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Psycho waiter aggressively walks into female customer

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I've been to stefanos trattoria in winter springs many times. The dine in service is decent but take out always seems to be a nightmare. The people that work there are rude weird and just abusive to some customers that come in. This is located in winter springs fl. I go to restaurants several times a day so I'm not making up stories exaggerating. This is exactly what a *** psycho waiter did to me and how this low life treated me and rather than apologies the manager began arguing with me and being a psycho herself. Rude horrid people. The people of Orlando have a problem With attractive women and many will abuse them terribly. Whereas I almost got trampled by an *** rude psycho waiter then I got mistreated and yelled at by the crazy female manager there. Horrendous service and they treat customers like dirt. Horrible place. Crazy awful service I walked into Stefanos to get a pick up order and nobody greeted me. I waited for a while then a tall waiter with dark hair walked in and he did not say anything to me and I basically said excuse me can I be helped here. This man acted totally psycho and bordered on stalking assault behavior. He had me repeat myself several times then no joke almost walked right into me very aggressively. Had i not moved he would have collided with me. I said excuse me but get away from me and u almost walked into me. This is how customers are treated at stefanos- almost getting trampled on by a psycho waiter and rude staff members. Of course he did it on purpose why on earth would you ourposely walk into a female?? I'm an attractive female and men sometimes do crazy things around me or to me So this is no shocker but a psycho waiter walking right into someone is just crazy and borders on assault. How dare he and shame on this terrible establishment to abuse women and customers and treat them lower than dirt. The cameras would def Catch this situation. Jason didn't know how to handle himself around me so the imbecile literally walked right into me. He needs to be punched out I called the manager to tell what happened to me. The waiters name was Jason. She began arguing with me saying that Jason did not try to walk into me and she was there. Which was a blatant lie- she ws not there at all and Jason DID walk into me and I'm not an *** I go to restaurants several times a day and no one had acted this way before. My personal space was not only invaded but some *** almost walked right into me aggressively had I not moved. And it wasn't just walking it was done aggressively and was crazy. . This manager was insane as well she claimed that I tried to walk away from her when she walked behind me and that is because The service so far was so atrocious I was definitely watching to see since Jason the server walked around again and was behind me. I have been to hundreds of restaurants in my life and I have never had a waiter literally walk into me the way Jason did. I don't care if it was intentional or not but how can another human being literally walk right into one person and it not be intentional obviously the person did not care what they were doing. Rather than him say oh you're waiting give me one second he literally stood there began questioning me several times then he literally walked right into me I had to move and I got upset. no customer human being should deal with this type of nonsense or abuse this is outrageous and extreme. Does this *** manager think that I am making this up or imagining that this *** waiter walked right into me I am making a fuss out of it because that is exactly what this lowlife did and it made me very anxious and scared because how dare somebody do that to someone walking in trying to get a *** order. Also every time I go to Stefanos there is bad service and a problem the service there is absolutely horrendous. I have eaten there and the service is so so but eating in it's not terrible but when you get take out it is a nightmare. I'm a customer. I walk into stefanos and no one is there. I wait and no one comes. A few servers see me standing there. Jason walks in looking for the hostess and ignores me. I stop him and say is there anyone here? He acts as if he can't understand what I'm saying to him and asks me to repeat myself. Then he does it again. Then he literally WALKS RIGHT INTO ME aggressively and I have to move otherwise this low life would have no joke trampled me or collided with me. I don't give a *** what his intention was or how nice if a person he is. He invaded my space and nearly assaulted me semi. Who the *** does he think he is and who does the awful crazy *** manager think she is?? I'm a human being and a paying customer I should never have to go through that abuse just to get food. And this place has been rude to me before and i don't plan on ever going back. I'm just standing there nicely asking if I can be helped and Jason the psychopath decides he wants to trample me. I don't care how nice he is as the manager said he's so sweet. Seriously?? Just because he's sweet doesn't mean he isn't capable of something rude or ***. I was yes traumatized and shocked by what i had to go through. I'm just trying to get food and now I have to deal with crazy rude waitstaff who act like nuts and animals. I go to restaueants all the *** time. The worst I've dealt with is rude behavior but some *** walking into me. Heck no. Someone needs to talk to this *** and *** and no one should be defending his behavior or arguing with the customer. Ur piece of shlt waiter treats a customer this way and u want to argue with them?? The monsters that work there treat customers lower than trash and abuse them and the managers don't apologize for it and argue with customers more. The owner needs to know the *** that goes on in this place with his horrible staff. No restaurant literally semi assaults customers this way. Way to go u horrible people and jerks. This isn't just bullying. I was bullied from the get go but now the manager wants to bully me too lie and even say I walked away from her Which I didn't and was a totally different situation. I just turned around to see who she was but didn't walk away from her. *** and red people work at this place and I really wish the owner would take notice of the trash rude people and how they treat some customers.
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Almost getting trampled or hurt
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i would've smacked the *** out of that loser. He is a psychopath as you state.

Many people who are psychopaths like that, will take their anger out on specific targets and in varying settings.

The fact that he'd do that to you just like that, means he showed that violent side to him for some reason. I'd stay far away from him and that is very unprofessional for a server to do

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