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In 2013 I had Gutters, down spouts, and your covers put on my home. The reason I choose LeafGuard was because of its warranty and the assurance that I would never again have to deal with water run off problems. Early in 2015 I noticed water running off the gutters... Read more

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Samsung Electronics Rs265tdrs Refrigerator Review from Vancouver, Washington
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This is what my Samsung Refrigerator model RS265TDRS did to my house. It killed my dog Ruffy and cat Amy. And all my fish. Something has to be done about this. I am not sure where I need to start. So if anyone can let me know would be helpful. Fire was on 07/08/2016. Read more

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Evol Foods - Inured by piece of bone in Evol fajita cup
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Sent this letter to Evol, plus posted it through their contact link on their website. Four months later, no response of any kind! Evol Foods, 1845 Range St., Boulder, CO 80301 November 3, 2016 To Whom It May Concern: On Friday October 21st, 2016 I contacted your... Read more

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My family goes to TVC often. My comments here don't reflect everyone there but more in general. They are robots!! They do not treat people as 'patients' or humans, but more like another chart, another insurance billing...basically another number (to get as much $$... Read more

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My Mom had leaf-guard gutters installed on her house in the country. She is allergic to wasp and hornet stings. The design of the leaf guard gutter is so that these dangerous pests are able to build nests and no one, not even the professional exterminators in the area,... Read more

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i recently viewed this ad through my email~~i allowed myself to get "sucked in" and spent over half hour listening to all the "in just a few minutes"/"but first i'll" statements along the way~~turns out, i found myself with raised BP and shortness of breath + hot... Read more

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I just tried to order pillows from my pillow. I talked with the tech named Chelsea she offered me two king-size pillows +2 free $109 + $9.99 shipping and handling. she took my information from my card and then informed me tha she was looking at the wrong promotion. It... Read more

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You know, it doesn't matter WHAT you're talking about, there will be SOME people who complain. I don't mean to be rude, but unfortunately there are just some people who are complainers! So let's look at the facts. The Better Business Bureau has received 337... Read more

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We are renting a single family home from TMG for more than $2,000 a month. It's a nice house but it hasn't been maintained well. When we moved in the house was not very clean. The laminate flooring looked waterstained throughout the first floor. After washing it with a... Read more

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The day before Easter, I ordered a same day fruit gift basket through their company, got an order receipt, THEN a phone call hours later that they were NO LONGER making the gift baskets that I ordered and then tried to "replace" them with flowers. I did NOT order... Read more

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