be wiping down the whole interior of the care with silicon oil to hide scrapes and imperfections, and foolishly the front mats as well. We have submitted 2 estimates for the finish/paint, and damaged trim work repair by 2 well respected establishments known for good work. The first was from O'niels Chevrolet & Buick for 2199.55The second is from Airport Road Autobody for 2592.37. You may pay for either one without conditions. The fifth picture is the car after the accident, see the smudge on the rim. See the extreme closeup of the rocker trim molding in the 6th picture, that is how the other one looked before they damaged and fixed it, as you can see the screwdriver like marks, and clear-coat ruined. That's what they call fixed! They have also have been given a warning by the DMV, and have to return the parts they didn't give back, as well as produce the 2 repair orders they failed to give which is a repair order violation. I asked them before to not further the situation, but straightforward requests have not been acknowledged.
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Damage, bad work, lying, improper protocols, bad customer service, intimidation, more.

Preferred solution: Car fully fixed right, or full refund, or you can buy the car full retail that you botched, since you already have nearly 3000 your not taking any loss.

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