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the very worst love seat as far as quality goes. the price was very high and I thought the quality would be better than average, instead it is way below average. The cushions do not fit properly (stick out one inch) when sat upon the cushions wrinkle and this love seat has only been sat upon 10 to 12 times. I certainly wish I had read these reviews first. I never would have spent the money, I would have been so much better off buying lesser... Read more

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I bought a 2017 Salem hemisphere this past April - went camping 4 times ,I have no animals or young kids .Anyway I have a theater seat ( which is 2 recliners side by side with a console in the middle) well the center console is made wrong ,I don't have the exact measurements but for conversation purposes let's say it's 11 inches wide , there's a board on the inside of the console at the top is about 9 inches long - so what do you think is... Read more

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I ordered flowers to be delivered on 12/23 for Christmas at my boyfriend's parents house. I received an email on 12/23 confirming delivery. When we arrived on the 24th, his parents told us they had not received the flowers. I called FTD and spoke to someone who apologized and said they would resubmit the order and throw in an upgrade for my inconvenience. They told me to call them back if I did not hear back from them in an hour. An hour later... Read more

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It appears as though Charter has issues with modems. We constantly have to reboot ours and/or they just completely stop working. This is the case at both of the accounts that we have. It is time consuming and frustrating. Then if you need a new modem you have to drive to one of their "field" offices or go purchase a new modem. You have to answer 100 questions over and over on your account number etc. before you can actually talk to a person.... Read more

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Hi fellow soldiers. I've been using Radiusicafe which as u know really *** out here. But at least when you pay your money to them you get a username and password option so that you can use your ipod or iphone anywhere there is a hotspot on the FOB. So I thought I'd give Magic Island a try since they offer a faster service. I signed up $65 last night in my CHU on my laptop. They took my payment and I was expecting a page that allowed me to... Read more

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I have used Stanley thermos's for several years now. My last one had to be retired do to damage, so I upgraded to a 2quart haveing full confidence in Stanley . I took it deer hunting with me as I had the the others , after reheating for 10min. I filled it as always straight from the coffee pot, I noticed approx. 10 min. Later when loading into my phone pack it was very warm. Later about 8hours later when I when I went to get my first cup to help... Read more

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About a year ago I was going through my email and the particular issue at that time seemed to indicate the possibility of having been "hacked". I looked through Google to see how I might be able to contact msn and resolve the problem. The "msn" link that I was taken to was "Instageeks". They scrutinized my pc, advised me that I had been "hacked", had a Trojan virus and this would also affect my cell phones. They happened to have a "program"... Read more

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Twice now, I've accepted an Amazon HIT that asks one to go to a site and fill out a form to "just to test that everything works smoothly before we release it." It claims that you must use your real information because it's testing the ability of the software to distinguish between real and fake information. You're supposed to fill out a page or so and then get to a sentence that reads "Coke and Pepsi are now ******* " and fill in what it says in... Read more

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  • Oct 26, 2015
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Every time I give you my information, your response is "check information. Email already in use" yes it is.. It's my information that I enter every time and you reject . This is very frustrating and a waste of my time..

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These guys are morons. The evening of 10 Jun 2010, my called them at 7 PM and asked that a cab come to the house at 1030 the same evening in order to take me to the train station downtown (I live in Carmel and had to catch the 11:59 PM train). At 1035, we figured they might be running late due to the construction on Keystone. By 1045, we called and were told the cab was having problems but was 5 miles away and would shortly arrive. By 1100,... Read more

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