We had a terrible hail storm come through our town at the beginning of August, 2016. The insurance adjusters were onsite within days and the check was received within 5 days of their analysis but since the damage was over 10k they are forced by law to issue the check... Read more

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Dear Anonymous, I was troubled by your posting. Ensuring our patients’ candidacy and safety is the number one priority. Unfortunately, that means that at times we may not be able to perform our treatments due to someone’s medical history. The situation you described... Read more

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Toco is a real scam ,they took my money and decline my claim even though on the contract paper it says what they cover.They dont cover anything.When i took the insurance they told me you cant believe how much we cover.But when the time came to repair they declined the... Read more

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I got on the instyler website to check out the "limited offer of 2 for $14.99". Of course after you start entering your info you find out that they are charging you $14.99 to use the three payment option. If you pay for the whole thing upfront then they won't charge... Read more

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Don't be suckered into this scam .. they get into your account and will not give you back your money and negotiate how much they will give you back. The call center will not give an address to file a complaint. They lied about sending a receipt and they have no follow... Read more

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When they came and installed my cable internet service they said If I signed up for 105 mbs for 89.99 a month they would waive the installation fee of 62.00. So they came and installed it and I paid the first 89.00 up front. When the first bill came today, it was... Read more

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Megan Kelly must go. Watching Megan Kelly last night, I decided Megan Kelly's either not conservative or has let her personal feelings destroy her image as a "pundit" with conservative leanings. Fox built her up quickly and now they need to do something about her... Read more

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My wife and I spent the better part of 2 years looking for the right 5th wheel. We found it in the 34 TSRE. We took our trailer on a trip to Montana where it had been raining. When we got to our destination we found that water had entered the trailer from the under... Read more

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I have a 2012 Kia Forte with 12,000 miles on it. I have had it for 5 months. The AC went out and I brought it in to Billion Kia in Rapid City, SD. The service manager says a rock hit the AC condensor which is not covered under warrenty. If it really was a rock then... Read more

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Absolute horrendous ongoing experience with LazyDays RV, Longmont, Colorado!!! The only bright spot in this nightmare is Stephanie in the service department…she’s been great. This is a long review, so please keep reading. It’ll be worth your time. It started with... Read more

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