Sender/ Reporting Organisation: The Amin Law Group, Ltd

Location: 3960 Howard Hughes Parkway, Fifth Floor, Las Vegas, NV, 89109

Attorney: Ismail Amin, Esq


Phone: (702) 990 3583

Reporting Organisation Site:

Sent: May 14, 2015

Allegedly Infringing URL(s):

Company Name: Abbey Dental Center

Letter Snippet: Takedown Demand. "In our prior cease and desist letter, we informed you that, at a minimum, Consumer's misleading actions amount to deceptive trade practices under Nevada law. See Nevada Revised Statute Section 598.0915. We further notified you that Consumer's purported affiliation with, and use of Abbey Dental's trade-name, amount to misappropriating Abbey Dental's commercial likeness and trade-name infringement under Nevada law...As stated in our prior cease and desist letter, Consumer's unauthorized use of the term "Abbey Dental." for purposes of diverting traffic to Consumer's website, is unacceptable...We notified you that you must immediately cease and desist from utilizing deceptive representations that Consumer is affiliated with Abbey Dental. and to refrain from using the Abbey Dental trade name in the future without obtaining express written consent from Abbey Dental...Abbey Dental requires that Consumer immediately comply with aforementioned demands. If Consumer cannot comply BY THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON MAY 27,2015, Abbey Dental will have no choice but to resort to all legal rights and remedies available- including, but not limited to civil litigation..."

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