As an employee of Macy's I have recently been introduced to MySchedulePLUS. IT IS AN INSTRUMENT OF TORTURE! We used to have a core schedule that worked for all employees and we could plan our lives and take care of our families. Now we do not know from week to week what days or times our shifts are and they are never convenient and never make sense. It makes me want to Quit! Also magic selling and scorecards are a joke and based on... Read more

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This past Sunday I went to Lencrafters to look into sunglasses since it was the last day of their 40% off sale according to the details in the ad. I wanted to go with Varilux Physio Enhanced since this is what I use in my everyday glasses and they have been the best performing progressive lenses I have had. I decided to get a pair of Ray Ban frames. Here is what my receipt says: Sunglasses 145.95 40% sale discount -58.38 Lens Packages... Read more

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I signed up for a resume builder to use because it was only $2.95 and seemed worthwhile. I did not read anything about signing up for a monthly program. Why would anyone need a monthly program for 1 resume? After reviewing my bank acount I discovered that the company has been billing my debit card $34.95 a month ever since I initially signed up. I was not aware that this was happening and now realize that I have been taken advantage of. I... Read more

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I would like to warn anyone who cares to listen about this profile In early August of 2012 I purchased a virtual email address from A Foreign Affair to send an introduction letter to the lady featured in this profile. I was pleasantly surprised when approximately two hours after sending my introduction letter I received an email announcement there was a letter in my profile inbox on AFA and basically I... Read more

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After hearing all the hype via radio personalities on my favorite talk radio station (in fact, as I type this review, one of the commercials just came on the radio), I finally decided to splurge and give Ovation a try. At almost $100, it ain't cheap! I was excited to try these products - expecting wonderful results, however, my hair is dryer, my scalp itches and my hair gets very tangled - even right out of the shower after using the... Read more

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I tried to log on to and found nothing. So what is going on? It said I will receive a free gift worth $10.00/ No Strings Attached! I just bought the Star Shower Motion Laser Light and the coupon was in the box for claiming a free gift! I have not tried this yet as needs to be night time and dark! It looks very nice and I am hoping it will light up my home as it shows. Also hope it will last more than one year. From... Read more

Was this review helpful? 26 24 is They offered me 20 free bids but left out the part about that in order to get the 20 free bids you have to buy $89 worth of bids by providing your creditcard number. And once you get billed the $89 there is no way to get your money back. They simply respond to all emails by saying that they deem the problem resolved. That since you canceled the account you do not qualify for a refund. What a rippoff. As soon as I... Read more

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I think it is SO funny that people complain about AdvoCare just because they didn't follow the success system and they did not follow the instructions on the 24 Day Challenge. Every person that I have revealed the product to has lost at least 10 lbs on the Challenge and people need to realize that it isn't a quick fix, it is a lifestyle change. If you want a quick fix or cannot follow instructions, don't use AdvoCare or put the company down... Read more

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I was initially upset when the rep told me the accoount renewed for another year without my knowledge, she then went on to explain its in the original contract. I was outraged seeing how i never heard from the company unless they wanted money because a payment was late nor did they even send out a reminder the account was going to renew. The rep understood that i was out of a job and that i was losing my home and allowed me to cancel. I am glad... Read more

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My friend is a rep for them and told me once i placed my order she would send me a free eye cream. Well turns out that is only for preferred customers, so she is not sending me an eye cream, so 16 minutes after I placed my order I tried to call and cancel it. The rep I talked to told me that he could only cancel my order within minutes of it being placed. Now I have to wait for it to come to me and then have fed ex send it back and I have to... Read more

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