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NO ONE TAKES RESPONSIBILITY FOR THIS PRODUCT!!! After too many issues to describe... I called and was directed to customer service agent after customer service agent of whom I could barely understand a word that they were saying... much less get the answers or help that I required. Finally I was directed to someone "in Charge"... I could understand him perfectly, especially when he told me to "just buy a mouse" to get the screen to respond!!! No... Read more

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Just had the most unprofessional experience with any wireless company I've ever dealt with. As a business owner myself I am quite appalled and disappointed with your nTelos location at Saint Albans W.V. During the Christmas season I went and ask about what the customer service reps told me would be a $45 a month plan with no other fees included as a phone gift for my son I went ahead and took the deal. After the second month I started receiving... Read more

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I drink 12-14 cans of diet Pepsi a day the new formula is not good at all will find somthing else Read more

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AWFUL site to deal with!! They accessed my bank account on more than one occasion! It was supposed to be a one time $1.99 charge and they've now taken $80+ out of my account FOR NO REASON after I've cancelled the account 4 times now! Read more

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I worked for Trugreen for a short period of time as a Customer Service Representative.I quit today. The hours were horrible and I got almost no training. That is why nobody can take your questions and give you a resonable response. They do not value employees or customers. I have a college degree and I got stuck at a job were nobody repected me or even cared. There were complaints all day long and I got cursed at. Im 25 years old and this is def... Read more

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Dear customer service, I am writing because I don't receive your magazine anymore and I never get any field trial products to try. I have been a life member since 2010 and I really enjoyed it at first. Now nothing! When u send an email, u never answer it. Also, your phone number is not a working number. WHAT HAPPENED? You could of at least let your members know if you went out of business. People have been paying hard earned money to you... Read more

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Access denied after I brought credits even after I told them I was using internet not cell phone and on a lab top wanted me to spend more money on one time fee for noble access

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They send me an email and said my order was ready to pick up. Drive an hour and spend $30 in gas and they say they can't find it. Manager calls an hour later and says he found it (too far to go back for it). A few days later, another hour's drive and another $30 in gas and standing in the store while they explain that they can't find my order AGAIN. What do you do with people like this? They're the only game in town and they know it. I... Read more

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This outfit needs to educate themselves about the Federal an state laws governing these leeches which what they are. get a real job where you have to really work not run your mouth on the phone. They ask for my last four numbers of my ss no. no way no one except the irs ss or state tax have legal rights to anyones ss number use an alternative that is the law. They probably do know the laws but ignore them as most questioable companies do. Most... Read more

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