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BUYER BEWARE! Ideal Image is a complete scam. Their advertising is false, misleading and illegal. Their consultants work on commission and will mislead you, misrepresent their services, and outright lie, just to get you to sign their contract. They charge nearly... Read more

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At the close of the sale of my Bobs furniture vanity I bought (which I love) the salesman wanted my e-mail address, said I'll give if he promises me that BOBS WON'T SELL MY INFO-he swore it would not be sold and said they needed it so I could track my order (which was... Read more

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Just came from my dermatologist and he recommended that I not use any product that is not "Non-comedogenic". I use Renew Lotion over most of my body, as I have very dry skin. However, I seldom use it on my face, that seemed to be my Dermatologist's greatest... Read more

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I ordered $489 dollars worth of Moog chassis parts as well as a few other items. My wife and I have a automotive repair ministry and do alot of work out of my garage. I have sent many customers to purchase their parts from Rock Auto and that stops today! I've had... Read more

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I used to subscribe to Reminisce and Rem.Extra for several years. They PUNISH you for subscribing with monthly renewal statements--even on new accounts, unsolicited cookbooks that arrive at the house and have to be returned to sender--thanks for the inconvenience! I'm... Read more

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I went to the location in greenfield wi and I was treated so badly, it started right way when I walked in, it was my first time there because I got a coupon in the mail so I thought I would try it I walked in and told dana that I was new and I had the hair cut coupon... Read more

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I believe this service from USPS should be revoked as it never reaches its destination. I believed in USPS and sent some IMPORTANT documents to India which never reached. I was told by USPS person on duty that they could track my packet if I save my receipt but now... Read more

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This is the worst company ever! I cancelled my service with them months in October and in March I am still collection for products I have never received nor do I want. I have now called them 5 times about this issue and nothing has been resolved even though they assure... Read more

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My daughter was concerned that the brakes on her 2008 Town & Country van weren't stopping the vehicle quickly enough so she stopped at a Sears Automotive Center in Greenfield, Wi. According to the Sears Mechanic, the vehicle needed a complete brake job, to include... Read more

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I was at register 4 and was listening to the checker in front of me. She was sarcastically telling her bagger that she expects that when someone is on a register that shouldn't be they are only to bag for that 1 person. I thought you were a customer oriented place. And... Read more

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