Last Modified: May 26, 2020

About us

1. What is

We are a leading consumer advocacy and review platform connecting businesses and consumers.

2. Who are our users?

Our users are people who have personally experienced a product/service provided by a particular company. Please see our About Us page for more information.

3. How does PissedConsumer make money?

We support ourselves by providing business solutions to our paid clients and through advertising.

General Questions

4. Does PissedConsumer remove reviews from its website?

We can remove content from our website if we receive an order from a court. A piece of content on our website can also be redacted/changed by a decision of an LVP Arbitrator. To participate in the LVP, please follow this link:

Users themselves may remove their reviews from our website. Please visit our FAQ for Consumers for more information. may also consider the removal of content, should we determine that a user is in violation of our Terms of Use.

5. How do I find out who posted false information about me or my company?

PissedConsumer complies with all valid subpoenas issued to the company. Please see our Legal Information page:

6. What happens if the same article or comment is reposted on PissedConsumer several times?

Upon review of the posting, may classify such posts as spam and remove duplicate entries.

7. Do you only allow negative content on your site?

We are a neutral platform. In the beginning, we started with more negative content because consumers were looking for an outlet to express their discontent. But we always allowed businesses to reply for free and for consumers who disagreed to post positive results.

8. Who are Verified Reviewers?

A Verified Reviewer is a person who provided valid contact information to us. Please see here for more information:

9. Who are Verified Buyers?

A Verified Buyer is a person who confirms being a paying customer of a company in question. Please see here for more information:

10. Why do you allow anonymous posts and use of pseudonyms?

Please see our Legal Information page to learn more:

11. Can a piece of content posted on PissedConsumer be edited?

At present, PissedConsumer does not offer the opportunity to edit prior postings. You can add supplemental information to a review if the review was created under your account.

12. How can a review or a comment be reported?

PissedConsumers allows reporting content posted on the site due to the following reasons:

  • inappropriate or not family friendly;
  • it is posted to the wrong business;
  • review is a duplicate by the same member or copied text;
  • review contains commercial or promotional content;
  • review includes private information, etc.

The step-by-step instructions can be found here:


13. Can a company reply to a posting? Can a company address the issue raised in the posting?

There is an area for comments under each posting made on the website. A company wishing to engage with a consumer about a topic can submit a comment to the original posting. We recommend that a company leaves its customer service contact information (phone, name, etc.) under the posting for the benefit of all consumers who may have similar issues.

14. How does PissedConsumer calculate star ratings for companies?

A company’s rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in a company profile. The algorithm parameters include, but are not limited to users’ rating, number of resolved reviews, number of company’s responses, etc. The algorithm is subject to change at PissedConsumer’s sole discretion.

15. Can a company get in touch with those who post reviews on PissedConsumer? How can a company do that?

Provided that a poster left an email address as contact information, there is an option of sending out mailing campaigns to posters based on your specific requirements. Please follow this link to get more information about an example of such a mailing campaign and other related services:
There are other options to get in touch with posters if you are subscribed to one of our business solutions. Please follow this link to learn more about the business solutions we offer:

16. What can a company do if it believes that the description posted on PissedConsumer is inaccurate or if the customer service information posted is outdated? does not investigate the postings made by users. There are two options here:

  • you can fill out "Edit Business Info" or “Edit Description” forms found under each company’s contact information and summary accordingly;
  • you can send your concerns and/or suggested corrections using the form located at Contact PissedConsumer. PissedConsumer will review your request within 2 weeks. If your request is not addressed by PissedConsumer within the initial 2-week period, please resubmit your request.


17. Does PissedConsumer investigate postings published on the website?

Please note that we take no position as to validity of reviews. Our goal is to help you and the consumer resolve the issue in question in a mutually satisfactory manner.

18. What does PissedConsumer do to prevent fake reviews?


  • Our Moderation Team monitors quality of the content on our site at all times.
  • We use automatic review management tools to detect and remove fake reviews.
  • We reach out to companies and users alike to explain the dangers of fake reviews and what harm they can cause.


19. What can we do if we believe that someone is slandering our organization on PissedConsumer?

We would suggest contacting a legal professional about such matters.


Dear representatives of various businesses!

We at PissedConsumer sometimes receive repetitive complaints and false accusations related to the name and nature of our business. 

For your convenience, we have put together our responses to most common complaints of such nature. You can read our responses on the “PissedConsumer “Negative” Questions and Answers for Businesses” page.