Sender/ Reporting Organization: Law Offices of Dante J. Giammarco

Location: 2374 Post Road, Suite 105

Attorney: Dante J. Giammarco


Phone: (401) 732-6730

Link: n/a

Sent: October 25, 2016

Allegedly Infringing URL(s):

Company Name: Lucier CPA, Inc.

Letter Snippet: ...I note you have ignored my prior correspondence regarding the above-referenced posting against Lucier CPA Inc., a Rhode Island Corporation...If the posting is not removed by October 31, 2016, litigation will commence in the Federal District Court for the District of Rhode Island, seeking a court order requiring the removal of the posting, but also legal fees, court costs and other costs and damages incurred by Lucier CPA Inc...

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Notarized Letter from Original Poster (See our FAQ for Consumers for more information);
A Valid Decision of Arbitrator (See LVP Rules for more information).