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Walmart - Invasion of privacy 1.0 Can see a lot of returns for the pick-up idea...especially with the groceries. Walmart does not rotate stock so products are ALWAYS outdated plus the... Walmart - Price match replace by invasion of privacty 1.0 As older patrons...we refuse to give in to the invasion of privacy on our phones...Walmart has replaced the price match slogan in place of an... Napa Auto Parts - Are you kidding me? 1.6 Purchased 2 calipers, paid with a check, waited my 14 days to return cores. When I did salesperson said they didn't have enough money in the till to... Intoxalock - Most dangerous thing to put on a vehicle. This thing should be outlawed. It is the most dangerous thing to have to drive with in a vehicle. When it calls for a rolling retest you have 15... Mypillow - Customer service I was recently at the Wisconsin State Fair and I was shocked at the people representing the product. As I was waiting for a representative to be avail... Prince Law Firm - Bankruptcy fraud 1.9 I have worked with and paid Prince Law $2800 to complete a bankruptcy for me and my wife. They continually and repeatedly asked for more documentation... Ceva Animal Health - VECTRA 3D HORRBILE REACTION ON OUR LIVER DALMATIAN 1.0 Got this medication from our vet on Friday. Applied it to our 1 year old Liver Dalmatian on Saturday night along with our Teddy Bear, within and... Safelink Wireless - Brought me 2 tears!!!! I seriously could not give my address any more times the same way and have them tell me it wasn't a valid address!!
After 2 hours and me crying to...