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Dan Gaub has been running a fraud and scam in the Yakima Valley for years! Unsuspecting Church members have been victims of his. He has taken millions and millions of dollars and all the reports are not good. I lost hundreds of thousands myself! Some people have given him half million, MILLION dollars and then he killed himself like the coward he was! I have read articles about him on places like and ... Read more

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The ex-employee is absolutly correct~ yout haircuts are timed,wait times,bathroom times etc.. EVERYTHING is being timed on "big brother" thats what we would call the computer! lol! BTW they also "frown" on stylists getting too many customer requests! They say customers should be able to go to "any" stylist and get the same cut! What a crock of ***! Just because they send all the stylists to some *** class that everyones passes( yes everyone... Read more

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Never by a Forest River
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NEVER BUY A FOREST RIVER PRODUCT!!! We purchased a new FR Rockwood 5th wheel in July 2015 it is now April 2016 and our unit has been in the dealer warranty shop for 5 of the past 9 months. While some loose screws, some rattling and loose things are to be expected with an RV, this unit appears to have many problems that when all combined make it not a pleasure to own and our 1st vacation more stressful than relaxing. The below does not include... Read more

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My wife and I sailed with Carnival Cruise Lines in December 2007. Unfortunately we had two days at sea as one of our ports was cancelled and elected to attend the onboard auction conducted by Park "ripoff" West. We purchased a Brett Favre autographed jersey and was promised delivery in 6 - 8 weeks. After numerous phone calls with numerous excuses such as: • the jersey did not pass quality control • the frame was not yet in... Read more

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I'd like to take the minute to encourage everyone who has had a problem with Juniper (Barclay Bank) a.k.a. to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. I've had more than enough with them. I too am hit with late fees and whatever they can think of. I've had Customer Service People from India hang up on me. They never have a record of me calling. I'm one person making the complaint. However, if we all do... Read more

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Thank you for your feedback. We have hundreds of satisfied monthly customers who have purchased our product as a result of Larry King. Our patented oil- known as PCSO-524- is harvested from the green lipped mussel from the pure waters of New Zealand. The mussels are grown for approximately 18 months and very sophisticated technology is used to produce the oil in one tiny capsule of Omega XL. Over 30 years of published clinical research... Read more

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I am starting a class action and the person you need to contact is Aldo he will fill you in on the details.The more people the better 4077303230we have west gate on many levels of consumer fraud at state and federal levels.I need your help to make this a success. The sooner we get started the sooner west gate will be behind all of us.Hopefully this will help future people from becoming the victims of this scam that has been going on for years.It... Read more

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I want a cracked lens replaced on my Lenscrafter glasses and was told that legally the business cannot replace a lens without a recent prescription of two years or less. My script is four years old. I can see perfectly with these glasses. All I want is one lens replaced. Instead I will need to pay for a new exam, likely both lenses replaced and pressure to buy new frames. I intend to have a new prescription obtained in the future when I have... Read more

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We had a horrible experience with Big Trout Lodge Apartments (Spokane, WA) / Greystar. This will be a lengthy post as we were wronged several times so if you don't have the time to read it just go check out their report with the BBB (it's a very big, not surprising F) : When moving in I had to spend the entire weekend deep cleaning as it... Read more

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I have been a member of Disney Movie Club for about a year now and am ordering movies to fulfill a commitment. I really don't know why I bothered to join. Every time I order a movie it takes 2 weeks to process. I ordered 2 movies for my daughter on the 15th of March. Today is the 24th and the status is still "processing" on the website. It would be faster for me to drive to their warehouse and pick them out myself. If you want your movies... Read more

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