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Avoid Steelcraft Automotive

I spent several emails and phone calls verifying the parts and configuration of one of their products via their documentation and photos supplied. The part they sent was NOT that part and not the correct brackets. They would not own up to their mistake. Instead of reimbursing me for shipping costs to RMA the part, they lied claimed that the specification had changed without their knowledge and that I was using the part in a manner not intended. I have the SAME EXACT configuration I requested on my truck from Ram Offroad and it works perfectly. It took me 30 minutes to put on the correct part from Ram Offroad as I intended. They lied to the Better Business Bureau in their response. Look it up on the Better Business Bureau of the Southland, CA page. They lied in stating that they had done everything possible for me, when in fact they had done nothing at all. Nada. Not one bit. (except tore up the letter my attorney sent and made disparaging remarks in the reply letter) They resell the same exact parts as Aries and Blackhorse which is made elsewhere and do not know their own products. Stay away from these folks and "their products" at any price on any site.
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Anon Y Svt

Did Steelcraft send me the part that was in the picture via email? NO

Did Steelcraft attempt to do anything about this? NO . . not at all. Never.

"it is no fault of steelcrafts that is wont work with another product" OH YES it is, if they would have sent to me what was agreed upon in their brochure it would have worked just fine.

Does the Ram Offroad parts with the same brackets I requested from Steelcraft fit with the Curt Hitch? YES! PERFECTLY.

"We shipped out this product which cost over $100 dollars in freight." YES, I know because I PAID FOR IT! Not Steelcraft, not one cent.

"We are now being asked to return this product and spend over $100 again to get the product back." This is one of the lies, as I am the one with the receipt for shipping, not Steelcraft. They are just sore because they shipped two by mistake and had to re route one back. This is verifiable via the transport company. D'OH! EPIC FAIL.

"Steelcraft has already paid for the freight to the customer and is not willing to pay any more. Scott Kirchen"

I guess that would be another big fat lie.


Ship To: ###### ######

1 SCF 54090 **-** FRONTIER GRILL GRD 280.39

Total $: 280.39


Order Recap:

Total Product $: 280.39

Net Product$: 280.39

Shipping: 119.00

Sales Tax: 0.00

Grand Total: 399.39


Yes I paid $399.39 which includes $119 in shipping. I would love to hand over those bank records to a judge to see.

"We went out of our way to try and help him." As stated, not at all, no none nein nyet nada. They can not provide a single email or phone record where they tried to reach out to me with any resolution whatsoever.

The only "risk" I took was ordering from Steelcraft and now that I found a company that delivered the product they promised, the hitch and GG fit together LIKE A GLOVE.

I really hope they stop embarrassing themselves thinking the public will just believe whatever they throw out as fact. The facts are that the Aries and Blackhorse and other Brush Guards are all the same and there is no reason why someone should have to go through what I went through by ordering the Steelcraft product.

End of story. (until I provide a link with the brochure they provided and pics of what I received, and the pics of what I got from Ram Offroad that fit perfectly :D )


Here are the facts.Neither Steelcraft, nor I Scott Kirchen the managing Director of Steelcraft lied to the Better Business Bureau. Please see below. This gentelman still can't admit he is trying to use 2 different accessories on the front of his truck. The product he received fits his truck. It may not fit his truck along with the other accessory he installed but alone it fits his truck. Something he can't admit either. If anyone wishes to speak with me about the quality and service provided by Steelcraft please call me at 888-261-****. Steelcraft has an excellent record when it comes to customer service. I would be happy to provide you with hundreds if not thousands of very satisfied customers. To the gentelman that wrote this complaint. I stand by everything I told you and the Better Business Bureau. Be careful about saying a company lied when they clearly did not.

Scott Kirchen

Managing Director

Steelcraft Automotive

We are closing our file on this complaint. Thank you for your attention in responding to it.

Complaint ID: 9849****

Complaint Classification:

Complaint Description - Posted 2/19/2010

I bought a part for my truck for $400.I purchased through an online reseller -, a little over $100 of the price was shipping.The mfr sent me a spec sheet via email and we had exchanged about 9 emails and a few phone calls discussing the configuration. What I got was still not the product listed in the spec sheet and is exactly the thing I was trying to avoid. After contacting the reseller, they state the mfr SteelCraft will not reimburse them for the shipping. (inferring that I would have to forfeit that shipping and pay to ship it back again!)Weeks are rolling by with no resolve, and I feel this is a stall tactic on the part of the reseller in order to push me past the ability to RMA this at all. They will NEVER return my phone call or call me back as they promise, it is difficult and time consuming to finally reach them by phone.I sent to dispute to the bank and have not heard back what they may be able\willing to do.The reseller is in KY and the mfr is in CA. I told the reseller that the part is unused and can be shipped back in the original packing.I ordered this part based on that diagram and bracket assembly.I was very exacting with the details and provided photos of the requirements.When I send photos of what I require, and the mfr sends a diagram with photos showing the matching configuration, I expect to buy exactly that , not something similar that I in turn would have to re manufacture to fit.

Complaint Summary

Company delivered incorrect product and will not pay for return shipping cost.

Resolution Sought

100% full refund to me, send freight courier to pick up item, or completely satisfy any requirements in order for TruckAddOns to issue me a 100% full refund, or satisfy judgement in small claims for costs and legal fees.

Additional Information

Date Problem First Occurred:

Product or Service: SteelCraft Grille Gaurd # 51450

Model Name or Number:

Date Purchased: 1/8/2010

Order Number: P0011597****

Amount In Dispute: $400.00

Company's Response

Company's Initial Response - Posted 03/08/2010

Company states through letter received: "The consumer fails to tell the whole story. The consumer is trying to use a steelcraft product along with another accessory from another manufacturer. We went out of our way to try and help him. We cannot guarantee our product will fit along with another product. The product the consumer received fits his truck and it is no fault of steelcrafts that is wont work with another product. The consumer took a risk trying to use 2 different product together. I think the consumer should be honest when filing a complaint."

Initial Response Summary

Company states the consumer fails to tell the whole story.

Consumer's Rebuttal

Consumer's Rebuttal - Posted 03/08/2010

The ONLY reason that I ordered this product was for the exact configuration that will work for my application. I provided pictures and measurements in the course of nine emails and multiple phone calls in order to know that the specifications of the product I wished to order matched my requirements. The representative emailed me a document that has PICTURES of the product for that part number, and stated that the part was exactly as prescribed. I have the pics and product documentation sent to me to prove this. The product I received is too narrow and the brackets are not the configuration of the documents supplied. What I received is not the same specs, size or brackets as shown in the mfr brochure. Even what I received does not match the documentation that came with the package. Therefore it is the fault of Steelcraft for not providing the exact product I agreed on through the course of discussion and verification. Steelcraft sent to me the same part as an Aries grille guard. They resell parts made elsewhere and re brand them with their name. Their inability to supply the part on their brochure is their own quality control problem and no fault of mine as a consumer

Company's Final Response

Company's Final Response - Posted 03/11/2010

I can only state again. The customer is trying to use our product along with another product. The product the customer received fits his truck. We shipped out this product which cost over $100 dollars in freight. We are now being asked to return this product and spend over $100 again to get the product back. Steelcraft is willing to *** the bullet on one of the freight charges but not both. If the customer wants to work something out with the company he purchased the product from on the return freight thats up to him. Steelcraft has already paid for the freight to the customer and is not willing to pay any more. Scott Kirchen

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