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Poor customer service at a Barnes & Noble Starbucks cafe' 3.7 On 9-13-2-17 Store 2674, Reg. 7, Trn 7063 Cashier Sydni H. 11:36 am is on my receipt but it all started before that. A lady was ordering a drink,... Big O Tires - Horrible Never Never go to the Big O tire in Jackson, Wyoming!! Horrible customer service, and if you are a woman they will treat you with disrespect and make... Code Curves - Good experience 4.8 i check out this site before i got them so i email them i lost my package and want refund to see if they would respond and they responded within a... Overcharged by uhaul 2.9 I rented a truck for in town use. I drove 10-15 miles at most. I dropped the truck off after 3 hours of use or so. I got a bill today saying I had... Outback Steakhouse - Oil in parking lot 1.9 On the 12th of July six co-workers and myself visited your Casper Wyoming Outback in the parking lot there grease trap or some kind of problem in... Networx Com - Arrogant Sales Strategy Fails 1.0 The guy who was trying to sell us the services was extremely haughty. He went as far as to tell us that maybe we're in the wrong business if we're... KFC Equipment Burned Me 2.3 While reaching over the gravy dispenser to get stuffing, the inside of my right forearm contacted the hot gravy spout and I was burned. It was not a... Charter Communications - Harassment from them! 1.0 Not only do they fill up my mailbox every other day with junk adds, but the guy they have in Powell WY, will ignore signs that say No soliciting! I...