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For consumers who seek a place to share their purchase experiences, and for companies that need help to improve their reputation and customer service processes.

Michael Podolsky CEO and Co-founder of PissedConsumer


The story behind goes back to 2006 when one unresolved consumer issue led to creating a consumer advocacy platform that would provide a place for consumers to voice their issues and attract companies’ attention.

After experiencing an unpleasant situation when no one could assist him, Michael Podolsky, the CEO and co-founder, and his business partner started a project with only $200 of the initial investment.

A website idea once born in a kitchen somewhere in New York quickly evolved into a community of consumers who share their experiences and seek solutions with brands.

Today, the company grew to over 100 motivated employees who are passionate about the mission to help consumers and businesses build communication bridges and achieve successful outcomes.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

PissedConsumer's mission is to build communication bridges between brands and consumers to help them achieve successful outcomes.

Our Values

  • Integrity


    We are honest, open-minded, and transparent. We value the right to freedom of expression, as it is one of the fundamental human rights.

  • Freedom of Choice

    Freedom of Choice

    We believe that people are free to choose their own course of action. Imposed choices and monopolization are unacceptable. We are very grateful to our audience for choosing us!

  • Communication


    We build communication bridges between consumers and brands to help them find solutions. At the same time, we play a role of an "emotional buffer" for consumers and that of a "helper" for brands to improve their customer and business development processes.

  • Collaboration


    We believe that knowledge is power. We collaborate with experts in different fields to share the best tips and advice with our community.

  • Guidance


    We strive to guide our community to get the desired results.

Things We Do for Consumers

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PissedConsumer Club

We provide consumers with instructions and guidance on how to resolve issues with companies, send complaint letters, avoid scams, and answer any consumer-related questions at PissedConsumer Club.

Opportunity to Freely Express Opinions

We allow consumers to publicly share their experiences, attract companies’ attention, and get their issues taken care of. Our platform is free from cherry-picking, duress, or unreasonable content policing. We fight for our users in court defending their right to freedom of speech and expression.

Communication with Companies

We give consumers the options to reach out to customer service of a particular company by using contact information on our site.

Social Media Exposure

We help our users spread the word about their experience via our social media channels. Our reviewers also have a unique opportunity to give voice to their stories via video interviews.

Help Center

We give consumers useful tips via our Help Center, where they can find articles on consumer rights, scam alerts, shopping, transport, etc.

Justice and Well-Deserved Compensation

We educate our users on the subject of consumer class actions and help them get the justice they deserve.

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Things We Do for Companies

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Our Team

Michael Podolsky

Michael Podolsky

CEO and co-founder linked-in-2

Michael Podolsky is the CEO and co-founder of Entrepreneur, an expert in customer service, sales tactics, and leadership, and an active advocate of consumer rights and freedom of speech.

Joanna Clark Simpson

Joanna Clark Simpson

Head of PR and Marketing linked-in-2

Joanna Clark Simpson is the Head of PR and Marketing at She has gained an extensive experience in communication with businesses, customers, and media representatives. While performing her role, Joanna analyzes consumer behavior and advises on the best strategies to enhance consumer experiences and business performance.

Elena Knight

Elena Knight

Head of Customer Support and Compliance linked-in-2

Elena is a customer-centric and law-obsessed Team Lead with 20+ years of experience. Elena has been actively involved in working with various consumer concerns and finding solutions to them as well as spreading awareness about consumer rights.

Ally Carter

Ally Carter

Head of Business Development linked-in-2

Ally is a Head of Business Development at, who specializes in reputation management and customer service solutions across different industries. Ally knows what business should do to enhance the online presence and build a successful customer experience.

Tanya Kosch

Tanya Kosch

Business Development Manager linked-in-2

Tanya is a Business Development Manager at PissedConsumer. She is a seasoned expert who focuses on transforming reputations and driving customer satisfaction. With years of experience, Tanya helps businesses to develop strong brand personalities.

Rachel Bashford

Rachel Bashford

Content Writer linked-in-2

Rachel Bashford is a contributing writer, editor, and proofreader who works with a diverse range of clients, from healthcare companies to technical businesses and consumer retail publications.

Winnie Murugi Content writer of PissedConsumer

Winnie Murugi

Content Writer linked-in-2

Winnie is passionate about curating and writing books and workbooks that help individuals to improve their mindset and life. She has authored several books in the areas of meditation, self-help, and personal development.

Rebecca Garland Contributing writer of PissedConsumer

Rebecca Garland

Contributing Writer linked-in-2

Rebecca Garland has worked with international clients since 2005, and her articles and website content have been published across a wide range of platforms in the United States and across the globe. She specializes in small business, personal finance, education, parenting, travel, and self-improvement content.

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Grateful for PissedConsumer:

Grateful for PissedConsumer:
A powerful platform for airing grievances and getting results.

Must-do due diligence before major investments!

Must-do due diligence before major investments!
PissedConsumer: Your essential free resource.

PissedConsumer provided therapeutic venting

PissedConsumer provided therapeutic venting
Now wiser consumer - always checking before buying!