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I purchased products totaling $111.78 at a party back in October 2014. I STILL haven't recd my products or a refund. I have been told so many times that it was in the mail. Well, it's now May 1, 2015 and still no refund. And I will be damned if I want the products at this point. I am pursuing small claims court against them, the manager, and the person that held the party. I am through with waiting and waiting and all the different stories... Read more

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We installed the Gutter Helmets after listening to WCCO radio in Minnesota… However, Gutter Helmets do not work and they are very expensive. We hired a Gutter Helmet contractor and we believed him, however he no longer is able to help us and when we call the Gutter Helmet …..1-800 number they give us the run around…… Horrible investment we will post our video on you tube look for it from Menomonie WI. Don't invest, not sure what the answer is... Read more

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Walmart sold me a used external hard drive as new (full price) and it contained ***
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I bought an external Toshiba 3TB hard drive at Walmart. It was packaged as new, with the cable, power supply, etc. When I plugged it into my computer, I noticed that it already had 67.7GB of information on it. When I looked at the directory structure, there was already some information on it, an automatic backup, labeled "Marty-PC." I explored into that directory, and found a LOT of personal information, including divorce filings, childrens'... Read more

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I was recruited by my niece who was a Hiring Manager for one of our Wisconsin offices. I came to the overview and listened with intent....after all, I was looking for a career change. I did google the company and did some research before I went. I wasn't real interested in sales but know I have a knack for customer service and ran a successful business through my high school entrepreneurship class. Being that I have been in education for... Read more

This company is ridiculous. If I was Cindy Crawford, I would not want to be associated with them. They assured me that the cost of this product was 39.95/mo with shipping and handling. I clarified the date that the money would be taken off of my credit care. Then, they took the money off 10 days late, AND they took off the full 3 months of 131.82. They then say that it's an authorization that will fall off in 2-3 days, and it does not. When... Read more

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contacted customer service and was told we could get a discount on decals only. nothing on awning. called them and said that the warranty was expired.. we fell these are manufactory issues. So, I wrote to the president of Open Range and I got a call again from a customer rep..This one was a real fast talker. He should really get a raise as I am sure he saves the company lot of money. I thought them being a small company the would take good... Read more

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Slumberland Furniture - Italian Leather couch and chair set Kensington Collection
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All seams on the chair the dye is all coming off to an ugly white colored leather underneath. Barely any use to the chair. I contacted Slumberland and they said normal wear and tear and no warranty. Seriously? We don't have kids and only sit in the chair off and on and it already looks like we have had it for 20 years. Salesman bragged up how good this set was. All lies to make a sale. I have been passed around and around from one person to... Read more

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My now husband purchased my engagement ring back in 1994. We had an appraisal done for insurance purposes. Not knowing that the main parts of an appraisal were missing at the time. We were young and unfamiliar with what is required for an appraisal. Well- the center stone of my ring was recently lost. We pulled up the appraisal and it gives no details as to the color and clarity of the ring. Basically the heart of the quality of the diamond I... Read more

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Just over a year later the keypad went bad. Paid 85 dollars for the lock. Called company for replacement and they do not have replacement parts!!! Buy a new lock or if its under warranty they will replace it totally at the store. Worst customer service. Unbelievable. I will try to go to the store and get a replacement from them, but I highly doubt they will help me since I am way past the return window. Their product was much cheaper than... Read more

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I applied for the 3 day trial and immediately sent a credit card cancellation request. Whats funny is I even took a picture of the cancellation request I sent because I was afraid the site might be suspicious. Today I received an email saying they apologize for the delay in my cancellation request and that I was charged and they offered 2 months free membership. There is no way in *** that they can charge me. I sent the request for cancellation... Read more

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