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The Honest Company - Customer service? or disservice? 2.4 I was on hold for 23 minutes before someone took my call. All I wanted was to inform them that the soap they shipped broke open all over in my... Explorer Van - Getting parts and information 4.1 I have called Explorer on three times and they were most helpful. They helped me find various missing parts on my van and were able to help me get in... Leafguard - Pretty much the same Great sales pitch, but every time it rains we get a trench of rain because the fir needles have clogged the gutter. If you lived with a greater... Cash Advance - Won't stop TEXTING me!!! I don't even know where these guys got my info, but I went in for surgery and after I came out and since then my phone has not stopped blowing up... Intex Recreation - Easy Set Pool.....DO NOT BUY THIS POOL! 2.3 We purchased an Easy Set Pool last spring, used it three months and stored it away dry and in an indoor location. Put it up this spring only to find... Nv Real Estate Academy - Expected Success My wife and I went to the free workshop and felt that the information and program has a lot to over those who are willing to put themselves out... Jack In The Box - Servis 2.7 when I go to jack in the box at night the people are very rude but I let I go but when a worker wipes his nose with his hand I hand an did not worsh... Transunion is deceptive In an attempt to obtain my annual free credit report I signed up with transunion. There's no mention of cancelling within 7 days or else they will cha...