Dear Anonymous, I was troubled by your posting. Ensuring our patients’ candidacy and safety is the number one priority. Unfortunately, that means that at times we may not be able to perform our treatments due to someone’s medical history. The situation you described... Read more

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I have a 2012 Kia Forte with 12,000 miles on it. I have had it for 5 months. The AC went out and I brought it in to Billion Kia in Rapid City, SD. The service manager says a rock hit the AC condensor which is not covered under warrenty. If it really was a rock then... Read more

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Toco is a real scam ,they took my money and decline my claim even though on the contract paper it says what they cover.They dont cover anything.When i took the insurance they told me you cant believe how much we cover.But when the time came to repair they declined the... Read more

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I got on the instyler website to check out the "limited offer of 2 for $14.99". Of course after you start entering your info you find out that they are charging you $14.99 to use the three payment option. If you pay for the whole thing upfront then they won't charge... Read more

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My Kirby vacuum is a piece of ***. It's barely a year old and I've had nothing but problems with it. There three day no return policy is they're way in my opinion is to rip there customers off. If there product is so great they should stand behind there... Read more

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I am totally pissed off- I wish I wouldn't have had $135 in my account. The ad on T.V. said "try Keranique for $7.95. I didn't know they had charged me $135 until I got my bank statement. Then I had to spend another $13.10 to send the *** back! There was no shipping... Read more

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I recently attempted to order a camera from A few days after placing the order, I received a call from a Mr. Diamond, who said he wanted to verify my order. After calling back several times and being on hold for fifteen minutes each time, I got... Read more

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Hating Cartvertising in Park City, Utah
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I signed up my company FASTAXI with Cartvertising in Sept 2014 for 20% of the back facing ads and 100% of the front facing on 400 carts. I made it plain that my season started Dec 18 and ran thru April 15th. I was told the ads would go in the first or second week of... Read more

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We built a new $2 m home and used both Marvin windows and exterior patio doors. The windows I ha no complaints but their doors suck. I called the distributor many times (warren windows) and after 6 months and 20+ phone calls they finally sent someone to inspect. They... Read more

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My new refrigerator ices up so no ice cubes come out from dispenser. ice crusher doesn't crush,makes noise then spews out lg chunks, then in a short interval freezes up. Called sears made an appointment (earliest time was in a month), sears automated call the day... Read more

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