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Alside Window - Leaky, close and open hard, don't latch proper, air infiltration, moisture collects on glass on cold days, Drafty, all around Crappy Windows. 1.7 A candle would not sustain a flame when put in front of window on a windy day. Had a whole house energy audit done with the fan installed in the door... Alside Window - Won't help with warranty 1.8 We actually love our patio door from Alside and get compliments on it. Problem is, we have a scratched window pane, and have called the warranty... Avoid Sears Home Appliances - Worst Customer Service Ever 1.0 After 15 phone calls w/ Sears spanning 3 months – from when I first placed my order – I have appliances that didn’t match the order specs AND have not... Directv Tv Installation Review from New Berlin, Wisconsin My elderly father was somehow talked into autopayment for directtv. I want to see a contract! My father diedand he is still charged $89.27 for a... Directv - Review in Telecommunications category from New Berlin, Wisconsin 1.4 Saddest story ever! My 86 yr old father moved to a"senior home in August 2015. Apparently when he did get direct tv, they told him "how easy it was... Jimmy Johns - Employees on Drugs 1.0 Traveling from Madison to Milwaukee for work I often stopped at the Jimmy Johns in New Berlin off Mooreland road. Numerous times I have walked in and... Resumes Planet - Do NOT Use!!! This remains one of the poorest decisions I have made. I am sorry I spent money on this service. One of the drafts I was sent was for a totally... DHgate sells Fake Samsung Note 5 Phones I bought a Samsung Note 5 phone for my son and it would not allow GPS to install Pokemon Go. I was told this is NOT a real Note 5 as I was sold and th...