Dear Anonymous, I was troubled by your posting. Ensuring our patients’ candidacy and safety is the number one priority. Unfortunately, that means that at times we may not be able to perform our treatments due to someone’s medical history. The situation you described is not true to our core values. We are not in the business of taking money from patients who cannot have a procedure with us. Please contact us at so we can... Read more

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I have a 2012 Kia Forte with 12,000 miles on it. I have had it for 5 months. The AC went out and I brought it in to Billion Kia in Rapid City, SD. The service manager says a rock hit the AC condensor which is not covered under warrenty. If it really was a rock then it is a poor design. I bought this car for the "great" (haha) warrenty, makes me wonder what else is not going to be covered. I also wonder how he could tell a rock hit it. I... Read more

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I dont understand why you dont give out your pepper and cheese packages, thats the reason i buy your pizza!!!! im no longer going to buy your pizza any more!!!! you just lost a great costomer!!! till u bring them back!!! thank you!!! and i might lay a lawsuit!! i order your pizza at least once to 2 times a week, ive spent lots of money over the years on your foods, now im not going to use you till you bring it back, so i am speaking with a... Read more

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Toco is a real scam ,they took my money and decline my claim even though on the contract paper it says what they cover.They dont cover anything.When i took the insurance they told me you cant believe how much we cover.But when the time came to repair they declined the it.They are just gonna take your money and wont cover anything.I am going to court against them.Anyone here writting positive comment about them are toco people.Dont believe them... Read more

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A recent trip to Wal Mart for an oil change led to a complete nightmare thanks to Telecheck! I had lost my.wallet but was fortunate to find my checkbook to pay for services rendered. Wrong! Even though u had money in my checking account, Telecheck had no history on my account so they denied my check. Fine if it had been just groceries, but it was automotive services. The irony is, they had just accepted a check for a larger amount mere... Read more

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I am totally pissed off- I wish I wouldn't have had $135 in my account. The ad on T.V. said "try Keranique for $7.95. I didn't know they had charged me $135 until I got my bank statement. Then I had to spend another $13.10 to send the *** back! There was no shipping return label enclosed- WHAT A RIP OFF! After I received the package & read that it may cause "shedding", I totally freaked out & went to the post office to return it. I guess... Read more

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Order online pharmaceuticals, $299 plus $30 shipping, my credit card was charged immediately. Medicine never arrived then got a letter saying it was stopped at customs, after talking to company was promised another shipment would be reordered, kept calling for a tracking number, kept getting a run around then finally after another month was told I could no longer get the order. Then was told I have to dispute the charges with my credit card... Read more

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I got on the instyler website to check out the "limited offer of 2 for $14.99". Of course after you start entering your info you find out that they are charging you $14.99 to use the three payment option. If you pay for the whole thing upfront then they won't charge you the $14.99. I was trying to go through and find out how much it was going to be and it was difficult to find that information. I had gone ahead and entered my credit card info... Read more

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My Kirby vacuum is a piece of ***. It's barely a year old and I've had nothing but problems with it. There three day no return policy is they're way in my opinion is to rip there customers off. If there product is so great they should stand behind there product for longer than three days. I tried to call to explain the problems that I was having. They were rude and could less why would they,they already had my money. I can't sell... Read more

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The house is about the same quality as their competitors. The dealer said the walls come painted, they do not so have a painter ready before you move in. We moved in February 2013 and as of 6-2-15 we have had to replace the over the range microwave, fridge, water heater, and now the dishwasher. The ovens don't heat up right so they are probably next. When I removed all the hardware for the valances I found that there wasn't a single screw... Read more

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