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Fake Reviews

STC Greenhouses is under attack with fake reviews of their products. The greenhouse business in the USA is very competitive. It is quite unfortunate that some competitors have decided to make malicious, hateful, deceitful, and outrageous claims about STC Greenhouses and or some of their employees. Rest assured we are working to remedy this unfortunate situation. The internet has become awash with people who use fake names or post as "anonymous" to bash a given competitors products. In some cases people are paid to write horrible things about a given products. In other cases employees who have been fired can, in a fit of anger, turn to the internet to vent their frustrations. We thank all of our loyal customers for their support and understanding. We will always do everything we can to combat fake reviews. Regards, Ames Tiedeman, STC Greenhouses
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map-marker Denville, New Jersey

STC Greenhouses - Clearview 8 x 12 ft Black frame

Piece of ***. Poor construction but even worse customer service. Spoke to a guy named Ames Tiedeman who was a real piece of work. After he accused me of not knowing what i am doing he refused to send me replacement pieces to fix the greenhouse. The greenhouse is actually held together with plastic joints, not metal, and all it takes is a a hot day and the plastic expands an pops them out of place. Not sure how a greenhouse company didn't know about this. Plastic walls cracked and broke apart after just 2 years with a 7 year warranty. Would strongly not recommend the product or the company
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Perhaps like us he purchased from Costco. Called to get replacement panels well within our warranty and were told we don't carry those any longer!?!?? What the @# the 3 panels they had available were not the we needed and would cost ($43.00)it's all the sides due to sun damage which they agreed are damaged but again they don't have panels or do they offer a solution


Further to my previous comments:

I have had my office look into our shipping logs. We find no record that we ever shipped a greenhouse to Denville, New Jersey. I would strongly urge anyone with any interest in buying one of our world class greenhouses to please call our Customer Service team in Illinois. They can be reached here: 877-782-****. We would be happy to put you in touch with one of our dealers or provide you with written testimonials from some of our customers. We have thousands of satisfied customers who have purchased our products. If the people who posted these comments would like to reach me they can do so at my office in Austin, Texas: 512-829-****.


Ames Tiedeman

@Anaysia Bwn

Ames I would love a solution to replacements for our 8x12 Clear View.


So this is the state of the Greenhouse business in America in 2013. The EasyGrow Greenhouse becomes the best selling hobby greenhouse in America and the competition starts personal attacks. Hiding behind this website. Very pathetic indeed!


Ames Tiedeman


Funny, Just spoke to this guy also about a week ago. I wanted to let people know what a *** he is and to stay away from the company but you beat me to it.

What a piece of *** product. I guess if I was a manure salesman I would be pissed off as well.

By the way I think his name is Ames, not Amos.


Please. by all means, call me.

What competitor are you?

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